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  1. Mig-29 (9-12), 1/32 scale, RevelloTrump

    i meant this: http://coldwarstudio.com/MiG-29 A cockpit 32.html
  2. Mig-29 (9-12), 1/32 scale, RevelloTrump

    this brings back a lot of memories :-) did you see the cold war studio cockpit? it looks pretty nice. but scratchbuilding the pit is much braver, very good job!
  3. Mig-29 (9-12), 1/32 scale, RevelloTrump

    you nailed the shape of the front fuselage!
  4. Mig-29 (9-12), 1/32 scale, RevelloTrump

    since i am on LSP daily, i have been following martins build, which is superb. i feared you would say that the trumpy kit has a lot of issues... as for my build, sadly a lot of the pics are gone because of photobucket shutting down hosting, only 16 of 50+ pages are visible (i have them on my harddrive though). i do think it was worth it, even if the outcome is less than stellar. i learned a lot. when i now compare pics of the new trumpeter kit to the revell kit there are two areas that are definitely better: the wings - the moving surfaces are completely fictional om the revell kit- and the whellwells for the MLG, these also have no similarity to the real thing. i struggled mightily with vacparts to correct them. i think i have to get the trumpy kit and do some comparison.+ as for what i am up to now: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=65641&hl= lots of pics gone too :-( only the last page shows pics after i switched to flikr)
  5. Mig-29 (9-12), 1/32 scale, RevelloTrump

    very nice work! what do you think of the new trumpy kit?
  6. Mig-29 (9-12), 1/32 scale, RevelloTrump

    hi Alexander, good to see you a´re back at it!
  7. Advantages of "3 foot" models?

    most of the time threefooters are more fun, to build and to look at. if i try to add more detail and then take a macro shot - bummer looking at models without glasses also helps lift them a category
  8. 1:32 Trumpeter Harrier GR.7

    stellar work! did you ever discuss somwhere how you fixed trhe wing issue?
  9. i used an old HP 2605dn and got fantastic results. i only use strips of decal paper taped to normal paper to avoid the paper turning gray after the second print run (due to heat). i might try the cool method...
  10. Italeri 1/32 F-35: Anyone buy one yet?

    there is a thread on LSP about it, seems to ben nice
  11. WANTED: cuban mig 23 MF pics

    thank you carlos, i was aware of the drawing, but not of the Aztec sheet. it has the same pic as displayed above on it. the FS callouts of the blue/green/gray paint is very useful though. thanx again
  12. WANTED: cuban mig 23 MF pics

    vielen dank, das erscheint logisch i am using the trumpy 1:32 kit with a lot of modifications: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=66537&hl=
  13. WANTED: cuban mig 23 MF pics

    Hallo Markus danke, i was aware of the first site (the pic is actually from there), the other site is cool, but no pics of early MFs
  14. WANTED: cuban mig 23 MF pics

    nobody? pretty please
  15. can anyone help? i have oly this blurry pic of an MF i want to do: are there any better pics? these seem to have light coloured splitterplates (same colour us the undersides?). no national isignias except on the rudder loadout seems to be 2x R-23 and 2x R-60