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  1. How come steam rollers don't roll steam?
  2. Methyl ethyl ketone. Similar-ish-ly to acetone and REALLY strong smelling stuff!!
  3. Brilliant idea! Definately using that one! Jim
  4. jimmy07


    I've never heard of the de-gassing required? I sprayed mine directly into my airbrush (it is gravity fed) and sprayed right away with no hassles at all. I don't recall seeing bubbles either, though to be fair I wasn't expecting too see any and wouldn't have looked. This method can still be used to decant into containers to rest during the degassing stage. It's all new to me :) Jim.
  5. jimmy07


    I had never decanted from spray cans before but thought I'd try as I got some Krylon fusion gloss to use as a base for Alclad. All the info on the interweb showed very messy ways to decant. So I had a quick think and a quick rummage and came up with this.. Use a cheap plastic pipette and a small tube connection (found on CRC/WD40 type cans for directing spray into smaller areas) I cut the end off the pipette and also a small amount off the tip then jammed the small pipe into it, cut the small tube leaving 1/4" sticking out. Then simply press the small end onto the nozzle of the spray can. Fits nice and snug just like it does on a CRC/WD40 can, does not leak AND the widening of the pipette slows the spray as it comes out so you can spray directly from your spray can into your airbrush with no mess whatsoever :)/>/> Hope you find it useful :thumbsup:/>/> Jim
  6. What!? That's spam?!?? So that beautiful European lass doesn't love me?? And I suppose now you're gana tell me them kind Nigerians who are shortly to send me A LOT of money are just spamming liars too. :wmsmiley-poop-hits-the-fan:/> :)/>
  7. What a wonderful build. Spent a bit of time over there many moons ago and you sure stirred up some old memories :) Thanks for sharing Jim
  8. Beautiful build! Love the scooter :)
  9. Wow thanks for sharing that, never knew! Now you've got a plan B if you make a Me-262 and its a tail sitter! :P/>
  10. Truly incredible! To think how many 'home videos' were taken during WW2 that might be hidden away in someones old storage shed right now.
  11. What a wonderful build! I didn't know there were tail dragger jets. Jim
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