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  1. NaOH

    F-23A Black Widow II - the "Parked" rollout

    Well done!
  2. NaOH

    Grippen E/F conversion.

    A similar idea. It looks similar from a distance but it’s a very different aircraft.
  3. NaOH

    Combat Decals Libyan Mirage F.1 Colors

    I like that roundel.
  4. NaOH

    2015 CF-18 HORNET DEMO JET

    Great idea but I don't care for the gloss paint or the half roundells/codes.
  5. NaOH

    Polish Tiger Meet 2013 F-16

    That orange one looks horrible.
  6. NaOH

    Kinetic F-5 is available now

    The real aircraft had the same stencils as the green machines. There should be a full set of stencils in grey to go with the grey markings. Some of the big ones you'd notice are the wing walkways, turbine stripes, outlines around the air louvers, etc. These were grey, not black and are not on the sheet in the colour needed to do a proper Ghost CF-5A. You could combine them but the ghost machine had only one colour for the stencils.
  7. NaOH

    Kinetic F-5 is available now

    I don't agree. The "ghost" scheme CF-5's I saw in the day had full stencils, just in grey. As far as I know the Belcher sheet is the same, low on stencils.
  8. NaOH

    Kinetic F-5 is available now

    I've always wanted a CF-5A in the low viz greys. It looks like I'll still be waiting on decals. The sheet has a very distinct lack of stencils for that scheme...
  9. NaOH

    1/48 Jet Base

    OK, I live in a very small town so something local is out of the question. I want to build the 1/48 AFV RF-5S with the gear up and I need a base for it. Anybody know of a pre-made one that will fit the bill? Plexi looks nice but I need a plug and play version. Thanks.
  10. NaOH

    What happened to Future?

    Yep, I thin the Tamiya with alcohol. What kind of retarder do I add to the Future/Pledge? I've always sprayed right from the bottle.
  11. NaOH

    What happened to Future?

    Well, here's my update. I'm on my fourth layer of Pledge and it's a semi gloss now. I'm starting to think that the paint I'm using is the culprit. Since I moved I can't get my regular paint so I'm using Tamiya flats instead of Mr Color. It could just be that the very flat paint needs more coats to build up the shine. I'll keep you posted.
  12. NaOH

    What happened to Future?

    I sprayed it straight from the bottle (it's the vinyl one). It's about 18 C in the house and low humidity. I just had my second coat dry. Looks the same. I used Future for years without an issue.
  13. Well, after being away from modeling for most of the last year I'm back. Why can't I find Future anymore? I finally bought some Pledge "with Future" and sprayed my cockpit with it for a wash. It's flat. What is everyone using now?
  14. NaOH

    Chilean Hawker Hunter

    Rockets and bombs (probably British type) I believe.
  15. NaOH

    Harrier Retirement

    I thought it was just the navy birds?