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  1. Hi Dave, Could you share some more info on which time period and USMC squadron(s) used the LAU-138 on the AV-8B? I was only able to find photos/info on the web for the AV-8B / LAU-7 combo on stations 1 & 7. Thanks! Mike B
  2. Darn! Forgot about the H-6 OH-6A/C And, of course the Little Birds, up to MELB status
  3. How about : (all in 1/48) Re-pop of OH-58 (‘Nam era A, D with Kosovo updates) Re-pop of CH-53E with updated ASE fit New tool MH-53J/M CH-54A (is the B the version with the Ambulance Pod?) New tool H-60 series with corrected HIRSS, UES and Gunner options (UH-60A/L, SH-60B/F, HH-60H, HH-60G, MH-60K, MH-60L, DAP kit with ESSS and Stores options, MH-60M, HH-60U, MH-60S, MH-60R) Mi-28N H-19 HH-3 New tool UH-1B/C/M with variety of Weapons options New tool AH-1J, AH-1W (original and with Turned Exhausts), AH-1S/F AH-56 CH-53K
  4. Hey all! Any leads on such an upgrade? PAVLA seems to have had a set around 10 years ago but now appear to be out of business after C19. Looking to upgrade my ITALERI kit to complement the Cutting Edge Senior Spear / Senior Span sets designed by Dave Aungst. Also new wheel wells and gear from Metallic Details. Thanks!
  5. With the downfall of KH and purchase of their CAD by Trumpeter, gotta wonder if there’s a chance to scale down their 1/32 kits so we can get a decently detailed H-60 family in 1/48. The Academy and Italeri kits really aren’t that great, even when adding the ResKit main and tail rotors. Even the interiors can’t really be salvaged with Eduard PE. Anyone with industry connections hearing any buzz about new H-60s coming out in the next few years? I didn’t find a similar thread to tag on to so I created a new one.
  6. Great news Dave! I’m not in a rush since there’s plenty left in the stash to work on. Already have a Harvest Hawk set from ARMORY / BRENGUN but I’m sure yours may be more accurate. Also got the great engines and props from MLH BRINGIT! but they’re not available since EvilBay knocked out all Russian small businesses. As if that would really get people to overthrow their megalomaniac leader… but, politics aside… Would be good to consider other corrections to the Italeri Herc since the basic kit is decades old. Maybe someone could develop 3D decals and the HUDs for the
  7. @Dave Roof, now that you’re going 3D design and printing, any chance for a KC-130J upgrade set to include defensive counter measures gear, dispensers, antennas, etc.
  8. My comment applied to any manufacturer. Maybe the electrical and fluid connections can’t easily be determined but the overall shape which likely carries over on all three models of F-35 could have been more faithfully represented. Here’s an image I found. It’s an opportunity for improvement by the resin and 3D printing gurus out there. If the Italeri F-35B fits so well, maybe I’ll give it a go after finishing the KH kit. Thanks for the review Dave!
  9. The funny part is that the actual deeper section of the wheel well is forward of the cockpit so there should be plenty of space. Maybe just lazy researchers for such “hidden” details.
  10. Anyone with contacts at GasPatch to know when they plan to complete tooling and release of the “Hypersonic” designed SR-71A?
  11. Hi all, Been looking around for resin replacement cooling scoops with the correct angle/offset compared to the simplified parts in the HASEGAWA kits. I recall seeing them sometime in the past 5 or so years but don’t recall who made them. Thanks in advance for any direction!
  12. Why can’t anyone get the nose wheel well generally correct? There’s no way the nose wheel could stow. There are plenty of “free” unlicensed photos on Flickr to help with this area.
  13. Let’s hope they plan a proper integration between wheel wells, intakes and bomb bays. Especially the main wheel wells which are shaped to match the intake trunking. Seems no-one gets this correct. Also, if they’re doing the landing gear, let’s hope they get the main gear retraction equipment correct cause everyone seems to forget there’s a large tubular structure at the main folding hinge to which the retraction actuator is attached. Fingers crossed that their CAD designers used actual photos and measurements and not just 3d scanned the HB kit parts, adding minor impr
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