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  1. Ok...it's a "Fortyseven" with its good dose of inaccuracies in spite of all the hullaballoo that preceeded its release but with that plethora of AM goodies and your skills it looks like a Gustav to me...and a nice one to boot! Me likey! Cheers Manu
  2. In many pictures cables,wires and hoses look quite thick and out of scale...they may be a tad "oversized" to help with painting but they're not THAT oversize...blame it to my iPhione and photographic skills (or lack thereof!) Cheers Manu
  3. Thank you very much for stopping and watchin guys....hope to post more soon!To avoid burn-out I've turned my attention to a 1/32 Eduard Emil which I'll post one of these days! Cheers Manu
  4. Hi Chippy, thank you so very much for your kibd and encouraging words, matey...and for appreciating my work! Best Regards Manu
  5. When everything will be "buttoned up" little in the cockpit will remain visible but it's been a hell of a fun working on it!With a little tweaking,sweating,cursing,more tweaking,pushing,pulling and a dozen cuppas it looks like things will fit properly (touching wood while I'm writing that!)!Again...this kit is a real gem and the fit of parts equals and in some cases surpasses the best Tammy kits but adding details will put you in trouble if you won't plan a good dose of test fitting! I know...I know...there's an ejector pin mark on the "pan" of the pilot's seat but it will be either covered w
  6. Here's the portside wall so far...nearly complete! Cheers, Manu
  7. At first all this work may look like a lot of entangled spaghetti and a cockpit encrusted with all kind of things,it's not complete and not 100% accurate but it starts to look busy enough.Everyhing will be blended under a coat of RLM66 in the end and dabs of colors here and there will add interest to an otherwise dark,boring cockpit!It's sorta amazing to look at the pictures of the real cockpit and see how it was crammed with all kinds of levers,electrical bokes,cables,wires and so on. Cheers Manu
  8. A couple more hours of work while it was raining outside brought me to this.I've added the shaft for the radiators flap handle, the oxigen hose made with a 0,6mm dia.spring with a copper core a few bits and bobs and the oxigen reegulator.Since the Zvezda part is correct for the F-2/4 but wrong for the G-2 I was about to scratchbuilt one when it occurred to me that Roy Sutherland included one in an old Jaguar detailing set for the Hasegawa Bf 109 G-6!A few more things must be added to this cockpit wall before I can call it a day and keep on working on the portside! I'm having a great time wit
  9. Next I've added a little detail on the starboard side of the cockpit adding the sicherungkasten and a few electrical conduits.While I was at it I swapped the undernourished breech cover that comes with the kit for a resin part from an Aires set and checked the fit of the cockpit "module" and the engine..it looks ok! Cheers, :D Manu
  10. Good morning one and all, here I am again after exactly two years!Not much progress on this build which I've just resurrected after a 24-months hiatus.I've made a first try to weather the exhaust, added a few cables to the cockpit a couple more on the engine, and test fitted the latter to the fuselage.Fit of parts on this kit is nothing short of stellar but it must be approached with care if you want to change thing around a bit like I've done.For example you can either build it "buttoned up" or with the engine exposed.If you build it even with just one panel open and add details to the engin
  11. Hi Stephen, of course I can mate...but apart from AXSON resins (http://www.axson-na.com/axna-about.html ),which are known Worldwide and that I'm reasonably sure are uswed by the likes of Aires and CMK, I use resins that AFAIK are only available in Italy. Anyway...I add to the slowest curing resin that I have a 1% of Chemix (http://www.chemix.it/ )black pigment,which reacts with the resin and makes it more easily bent without snapping.It even retain the shape long enough to be glued with that particular bend. HTH Luigi Emanuele
  12. Chuck...I've got the MM turned brass ammo and PE links and since I want to save them that's what I'll do....I'll join five rounds with links made of wine foil...make a few resin copies...join them togeher in 25rds sections,cast as many as I want and build my ammo stash! I've got at least ten duifferent kinds and brands of resins and I've discovered that adding a certain pigment to a certain resin will make the latter a tad more "pliable" even without using hot water...that's what I'll use in the end! HTH Luigi Emanuele (Lou/Manny for the guys who banned me on a certain forum because... :stoo
  13. Thanks a lot for the heads-up and your nice words Josè! Cheers Luigi Emanuele
  14. Chuck...getting better and better !Sorry for commenting this late on your beautiful build matey, but what I'd have said if not a plethora of superlatives? I'm glad you're using the Aires guns...they look much better than the kit's ones while the kit's ammo trays are a thousand times more convincing than those ridicolously flat ammo Aires keeps on filling the frets with! I've been considering scratchbuilding the trays and put to good use a fes sets of brass turned .50 round and PE links I have in my AM Aladdin's cave but mental sanity comes first http://vodnik.republika.pl/pages/Mission/ammo
  15. Doughboy,Chip and Chuck...thank you very much for your kind words guys....much appreciated and motivating!I hope to post more pictures in the next few days! Regards Luigi Emanuele
  16. Just started working on this project again...a little update before moving to the cockpit.Please forgive the cr##py pictures...they were taken with my cell phone IIRC...but I'll post better ones tomorrow! Cheers Luigi Emanuele
  17. Beautiful work...I'll follow it with interest! Cheers Lou
  18. Here I am Ben!The problem's solved....I'm breathing fresh air niow! Thanks for your kind words! Lou
  19. @ BDT13,Chuck54023,Benjaminht99,TRourist,HOLMES,Geedubelyer,Jvasquez,Bigasshammm,Blunce,Charlie Cheetah,Neio,Mustanger,Mareku,Zaxos345,Nimrod77,MarcelIII,Anders_Isakson,JMan and the other friends who have followed this thread....an obnoxious bug of uncertain origin and name forced me to delete these pictures on another place and that resulted into them disappesaring here as well.I've advised the Admin and I'm telling you now because this would have looked like some form of desrespect towards you all. Photobucket isn't to be blamed....gonna repost the pictures soon!Thank you for following and
  20. Marcel,HOLMES and Anders, thanka a million for your much appreciated comments guys!I've taken a few weeks off from modeling but I hope I'll be able to post an update this week! Cheers Lou
  21. Getting better and better! And thanks for the pictures...they bring back old,cherished memories that will never fade! :wub: Cheers Lou
  22. John,Mareku,Mann,Nimrod,Ben and Neo, thank you very much for your nice comments guys....much appreciated! John...the Gunze Supermetallics are gresat value for money and IMHO they're a tad better than Alclads...and I've been using the latter for the past 9 years and LOVE them!The only neg with Gunzes is their limited shades range! Neo...if you need the Tammy 050s just PM with your address and I'll be glad to send them to you for I won't use them and with a little good old TLC will look the part convincingly enough, but if your goal is a superdetailed gun bay (or the two of them,in which case
  23. To whomever may think that building the P 51 with the wheel wells doors in the "up" position is a "shirker's thing"...think again! For starters you have to plan everything before you even start working,in order to have the doors fitting tightly to the contours of the openings and since many details can be "guessed" thru the openings working on them and adding what you think that may be visible in the end could and would prove itself useful,albeit quite boring at times!The port wheel bay is 90% finished and I've extimated that had I built the wells with the doors down I'd have saved a lot ti
  24. The portside wheel well is finished.I've added the odd pipe and apart from the added tiny stirrups that (I think) kept the doors closed that will be all.
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