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  1. Do you still have these? 48-067 Jammin' Prowlers VAQ-139 Cougars/VAQ-135 Black Ravens 48-126 F-22A Tyndall's Raptors
  2. thanks for the info guys. I guess i'll just grab a Hasegawa Weasel as it would be easier. I figured if I could convert one close enough I would use one of the academys. Yea just any Wild Weasel SEAD jet, not picky on tail code...
  3. What all is needed to convert a A/C model to a WW? I picked up 3 Academy F-16s, I want to convert one of them to a Wild Weasel setup. What all is needed? Anyone have those parts?
  4. Bump! Will throw in a 1/48 Monogram F-105 G/F with a huge decal sheet if 2 MiGs are purchased together! :D
  5. 1:48 Historic Plastics MiG-19S Farmer C - $25 shipped open/sealed 1:48 OEZ MiG-21MF/bis/SMT - $32 shipped open/some bags open, some sealed. all parts accounted -comes with eduard detail PE set, eduard PE soviet jet buckles set, and KMI resin Soviet ejection seats (will sell cheaper if you don't want the extras) 1:48 Revell MiG-25PD Foxbat A - $28 shipped open/sealed (RoG version with big decal sheet, only missing instrument panel decal for some reason) - can get a pic later US only, paypal prefered. Open to reasonable offers. I want to fund another project, so these get new homes. Email is quickest, bstznut@hotmail.com
  6. LF: 1/48 MiG-19 nose with radar, I have a MiG-19S, looking for the PM version nose with radar. My kit is the historic plastics, not sure if another kit would work, or possibly a radar nose from a MiG-17?? Open to options! Thanks
  7. I've found the exact set in 1/32 by Superscale, but am unable to find the 1/48 scale. :(/> Edit** Not looking for the Tan camo bird
  8. Looking for the 1/48 A-7E Corsair II "Last Mission" full hasegawa kit or even just the decals. Can paypal or trade. PM here or email at bstznut@hotmail.com Sold this kit many years ago, kicking myself now :(
  9. LF 1/48 Airfix Tornado GR1 cockpit or possibly just the tub and instrument panel parts to go in my Esci/Ertl GR.1. If you used an aftermarket resin set and have your old pit laying around, I'll take it in any usable shape! Basically, i got an Airwaves PE set for my Tornado but it's for the Airfix kit. I didn't know that when i purchased it. I have the Esci/Ertl Tornado Desert Storm Kit I got for free. Cockpit is super bare, and the PE set doesn't come close to fitting. I could fab up something to work, but would rather get my hands on airfix pit and see what all i can use/combine. OR if you have a resin set that will fit, and you're not going to use it, we may can work something out. If it's a full nice resin set, I'd be down to trade a brand new full 1/48 Revell MiL-24 Hind open box sealed bags. US only please, international stuff just gets too expensive. I have a few more things to trade, or could paypal a few bucks. Thanks!
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