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  1. My 2 bits on AM Mk I going under. Choice of subject matter didn't help. How many people really wanted a Yak 1 on skis, or a single seat Stromovik? The Avenger was good, but they got bogged down on detail on the B-25 series (scale Life magazine?). The car line went off topic IMO, they should have used the resources for main stream aircraft. A P-40B/C would have been a home run, same with a complete line of F4F Wildcats.
  2. This post should guest star on the Walking Dead....ZOMBIES!!!!!!
  3. Cincy Show is the 11th next month,
  4. 9 am to 4 pm Scarlet Oaks Vocational School Cincinnati Scale Modelers October 11th Contest and Swap meet 3254 E. Kemper Rd. Sharonville Ohio Info may be found at our club website http://www.cincyipms.com/ Contact Person Don Flynn donaldflynn@fuse.net crazydon@fuse.net 513-777-6618
  5. They heard Mandie might have done you in on the drive and I sent them to see if you were still alive
  6. Oh wow man, I'd tell you then everyone would want some :P
  7. crazydon

    1/48 B-29

    2MM too short and no dropped sluts :P
  8. Avoid Dell at all costs. My last desktop and 1st laptop were both Dells and both had major problems within the 1st year or so.....and my desktop is a high end XPS9100.... I've been using a HP for my laptop past couple years and like it......
  9. Given a choice (which I did make when I moved from M-1 carbine collecting to wanting something that was easier to find ammo for) I'd say AR all day long. You can get any flavor you want either off the rack or custom build your own like I've started doing the past year. That doesn't count the 2 I sold during the panic early this year, for a tidy profit Main reason I went AR was the 223 round round, its a common US made round you don't have to worry about import sanctions being imposed on. Most AK ammo here in the US is imported, given politics it could be banned from importation by decree
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