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  1. Mark, I'm glad to see that you got the reversed colors correct on the F-15 tail flashes; that's easy to miss. Deke
  2. There are no wraparound decals or ones sized to a surface like a rudder that might vary from kit to kit in that scheme, so you should be good to go. Deke
  3. Deke

    A-10 Question

    Thanks for the info. It sounds like I would be safe adding it to a kit representing a late 89/early 90 jet. Deke
  4. Anybody know what year the A-10 started carrying the AIM-9? I know they had by Desert Storm, but I'm wondering what year they started showing up. Deke
  5. Matt, Thanks, I agree that FS 36231 is a reasonable match, what I was looking for is the official French AFNOR designation for the colour, so I know what the starting point is. Deke
  6. Does anybody know what AFNOR colour is applied to the Rafale? Deke
  7. What about a tactical nuclear weapon? Deke
  8. I like the FJ-2, it's a nice alternative to markings in the new Sword kit. Deke
  9. Mark, Good timing on the B-52H decals, with the recent announcement of the new 1/72 scale Modelcollect BUFF. Coincidence? Deke
  10. Given the timeframe for those B-1 markings, it would still have the "turkey feathers" on the engines, which is one less thing to correct on the current kits, especially since there's no resin replacements available for the engine nozzles. Deke
  11. Thanks for the answers. Looking at the link Jari provided, there's a closeup of the wing stores, and the wing panel lines are clearly visible. Deke
  12. Google hasn't turned up anything definitive, so I'll try here. Were Korean War Mustangs in the same scheme as WW II: natural metal fuselage with silver painted wings, or had they been painted overall silver? Also, IIRC weren't the cockpits in matte black by this time? Thanks for any help you can provide. Deke
  13. The articles I've seen say that these aircraft were operated by RCU-1, but I can't find anything substantial about that unit. Even what the RCU stands for. Reconnaissance Composite Unit? Deke
  14. They probably couldn't find anybody who could make the final note of the Star Spangled Banner last ten minutes. Deke
  15. You can see the difference between the red stenciling on the white fuze strips (presumably insignia red) versus the color on the missile body. Deke
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