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  1. 8 hours ago, Jan_CZ said:

    Dear colleagues

    Being long time reader I decided to signup.

    I've just bought EF-111A made by Italeri (originally ESCI/Ertl) to my father's birthday. Is the decal sheet with "Mirage Killer" option suitable for this model?


    Thank you to all


    There are no wraparound decals or ones sized to a surface like a rudder that might vary from kit to kit in that scheme, so you should be good to go.



  2. On ‎5‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 8:47 PM, Mr Matt Foley said:


    Are they not the same as the Rafale A? If so that would match up very close to FS36231 lighten'd just a tad.



      Thanks, I agree that FS 36231 is a reasonable match, what I was looking for is the official French AFNOR designation for the colour, so I know what the starting point is.



  3. Given the timeframe for those B-1 markings, it would still have the "turkey feathers" on the engines, which is one less thing to correct on the current kits, especially since there's no resin replacements available for the engine nozzles.


  4. Google hasn't turned up anything definitive, so I'll try here. Were Korean War Mustangs in the same scheme as WW II: natural metal fuselage with silver painted wings, or had they been painted overall silver? Also, IIRC weren't the cockpits in matte black by this time? Thanks for any help you can provide.


  5. Well here's a photo of a AIM-4 I have in my basement.


    You can see the difference between the red stenciling on the white fuze strips (presumably insignia red) versus the color on the missile body.


  6. The intakes were painted either white or gray depending on where the overhauls were done on the aircraft. I was a Crewchief for 8 years on the F-102A/ TF-102A's with the Texas Air National Guard 1960-68 with the 111th Ftr. Incp. Sqd. @ Ellington AFB. Texas. I spent sometime in climbing down these intakes to check turbine blades so I have some experience in this field.

    Bob "Tex" Hanes

    What kind of gray? Same gray as the exterior or another shade?


  7. The F-104 seemed like such an odd aircraft for the NATO countries to use given the type of warfare that was planned for if there was an invasion from the east... Why did they buy it?

    Because the A-10 wasn't available yet.


  8. How would GoDaddy know, and why would that be relevant to them?

    Because in this age of litigation, GoDaddy might want valid contact information and ownership of the site in case somebody did something on the site that resulted in a law suit against GoDaddy. Every host like GoDaddy has rules that they expect people to follow to keep traffic and revenue alive and possible legal issues minimized.


  9. Deke,

    The name 'Memphis Belle II' and the pilots name Maj.Buddy Jones were both applied in black on a yellow background. I have an original Kodachrome slide in my THUD collection that shows her ( full left side profile) pulling out of her revetment at Takhli RTAB in April 1970. The red on yellow theory is inaccurate but I do recall seeing a small photo published in one of the F-105 books that would lead someone to reach that conclusion. The picture suffered from severe colour manipulation but since I have an original slide of the same image, there's no doubt that black on yellow is the accurate presentation.



    Thank you very much. That picture you are talking about is probably the one used for the Osprey book.


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