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  1. Thanks Jake! I do have the DACO volume on the Hornet but it’s pretty shy on the ATARS Aft Cockpit. Some good exterior shots tho’, Mike B
  2. With all the awesome CAD and 3D printing talent out there, has anyone considered an upgrade for the 6-Bladed Rotor and twin Tail Rotor Assy for any of the 1/48 H-6 / MD500 kits from HASEGAWA or Academy / Minicraft? Maybe even a FRIES Rig? CMK has a nice-looking MH-6J/L set but the Troop Planks are outdated while their AH set has really weird folding Weapons Planks that are much too wide for any variant. Thanks! Mike B
  3. Thanks Dave! I see your name was in the references for the BB set. What Color were the Sidewalls? Is the NVG Case reasonably accurate in the BB set? It seems to clash with the Grimes Light Cord. Mike B
  4. Thanks for sending me back to that, ARC article! I simply couldn’t find it. Will start from there and see how far it takes me.
  5. Hi all, Finally getting the 20 year-old Black Box cockpit stuffed into my ATARS bird and would like to know if there are online sources of photos, especially the side consoles and additional ATARS-related items. BTW, removing the kit wheel wells for the Aires set was no walk in the park. Lots of grinding and reaming. Thank goodness for the flex shaft on my Dremel. Thanks! Mike B
  6. Thanks for the guidance! I’ll check all my kits for the extra parts, including the IFF bird slicers. Using the Black Box ATARS update set as a starter.
  7. Hi all! Does anyone have a spare set of the MAW Decals set (48-R003)? If not, I wonder if Dave Roof or someone else would consider developing a new update for the HASEGAWA C/D Hornet. Thanks! Mike B
  8. Thanks for the help! I did some more searching and found the Wolfpack ALQ-167 and someone who created their own decal for the ECA. Working on a 1991 vintage HASEGAWA F-14A+ and have the BLACKBOX BombCat set which donated the ADU-703 / BRU-32 combo. It will eventually be decked out as a VF-102 bird like the photo above. Happy modeling!
  9. Hi all, I did a search on this subject but couldn’t find anything specific. Can anyone confirm if the BRU32 / ADU-703 combo is needed when adding an AN/ALQ-167? Also, is there an Expanded Chaff Adapter in 1/48? Thanks! Mike B
  10. By the way, HOBBYEASY has the sets on pre-order for around $45US with release around March. Pretty steep so the resin better be good. Gonna wait to see comments when the sets come out before ordering. I’ve got a lot of their other stuff and it’s really well done. Mike B
  11. The pics I saw on FB look like they re-use the HB clear sprues. I hope it’s ok to post here. I hope you’re correct Dave that they’re doing their own clear parts but it look questionable. Seems they’re also working on a 1/32 scale version as well.
  12. Has anyone heard about the status of the 3D CAD for the Ka-50/52 and/or Mi-28? I thought KH was planning these before they closed down operations. Thanks! Mike B
  13. Not to sound critical before product release but does anyone have concerns about ResKit investing all this effort to create 3D CAD and 3D printing of replacement parts for the HobbyBoss F-111 family but not correct the Canopy lines, but re-using the incorrect HB canopy. Any thoughts from those who may have been involved or seen the images on FB or at HobbyEasy Thanks! Mike B
  14. Item 19 is supposedly the flare launcher next the the aft cargo door, where the flare box is commonly seen in later photos. Item 10 is in the ‘toilet’ compartment. There were various versions since Spooky first saw service including likely field mods. Mike B
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