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  1. Outstanding build in all respects - hats off
  2. Fantastic build in all respects - the paint scheme rocks and so does the weathering (....and the photography!!)
  3. Seriously, this is one of the best F-15s in this scale I have ever seen - hats off and congrats. Lothar
  4. Sent you a PM. Lothar
  5. I have that kit but didn't realize that with the necessary skills it can be built into such a beauty like yours!!! Hats off!
  6. Your patience and persistence has paied off - you've rewarded yourself with a stunning model. Finish and weathering are spot on
  7. I received my Mirage 2000 crew two days ago. What can I say? I've never seen anything like these Reedoak figures - they are just perfect and well worth the money. And I'd say two perfect pilots in an average kit cockpit can make a lot of difference. So I'm in for more of Norbert's work!!! Lothar
  8. Wow, stunning - just placed my order for both Mirage 2000 crew. Any hint wher to find how to correctly paint them? Couldn't find anything but preparing tips on your webesite. Anyway, can't wait to get them both. Lothar
  9. Looks like it..."Internal Server Error". Started last night. Lothar
  10. That's a stunning build, paintjob and weathering look perfect - are you sure this is the Kinetic kit ? ...and fantastic photography as well. Lothar
  11. Seriously one of the best paintjobs and weathering on a F-14 I've seen in a long time !! Lothar
  12. Fantastic model, your excellent photography does indeed enhance the extremely well done paintwork and weathering!! Lothar
  13. Fantastic build, paintjob and weathering, never would've thought that's 72nd scale. Lothar
  14. Fantastic and impressive build, love your paintjob and choice of markings Lothar
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