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  1. Very nice, I particularly like the F-102 and F-104. Deke
  2. Will the set include the two antennas behind the cockpit? I have some Wolfpak decals I'm looking to use on an A-10C. Deke
  3. The F-15B and F-15D are combat capable; that's why they changed the original designation from TF-15 to F-15B. They do not carry internal ECM though, that was replaced by the second seat. If a particular mission required it, they would carry an ECM pod on the fuselage centerline station. The typical load for F-15s now are two external wing tanks. Deke
  4. Did it catch the 3 wire? Deke
  5. AFAIK Marine and Navy F-4s never carried the AIM-7F version, which was the first version to go to the gray paint. They still used the older AIM-7E, which was compatible with their CW illuminator for guidance, and those remained white. You may want to check this thread Deke
  6. Thanks all for the help. Looks like I'll go with pretty much a straight UH-1H build. Deke
  7. Ray, Thank you for the info; I assume the front of the Hasegawa kit has some major issues? If so, at what point would you bash the two kits? I thought I had seen somewhere a year or so ago a bash of the front end of a 1/72 Huey, which I assume is because of the issue you brought up. Thank you, I have seen that reference before, it's excellent. I was looking at one of the helos listed there as a subject: XW-PFG. Here are a couple of photos of it. The website listed above identifies it as "Bell UH-1D (205D) XW-PFG". Looking at the photos, there are two things I find confusing. F
  8. I dug through the stash and remembered I had some Mike Grant decals for an Air America Huey, so I'm looking to build a Bell 205. What would be the best starting point in 1/72 scale for that? A UH-1H kit I assume? Deke
  9. Looks like two shades of gray to me, might be your monitor's color resolution. Deke
  10. It can go in either weapons bay, but it is mounted on the inboard station with the AMRAAM on the outboard station. The BRU-61 rack is not attached to an AVEL, it is attached to the same BRU-46 that the JDAM uses. Deke
  11. I'm Deke, and I approved this message.
  12. Gianni, Sheet 72-025 ("In Country") had an F-100D in SEA camo and operating in Vietnam. The sheet is sold out, but you may have some luck in the trade/sell section here on ARC or on ebay. Deke
  13. Wolfpak Decals has several sheets with markings for the F-100. LINK Deke
  14. Wolfpak Decals offers them through their resin line. Link
  15. You're confusing Hampton with Virginia Beach. Have they said they're going to hold it in VA Beach yet again or on the penninsula? Deke
  16. Ritchie & DeBellvue (Udorn based) carried AIM-4Ds for their first kill on 10 May 72. Deke
  17. Wolfpak Decals Check here has decals for an F-105G without the side blisters on sheet 72-045 and 72-031 has the F-105F that Thorsness flew on his Medal of Honor mission. They also had an F-105G without the pods on 72-009, but that shows as sold out. Deke
  18. Hasegawa HH-60 kit, check. Armycast HH-60 detail set, check. Decals, soon to be checked. Deke
  19. Mark, How did you handle the snake's head markings on the A-10? Is it a one piece decal or multi-piece? Looking up that jet on the internet it's been fitted with the AN/AAR-47 MAWS sensors on the wing tips and tail. Deke
  20. What's up with the engine exhausts on that MH-47G? That's the first time I've seen those fitted. I assume they're IR suppressors. Deke
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