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  1. stellar work as always, chuck just FYI, amazon doesnt ship the microbrushes you linked to europe, but on this side of the pond: https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Pcs-Dental-Disposable-Materials-Micro-Brush-Tooth-Applicators-Medium-Fine/263922225200?hash=item3d72fd9030:m:moAWhOGgBiNfxSVp6jZYaDw&var=563368616294 these are from china (free shipping) and you can get four different sizes (i ordered two 100 packs for 4$). they look the same, so i hope they are usable
  2. since i got the thunderbirds boxing i am missing the tanks. did someone build theirs without tanks and pylons? i can send the thunderbirds decals + cash. trumpeter is out of spare parts....
  3. karl h

    The Modern Harrier Guide

    just FYI, there is a seat and wheels from AMS resin in 1:18
  4. got the stencils, still looking for the tanks/pylons
  5. karl h

    Cobra Company sets

    Uh-oh, a B conversion availible again, i have been waiting for years.... where can i get it when finished?
  6. title says it all.... preferably in europe, but maybe shipping from the US isnt that bad? thanx
  7. karl h

    LSP down???

  8. karl h

    F-84E Hobby Boss 1/32

    very nice!
  9. i have been watching you for years now, and you never cease to amaze me! technique and persistence is second to none 👍
  10. karl h

    Water/Acrylic Based Filler?

    i put drop of water in the cap before i close the tube, so its nice and creamy next time i doesnt scribe very well
  11. karl h

    Water/Acrylic Based Filler?

    perfect plastic putty works like a charm