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  1. I've got a brand new, never been used, still in the box Infinity with all the xtras for sale at a discount. PM me if interested.
  2. Just keep building and don't sweat it. There's no substitute for experience. Soon you'll see improvement on each build. You've got the passion and that's good. Learn from your mistakes and models will dramaticly improve. Don't expect a show stopper. You'll get there.
  3. This is as close as I can get to chrome. Not a WWII subject but a museum bird from Polk City Fla. Alclad
  4. Go to a party store that sells gift wrap. There, you'll find ribbon/bow material that is just what you're looking for. The right stuff is irridesent and actually changes colors as you change angles. Looks fabulous. I can't imagine peeling a layer off of a CD.
  5. Good advice on the wing tips. Now.....how bout foiling a drop tank??
  6. I'm sure Micro sol is not as strong as most others yet works just fine for most decals. MS may require multiple applications for stubborn areas, I've never had MS damage decals....though Solvaset turned some decals to a pile of goo. The trick is to not let the stronger solutions sit on the decal for long.
  7. Technically, the black stripe is not a series of black seperate loops. It's one continuous stripe that spirals around the yellow so the twist method will be more accurate if you don't want to paint them. Personally, I paint them. Just go back and forth with the two colors and touch them up till you're satisfied.
  8. For the hi-reflective Alclad shades (chrome, polished alum, airframe alum, etc) it's recommended you use gloss black underneath for best shiney results. All other Alclad shades you can use just about any glossy paint color. This does not mean you cant spray the regular shades over GB cause you certainly can. Keep in mind the hi-shine shades don't like to be masked over so I'd save those for last. Many effects can be made by using different combinations of base colors. It really boils down to what you're looking for as an end result.
  9. Ah.....lots of kits offer seperate wheels/tires.
  10. Unless you're really good at laying down a gloss coat, you're probably gonna want to polish that out as well.
  11. common sense.....what's that?
  12. Try this. Run a little clean thinner in the corner first. Then, sneak up on it using a brush loaded with a small amount of thinned color of choice. Capillary action will draw the paint up and tight to the corner. :
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