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  1. The only critique I have is that it is not mine! Everything on this model looks just perfect - paint job, finish, weathering etc. - not to forget the excellent photography! That's a stunning build. Lothar
  2. That's a beautiful build, I love the subtle weathering.
  3. Have another look at my post above and then show us all what you're doing other than contriburing your valuable opinion about what you see from others and riding their horses.
  4. BTW, I build models and I like challencing kits with imperfections. it's just people like you repeating the same BS over and over that drive me off to post here any more. And as I said before this thread has become so why participate. Your interpretation of "pretty strange behaviour" is indeed strange, give it a thought.
  5. Why don't you invest some of your valuable time, buy the kit, try to find out what ellbowgrease is and build it - then post it here rather than consistently whining about this? Otherwise, for me, all your comments are just What @zerosystem said " All I can tell you, maybe we just all found a way to deal with it" - that's what modelling is about.
  6. Stunning and most impressive work you've done, hats off !!! Lothar
  7. Quite impressive build and finish - compliments!!! Are the wingfolds an option in the kit or are they scratchbuilt? If so, another hats off!! Lothar
  8. What a collection, that Intruder just blew me away - stunning
  9. It's difficult to pick a favourite from only excellent builds, but in the end I'd pick the Viking and the Spad - congratulations on such a pile of beauties. Lothar
  10. You politely hit the nail on the head, there are a few idiotic stuffed shirts here who will do their best to keep this thread running forever - sooner or later even the folding sequence of the AMK boxes will be discussed and found unsuitable for the model builder. Lothar
  11. If a thread doesn't make any sense anymore - like this one - the subject has beaten to death, "know and see it" alls repeat them over and over again - like on this one, if personal insults creep in - like on this one - then I'm all for closing a thread down. This should have been done with this one long time ago - what a waste of time!!!! Lothar
  12. Thank you very much. I missed this WIP, but it's bookmarked and will be the guideline for my build. It's a stunning diorama you've built Lothar
  13. @RedDog: How do the Revell kits build? Any major fit problems you recall? I have a few of their kits and the M version is on top of my to do list. Thanks. Lothar
  14. Very, very impressive. I don't know too much about Tomcats but this model looks like a showstopper to me - congratulations on a superb build Lothar
  15. That's a true beauty, your hard work did indeed pay off - hats off Lothar
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