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  1. If you have used resin cockpits to update your 1/48 Has kits, I'll take your leftovers. I am updating some not so nice kits. I would be interested in: F-4 E/G/J F-14 A/B/D F/A-18F F-8 OR Do you have some Hasegawa kits you have started that you have lost interest in??? Let me know we can work something out. Either trading or payment.
  2. Do you still have these? 48-067 Jammin' Prowlers VAQ-139 Cougars/VAQ-135 Black Ravens 48-126 F-22A Tyndall's Raptors
  3. thanks for the info guys. I guess i'll just grab a Hasegawa Weasel as it would be easier. I figured if I could convert one close enough I would use one of the academys. Yea just any Wild Weasel SEAD jet, not picky on tail code...
  4. What all is needed to convert a A/C model to a WW? I picked up 3 Academy F-16s, I want to convert one of them to a Wild Weasel setup. What all is needed? Anyone have those parts?
  5. Bump! Will throw in a 1/48 Monogram F-105 G/F with a huge decal sheet if 2 MiGs are purchased together! :D
  6. 1:48 Historic Plastics MiG-19S Farmer C - $25 shipped open/sealed 1:48 OEZ MiG-21MF/bis/SMT - $32 shipped open/some bags open, some sealed. all parts accounted -comes with eduard detail PE set, eduard PE soviet jet buckles set, and KMI resin Soviet ejection seats (will sell cheaper if you don't want the extras) 1:48 Revell MiG-25PD Foxbat A - $28 shipped open/sealed (RoG version with big decal sheet, only missing instrument panel decal for some reason) - can get a pic later US only, paypal prefered. Open to
  7. LF: 1/48 MiG-19 nose with radar, I have a MiG-19S, looking for the PM version nose with radar. My kit is the historic plastics, not sure if another kit would work, or possibly a radar nose from a MiG-17?? Open to options! Thanks
  8. I've found the exact set in 1/32 by Superscale, but am unable to find the 1/48 scale. :(/> Edit** Not looking for the Tan camo bird
  9. Looking for the 1/48 A-7E Corsair II "Last Mission" full hasegawa kit or even just the decals. Can paypal or trade. PM here or email at bstznut@hotmail.com Sold this kit many years ago, kicking myself now :(
  10. LF 1/48 Airfix Tornado GR1 cockpit or possibly just the tub and instrument panel parts to go in my Esci/Ertl GR.1. If you used an aftermarket resin set and have your old pit laying around, I'll take it in any usable shape! Basically, i got an Airwaves PE set for my Tornado but it's for the Airfix kit. I didn't know that when i purchased it. I have the Esci/Ertl Tornado Desert Storm Kit I got for free. Cockpit is super bare, and the PE set doesn't come close to fitting. I could fab up something to work, but would rather get my hands on airfix pit and see what all i can use/combine. OR if you
  11. Have some items to trade, just let me know what you have. US only please
  12. All items 1/48 scale. US only please. If you see something(s) you like, let me know. We can work something out. PM or email at bstznut@hotmail.com and paypal preferred, thanks! Edaurd MiG-23 Flogger B Zoom Set (unopened) F-100 Metal Ejection Seat 1/48 Superscale 48-80 F-100D 20 TFW481 TFS Triple Zilch 1/48 Superscale 48-851 F-14A Tomcat VF-31 Tomcatters Trade wants: looking for 1/48 Revell MiG-25 cockpit or PE stuff
  13. Avionix F-14B Deluxe Set resin cockpit with bombcat conversion (sorry for the inverted images, photobucket wouldn’t load the image editor) Box Contents. the right bottom 2 under the instructions is just the cockpit section. The rest is the bombcat conversion parts
  14. I have a 1/48 Avionix F-14B Tomcat Deluxe Set (cockpit set with Bombcat conversion) in unopened bags inside the box. Never test fitted, all parts still on resin. Lot's of parts to this thing, it's almost a model kit in itself! After looking at this complete set, it's very intimidating. I've had it for several years and there are just too many parts for me to deal with, I'm nowhere near that level. Hesitant to get rid of this set and want to keep it for the cool factor, but It's above my station. I'd hate to only use the cockpit portions and let the rest go to waste, it was pretty expensive wh
  15. bikerider PM sent, these are the perfect decals!!!!!!!!!
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