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  1. If a thread doesn't make any sense anymore - like this one - the subject has beaten to death, "know and see it" alls repeat them over and over again - like on this one, if personal insults creep in - like on this one - then I'm all for closing a thread down. This should have been done with this one long time ago - what a waste of time!!!! Lothar
  2. Thank you very much. I missed this WIP, but it's bookmarked and will be the guideline for my build. It's a stunning diorama you've built Lothar
  3. @RedDog: How do the Revell kits build? Any major fit problems you recall? I have a few of their kits and the M version is on top of my to do list. Thanks. Lothar
  4. Very, very impressive. I don't know too much about Tomcats but this model looks like a showstopper to me - congratulations on a superb build Lothar
  5. That's a true beauty, your hard work did indeed pay off - hats off Lothar
  6. Apart from being a perfect build, the paint job is outstanding . Do you still recall what paints you used for this Beauty? Lothar
  7. I love what I see so far - great paint job Lothar
  8. Superb modelling, absolutely top shelf (however, I miss your "keem 'em coming" elswhere ) Lothar
  9. Beutiful, simply beautiful - fantastic finish
  10. Top notch modelling in every aspect - hats off Lothar
  11. A masterpiece - the finish and attention to detail is simply superb - hats off Lothar
  12. Stunning build, the weathering is stellar
  13. Sexy knees and the correct cockpit color - it can't get any better Lothar
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