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  1. I'm guessing this is probably a very long shot, but I'm looking for the SH-3 Bicentennial sheet made by Ronin Decals. I bought Hasegawas SH-3 Bicentennial kit a few weeks ago, and I'm wanting to replace the badly yellowed decals. It appears that Ronin Decals is the only company that's ever done this scheme in aftermarket decals.
  2. LF: 1/48 F-14A & F-14D

    Thanks everyone, I was able to make a deal to get exactly what I was wanting. Thanks!
  3. Looking for 1 F-14A & 1 F-14D kit, both in 1/48 scale. Prefer Hasegawa or Tamiya.
  4. Title says it all, trying to find Fightertown Decals #48065 "Felix's Final Flight and Farewell".
  5. LF 1/32 VF-31 Tomcatter 107 decals

    Looks like I may take you up on your offer if it's still good Brian. I recently picked up an F-14D kit in 1/48, so now I'm working on trying to track down the 48065 sheet.
  6. LF 1/32 VF-31 Tomcatter 107 decals

    Ah., great, thanks for that info. I'm still hoping to maybe track a sheet down to do it in 1/32, but if not, I'll definitely look for the 1/48 sheet, and will let you know if I need something special. Hoping in the next few weeks to make a trip out to the airport where Felix 107 is at so that I can get a bunch of pictures for reference.
  7. Title says it all. Trying to find Fightertown Decals 32012 sheet so that I can build Felix 107.
  8. LF 1/32 VF-31 Tomcatter 107 decals

    I know there were several members at the Nationals. I really wanted to go but couldn't make it work out. Really sucked having it that close and not being able to finally make it to one. When are the Hickory club meetings? Maybe I can try getting out for the next one.
  9. LF 1/32 VF-31 Tomcatter 107 decals

    No, I haven't, but I've been thinking about it for quite some time. I've been a member of the model club in Gastonia since 1994, and have recently started going to the club meetings at the Hobby Town in Mooresville.
  10. LF 1/32 VF-31 Tomcatter 107 decals

    Great, thank you very much for the info. I guess I'll start searching for a sheet.
  11. As the title says, I'm trying to find decals to build VF-31 Tomcatter 107, the F-14D to fly during the F-14 retirement ceremony. This bird is on display at a local aviation museum, so I'd love to build this particular aircraft. I've been able to find several sheets for 100 & 102, both of which were at the Ceremony, but neither actually flew. 102 I believe was one of the static aircraft, and I believe 100 was originally supposed to do the final flight but it "broke down" prior to taking off. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I'm going to have to piece the markings together and have custom decals made for the pilot names. Looking at doing this in 1/32 w/ the Trumpeter F-14D kit.
  12. Just saw on Facebook that Iron Maiden has signed an agreement to release a 1/144 kit of the Boeing 747-400 they are using on their current tour. No release date as of yet. http://loudwire.com/limited-edition-ed-force-one-model-planes/
  13. Ah, thanks. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong.