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  1. Did you scracth the plane? Or it is part of a 1/700 kit?
  2. Quitting modelling is like quitting smoking. Very Easy. In fact, I have done both several times now. :D
  3. Nice job there! Shame about the R4 "decals" tough. The others worked well, but the R4's do stick out a bit too much. Anyway congratulations. Its much harder to get the results we want when there are no aftermarket resin/decals available. And despite that, your looks the part.
  4. So, will you go wild on the weathering on this one, with lots o f paint chips etc. or keep it clean? I sure hope its the first!
  5. Thank you very much, for your kind words, Holmes!
  6. I pressed the button, but I am also at loss for words. Not sure if that was what you intended.
  7. Top notch work! But there is something about the figures, that pushes the envelope form just another good diorama, into something else I cant quite classify! Well Done!
  8. The dio has been done for at least a week, but only now I could be troubled to take and upload the pics. Enjoy! Cheers!
  9. If you mind a sugestion... Dont paint the white of the eyes. More often than not it gives the figures that dreaded hypnotic gaze. In this scale a single black spot, is enough to do the trick. If you insist in painting the white, make sure the black spot starts and ends on the flesh colour, with no white above or bellow. That will surely improve the overall look. Painting eyes is a real and ungratefull PITA, since it is such a small detail, but our brains are hardwired by millenia of evolution to focus on them...
  10. Its a Land Rover Defender. Long version I think. Seats 9.
  11. www.imgur.com Free up to a point, pro accounts available. Zero hassles.
  12. My eyes are playing tricks on me! Left is right, up is down, bits of painted plastic look like real planes.
  13. I made some progress on the billboard. As the printer was out of color cartridge ( titpical ) , I end up painting on top of the grayscale print. The metal frame is evergreen. Naturally is yet to be painted. As they say in my business area, if at first you dont succed, call it version 1.0. Altough I kind of like it, I will certanly change it a lot. Coments and sugestions welcome Cheers!
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