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  1. Is there any status on when reprints might be worked in to the schedule? I'm specifically interested in the 1/48 C-2 sheet.
  2. That would be great! I did come across a couple articles that I'd hoped would have pictures but didn't have much. They did talk about they're pretty strict about photography, which makes perfect sense. Thanks! Those were actually the only 2 things I did manage to find, along w/ that picture. Great pictures!!! Exactly the type of thing I've been looking for. Thank you very much!
  3. Spent quite a bit of time searching, both here and elsewhere, and having a lot of trouble finding pictures of the camera mounts used by VX-23. Using the Fightertown Decals Test Hornets sheet to build Salty Dog 400, so I'm trying to find pictures of the camera mounts so that I can look at building them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, so far I'm striking out completely trying to find anything.
  4. Any idea when the C2 rerelease will work into the queue?
  5. Is the C-2 reprint was still going to happen at some point? Totally understand having to get out the sheets that help pay the bills.
  6. When do you think the C-2 reprint will get worked in?
  7. No problem, completely understand. Just want to make sure I don't miss it this time around.
  8. I assume the C-2 reprint is being pushed back?
  9. Excellent, definitely looking forward to the C-2 decals!
  10. Great, thanks for the info. I'll take a look at that thread.
  11. I did some searching last night, and apparently the Ed Force One 744 kit is based off the same tool as the BA kit I originally used, and that tool for that kit was originally released in 1993, so I'm sure it's long in the tooth now, and probably only getting worse. The same page showed the 748 kit, and the tool for the 748 kit was released in 2012, so it did get me thinking about that, but I wasn't sure what differences there were between the 2, and what would need to be done. I do have the first kit I started still. If I need the winglets, I'll have to cut them off the old kit, bu
  12. No problem, I can completely understand, no apologies needed at all. Definitely have to run what has the best chance of making the most funds. Thanks for the reply & update.
  13. Looking for feedback on the 1/144 747-400 kits that are available on the market right now. Previously I had the RoG British Airways 744 kit that I was building to do a KLM bird using Draw Decals KLM sheet. I had swapped engines w/ another member to get the appropriate Rolls Royce engines. The kit was a real pig but I managed to put quite a bit of work into it, making it halfway decent, but after a failed move in September the kit was badly warped due to being left in a hot car, and I gave up on it. I'd like to restart the project b/c I have the engines and
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