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  1. Metallic Details has a whole slew of 3D-printed AH-64 upgrades including the APSI exhausts.
  2. Thanks! This is a good detail to add for in-period accuracy. Thank goodness that the NASM rebuilt their Kingfisher to original specs and didn’t cheap out like some others.
  3. Here goes from the Detail & Scale FB page :
  4. Hey all! Wondering if anyone knows the purpose of the cables that run along each wing. From photos, they appear to start at the inboard refueling port, heading back towards the rear spar area, outboard across the national insignia, then forward again to wrap around the wing leading edge. Hard to tell if they terminate at the wing float fittings. It seems there’s a pulley of some sort inboard then some retaining hooks near the rear spar and another pulley at the outboard transition towards the wing leading edge. Anyone know? Bueller? Thanks!
  5. Anyone aware of 3D printing opportunities?
  6. Yes, compare early (SUU-11) and later (MXU-470) installations here : http://www.indianamilitary.org/Bakalar AFB/C47/AC-47.htm Many other sites with historic info and reference photos are available via Google search. Happy modeling!
  7. Question for those skilled creators out there. Any opportunities for upgraded weapons pylons? Tail rotor? Main rotor with correct direction?
  8. Would be great if someone would release 3D printed, or handcrafted resin replacements for the poorly molded Monogram pylons in 1/48.
  9. Happy to hear progress is being made! Looking forward to this one Jeffrey Mike B
  10. Anyone hear about Gaspatch release plans for the SR-71A designed by Jeffrey Kubiak?
  11. Would be great if it could be adapted to the SH-3G/-3H config for USN as a replacement to the HAS kit. While the HAS kit is nice for it’s age, at has closed doors and no cabin.
  12. I ended up doing some more digging online and found that the Aztec Digital C-130 Cockpit is based on a Collins upgrade pack and is nothing like the C-130J. I’ll keep asking around for 3D decals.
  13. Does anyone know of alternatives for 1/48 upgrades from XMM? They made the following, which are now all but impossible to find since last year : MIG-25 INTAKES RA-5C INTAKES / TAILCONE A-6 INTAKES F-106 INTAKE F4D INTAKE YAK-38 INTAKES YAK-38 LIFT ENGINES Website is down also. Thanks in advance!
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