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  1. F-14B to F-14D

    Looks like I may be pretty much all set. The guy I bought the kits from knew that I was wanting to do 2 -D's, so it appears he threw in a chin pod w/ the Black Box cockpit, so I'm all set & good to go. A great seller, I got them from member adamitri here.
  2. F-14B to F-14D

    Great, thanks for the info. I'll take a look for the SB pod.
  3. F-14B to F-14D

    So nothing too major then. I've got a small Alumilite resin kit so I could always cast a copy of the chin pod out of the D kit and I can sand down anything that may be present on the fuselage.
  4. F-14B to F-14D

    Getting ready to start on a build, and just wanted some guidance to make sure I get things right. My plan is to build 2 F-14D's, and I plan on using 2 Hasegawa F-14 kits. One is an F-14D kit, but the other is an F-14B kit w/ a Block Box F-14D cockpit set. I was told that the cockpit set would give me what I needed to make the -B into a -D, and I just wanted to make sure this was right. Fwiw, my builds are to do the 2 Tomcats that took part in the F-14 retirement ceremony.
  5. Our Name

    I use my real name on every forum I'm on. As mentioned before, don't feel like coming up with some kind of nickname for each forum.
  6. Need guidance on whether this is repairable...

    Will do Joel. I'll probably look at giving it a shot at some point this weekend. Thankfully the other wing appears to be fine so I can use it as a guide to make sure I get it right.
  7. Need guidance on whether this is repairable...

    Thanks for the tip, I just happen to have a large stock pot that I think would be deep enough to get the whole wing into.
  8. So last month I was supposed to be moving, so I loaded all my models that were built or semi built, and carted them over to the new apartment before the main move, so they wouldn't get damaged. The apartment wasn't ready the day we went, and ended up not being ready the next day when we were supposed to move in. So instead of being in the car 2 hours, my models were in the car for 2 days, and I had a couple casualties from the unexpected heat that built up inside the car. One model was trash, no chance to save it, the other is this 1/144 RoG 747-400. One wing has a very noticeable warp to it now, and I'm not sure what to do. This thing has been a real pig, but I honestly don't know whether to trash it or not. I hate the idea of trashing it just b/c of all the work it's taken to get it this far, where it's almost ready for paint.
  9. I'm guessing this is probably a very long shot, but I'm looking for the SH-3 Bicentennial sheet made by Ronin Decals. I bought Hasegawas SH-3 Bicentennial kit a few weeks ago, and I'm wanting to replace the badly yellowed decals. It appears that Ronin Decals is the only company that's ever done this scheme in aftermarket decals.
  10. LF: 1/48 F-14A & F-14D

    Thanks everyone, I was able to make a deal to get exactly what I was wanting. Thanks!
  11. Looking for 1 F-14A & 1 F-14D kit, both in 1/48 scale. Prefer Hasegawa or Tamiya.
  12. Title says it all, trying to find Fightertown Decals #48065 "Felix's Final Flight and Farewell".
  13. LF 1/32 VF-31 Tomcatter 107 decals

    Looks like I may take you up on your offer if it's still good Brian. I recently picked up an F-14D kit in 1/48, so now I'm working on trying to track down the 48065 sheet.