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  1. The aircraft at the Air Force Museum has had the aircraft and pilot's name painted in red or black on a yellow background at different times. The same is true of decals. Any idea which is correct, I believe it should be black? The one small color photo I can find could be interpreted either way, due to the low sun angle. Deke
  2. As I recall the Neomega seats are larger. Deke.
  3. Just wait till they start landing the A-10 on carriers and destroyers. Deked
  4. Terrible article. The headline is misleading, and the author is either a dunce or has some trouble with the truth. The actual article makes plain that the Air Force did not take the concept seriously enough to study it in any depth. Then the author goes on a rant about dropping strategic yield weapons from 30,000 feet set for air burst fuzing. I assume he missed the evolution of weapons and delivery methods post Enola Gay or else he has no interest in presenting actual facts. According to Wikipedia the tactical versions of the B61 had yields as low 0.3kt and could be used in a laydown met
  5. I believe the Monogram kit is considered to be more accurate in shape then the Hasegawa kit. Deke
  6. I agree they should restart the line and replace every aircraft in the Air Force, Navy, Marine, and Army inventory with the A-10. Deke
  7. Mark, Those look good. The UH-1N option is an unusual one, not often seen. Deke
  8. It's been proven that every time the A-10 fires its 30mm cannon global warming is halted. If it does it whilst flying low and slow the effect is multiplied three fold. I read it on the internet. Deke
  9. Evidently a cease fire has been reached in the Ukraine. Just the mere intention to send the A-10 to the area has brought peace. Deke
  10. Thank you for the information. Deke
  11. Various sources say the SH-3H was capable of carrying the B57 nuclear bomb and using it as depth charge. I've never seen pictures of that, just the Mk-101 "Lulu" mounted on the SH-3, but after that was retired I assume the B57 took its place. Has anybody seen pictures of this or the real thing? Deke
  12. Have you checked the Tools n' Tips section here on ARC? LINK Deke
  13. You might find this website helpful. LINK. Deke
  14. Hoops, What are those mistakes? Deke
  15. On the front page of his website Mark announced he'll be releasing 6 new sheets for the upcoming IPMS Nationals; I'm guessing he's referring to one of those sheets, since I couldn't find a VA-86 jet on the sheets already issued. Deke
  16. According to the article, the pod is intended only for air to air use. Deke
  17. Then I would suggest you check out the Wolfpak Decals sheets mentioned above. They cover multiple different types on the same sheet. Sheet 72-037 LINK had two B-58s on it, but is sold out at their website. Their decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop, and they still have copies available though, albeit, without the instruction sheet. LINK Sheet 72-064 LINK is currently available at Wolfpak and has a single B-58 from a bomb competition with tail art and whitewall tires. Deke
  18. Forouk, That is a beautifully done model. Thank you for the information. Deke
  19. Superheat, Thank you for the picture; I'll go with light and dark gull gray then. Deke
  20. I'm finding conflicting information on the original colour scheme for the F-8P fighters used by the PAF. The Squadron walkaround book says semi-gloss Dark Gull Gray FS 26231 over Light Gull Gray FS 26440, but those colours seem too dark. Others suggest semi-gloss Light Gull Gray over white or Light Gull Gray over a very light gray, like FS 26662; the latter seems like the closest match to me. Any ideas which is correct or has somebody seen official documentation? Deke
  21. French Mirage IIIs used the AIM-9B till the Magic I entered service. Deke
  22. Scout, Those weren't on the earlier versions, but if you look closely Mark has included the green and red Arm/Safe markings for the AIM-9L/M and the AIM-9X. Deke
  23. Mark, I see that Pavla just released a resin cockpit set and corrected nose for the Emhar kit. Amazingly good timing. Deke
  24. The AIM-9D,G, and H were the same for modeling purposes, and one of those are what it would most likely be carrying. Deke
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