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  1. My problem tends to be that I don't see the decals until after they're discontinued and them I'm stuck trying to do what I've been doing lol
  2. I'll chime in w/ the 48012 C-2 sheet. I've lost 3 auctions on eBay when I stopped at 75 bucks for it.
  3. Trying to find Kazan Model Dynamics Wing Box set for the Hasegawa F-14 kit.
  4. I guess a partial sheet would work. I'm only looking at a couple of the schemes that I'd like to build.
  5. Unfortunately it looks like the Fightertown sheet doesn't cover the ones I'm interested in building. I'm wanting to build either the very bottom or bottom left planes on the image above, that have the black external tanks.
  6. Looking for a set of Furball Decals 4814 decal sheet for VF-154 F-14A
  7. I'm in. Got a Hasegawa kit on the bench just about to start on. Doing Salty Dog 400. Going to be 3D printing the camera mounts for this build.
  8. Any idea if/when the C-2 sheet might be reprinted? I found one on ebay for the first time in 5 years last week. I finally gave up when the price reached 75 dollars.
  9. Thanks guys. Unfortunately it was something I had to do, for my own mental & physical health so I'm trying to look at it in that light. Thankfully I have been able to assemble a small area to work, and dig out some of my tools, and I've purchased a few new kits that I have started working on, but I am definitely wanting to get back to working on this thing eventually. I now have 3D printers, and I'm really hoping to use one of them to design & print some parts for this build, especially the engines.
  10. I've not touched this build in quite awhile, and right now it's packed up in a box out in the garage. My wife & I separated in May so that really threw a wrench in to a lot of things, including my modeling. Hoping to move in the spring to someplace where I'll have room to start modeling again.
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