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  1. Emailed regarding the Kinetic C-2A
  2. Which E-2C kit do you have? Been looking for the E-2C 2000
  3. Adam Baker

    When is the next batch of decals expected?

    When do you think the C-2 reprint will get worked in?
  4. Adam Baker

    August releases

    No problem, completely understand. Just want to make sure I don't miss it this time around.
  5. Adam Baker

    August releases

    I assume the C-2 reprint is being pushed back?
  6. Adam Baker

    August releases

    Excellent, definitely looking forward to the C-2 decals!
  7. Adam Baker

    Opinions on 747-400 kits

    Great, thanks for the info. I'll take a look at that thread.
  8. Adam Baker

    Opinions on 747-400 kits

    I did some searching last night, and apparently the Ed Force One 744 kit is based off the same tool as the BA kit I originally used, and that tool for that kit was originally released in 1993, so I'm sure it's long in the tooth now, and probably only getting worse. The same page showed the 748 kit, and the tool for the 748 kit was released in 2012, so it did get me thinking about that, but I wasn't sure what differences there were between the 2, and what would need to be done. I do have the first kit I started still. If I need the winglets, I'll have to cut them off the old kit, but that's probably not a huge deal.
  9. Adam Baker

    May releases

    No problem, I can completely understand, no apologies needed at all. Definitely have to run what has the best chance of making the most funds. Thanks for the reply & update.
  10. Adam Baker

    Opinions on 747-400 kits

    Looking for feedback on the 1/144 747-400 kits that are available on the market right now. Previously I had the RoG British Airways 744 kit that I was building to do a KLM bird using Draw Decals KLM sheet. I had swapped engines w/ another member to get the appropriate Rolls Royce engines. The kit was a real pig but I managed to put quite a bit of work into it, making it halfway decent, but after a failed move in September the kit was badly warped due to being left in a hot car, and I gave up on it. I'd like to restart the project b/c I have the engines and the decals, but was looking for opinions on what would be a good starting point. I've seen the new(?) Ed Force One 744 kit, and was wondering on the quality of this kit, and whether the RR engines I have would fit it w/o too much trouble, or if there's another kit out there that would be a good place for me to start up again.
  11. Adam Baker

    May releases

    Any idea when the C-2A 48012 sheet will work it's way in?
  12. Awesome, thanks for that info. I always seem to want decal sheets that are out of production and are almost impossible to find.
  13. I'm interested in getting the Kinetic E-2C 2000 Hawkeye and C-2 Greyhound kits. I'm also interested in Caracal Decals C-2 Greyhound sheet CD48012 "US Navy C-2 Greyhound "COD"
  14. Adam Baker

    F-14B to F-14D

    Looks like I may be pretty much all set. The guy I bought the kits from knew that I was wanting to do 2 -D's, so it appears he threw in a chin pod w/ the Black Box cockpit, so I'm all set & good to go. A great seller, I got them from member adamitri here.
  15. Adam Baker

    F-14B to F-14D

    Great, thanks for the info. I'll take a look for the SB pod.