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  1. Could it be 'the opposite of serendipity'? Apparently some thing called 'zemblanity'. Never heard of it myself...
  2. I just happened to look into my display cabinet recently and spotted that I've made 8 aircraft 'wheels up'. So that's 8 sets of undercarriage (potentially) I have in the recycle bin. I do keep an eye on the 'wanted's ads' but so far haven't been able to help anyone :(
  3. This build is using the Jumpin' Jaques boxing. It is going to be my trial run for using foil to represent a bare metal finish. I've painted the insides 'green' as is everyone else but my biggest news is a test of my foiling technique. These are B-17 horizontal stabilisers. I've used Daler-Rowney Writers Gold Size. Top right is Faber 'easy metal' silver foil. Bottom left is shiny side kitchen foil and bottom right dull side kitchen foil. I've already learnt: to use the minimum amount of size, spread as thinly as possible. the silver is very thin and not going to work. the dull foil isn't as nice as the shiny. any imperfection under the foil shows through.
  4. Another joiner here. I was part of the B17 GB that got extended. That resulted in a second GB build for me. This time I've got a Hasegawa P-51D 'Jumpin Jacques' that will be my test bed for bare Metal Foiling using kitchen foil and/or some silvery foil I bought years ago. Once mastered I need to foil a B24. No aftermarket, kit decals, minimal filler (fingers crossed)
  5. IKEA sell something of a similar size, in wood. Not expensive either.
  6. Question. Can my 5mm diameter acrylic rod be 'stretched' to 3mm (ala sprue) after a trip in the oven?
  7. Interesting news. Will this affect the subjects they make?, ie less of a German/European focus for new tools.
  8. Looks nice. I wouldn't lose any sleep but just for completeness I tried the site on my Windows Mobile 6.5: with Opera 10 the blue title banner stops just where the 'now open' starts with Internet Explorer the blue reaches 80% of the way across the Sprue Bros advert I'm ashamed to say I've never used my phone to look at the site before. (expensive data plans) :)
  9. Academy 1/72 'Memphis Belle' converted into a remotely controlled 20 tonne bomb. Paintwork courtesy of fading due to use and yellowing due to yard brush.
  10. Thanks to Ranger74. The book landed this side of the pond. Interesting read - even has one named B17 I considered building in it. Thanks again.
  11. So much for the 'quickie' tag. The Fort is Fin. I've been neglecting the thing but now its done. (well just a new ariel to make and glue) Not a masterpiece but hey... Photos will follow for the Gallery.
  12. Hi BAH. When I used the Revell chaps I needed a lot of plastic surgery to get them to fit into the bomber. Every single position needed to be thinned, shortened, chopped etc. We almost need figures to be modelled in silicone.
  13. I'm attaching the engine cowlings but I had to dismantle the assembly slightly to correct what I think is a fault. The instructions tell to attach the engines themselves to the firewalls/bulkheads, then to place the cowlings over the top. Doing this leaves a large gap between the front of the engine and the front of the cowl. I've pushed the engine into the coal, as far forward as possible. The difference is shown in the photo. Looking at the decal pictures the front of the cowls are in the right place so I'm not sure what to think.
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