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  1. Zombies are coming! Better be ready! :) Build from 1/35 Meng Models Pickup Truck. Rest of the pics: http://outthere.info/pickup/comp/page1.htm
  2. Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1A Valkyrie 5000th Production Color Just completed. The rest: http://www.outthere.info/VF-1A/page1.htm
  3. Here's the WIP: http://plamo.outthere.info/forum/showthrea...39107#pid139107 The paint chips are done using sponge and a fine tip paint brush with Vallejo Paint. Subsequently, a Burnt Sienna oil wash was applied and streaked in.
  4. Just completed this Rest of the Pics: http://www.outthere.info/Falke/page1.htm
  5. Finished this recently The sides are a pain to fix, putty and sand. The Works in Progress: http://www.outthere.info/RSAF%20CH-47/chinook_prog.htm The finish product: Rest of the pics: http://www.outthere.info/RSAF%20CH-47/comp/page1.htm
  6. Here's my recent builds Dragon 1/144 VF-74 Be-Devilers VF-1 Wolfpack VF-41 Bombcat VX-4 Black Bunny Rest of the pics http://outthere.info/F-14A-tribute/page1.htm ******************************** Italeri 1/72 Mirage 2000D Rest of the pics: http://www.outthere.info/mirage/comp/page1.htm ********************************** Hasegawa 1/48 BF109G-10 Rest of the pics http://www.outthere.info/109g-10/comp/page1.htm
  7. Just completed The rest of the pics HERE
  8. Thanks for the compliments :) Macroos always brought back some childhood memories.. and cant afford them then.. but now.. time to revive some of those good times :)
  9. I preshaded the kit with brown before layering on the colours. Here's the Works In Progress
  10. Finished on Sat evening. Enjoy! :blink: Meanwhile, The VF-1S which I completed earlier this year The rest of the pics... Home page
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