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  1. very nice! too bad some parts of our world really look like this....
  2. actually yes: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/98678-pussycat-zipper/#comment-1433781 i am doing a vietnam area bird, but have just started
  3. nice project! i built one into an argentinian from the falklands war just building the F-104, i took your idea for the colour callouts and printed the page from the instructions pdf on scalemates...
  4. i would take a partial sheet somebody have the instructions pdf? even without decals thanx
  5. nice idea i have a broomstick that i wedge between books on a shelf
  6. there were stanley brand knives here in europe. they had a screw and not a rivet, but worked the same. cant find them online anymore though...
  7. french Buccaneer? i just finished my 32nd scale british Buccaneer and used AMS resins 101 pod.
  8. For the EU there is hope, just look at ICM
  9. it will be nice if the decal sheet would have colour callouts for the kit, since it has non. will the sheet be for the D and E (I have the E)
  10. reskit will make a mirage 2000 pit, so that may be a hint and full lenght intakes for the F-5 are also in the pipeline
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