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  1. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [/url
  2. the last shooting in payerne AFB mirage 2000-5 and KC 160 transall
  3. vipat12

    the news design of F/A 18 swiss hornet 5017

    andré yes of course ---- no carrier in swiss sorry USS payerne LOL
  4. news schema of CAG sqn 17 payerne AFB anjoy !!!! to follow picture for the F/A 18 5018 CAG of SQN 18
  5. for 2 week mirage 2000 and F/A 18 in payerne air base photo today only mirage !!!
  6. hi all photo in air base of payerne for the WEF 2010 F18 armed hello les pilotes
  7. vipat12

    rafale in bex air show

    hi all in swiss bex air show low pass landing for the rafale
  8. vipat12

    No Fly Zone davos WEF 2007 in payerne

    thank you KNOWN 34 me I adore KNOWN the 27 familly
  9. vipat12

    No Fly Zone davos WEF 2007 in payerne

    yes it was for the top of G8 of evian the 2000 takeoff since payerne.
  10. vipat12

    No Fly Zone davos WEF 2007 in payerne

    no fly zone small continuation
  11. hi all the shots in payerne AFB for the worl economic forum in davos "no fly zone" the hornet and F-5 tiger armed
  12. belgium base OTAN to Florennes le 4 juillet 06 static display hawk anglais no participe to tlp mirage 2000 3/3 ardennes hornet espagnol F-16 US de la base d'Aviano F-16 italien et AMX aussi d'italia pilotes allemand........ freinage revers pour ce tornado pour descendre sur la ligne TLP et la ligne TLP au complet
  13. hi all is schoot from sion AFB in switzerland
  14. vipat12

    axalp demo in alpes swiss

    Hi all .......... here some photograph of the demonstration axalp 2006 in the Swiss Alps http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/8201/dsc3229yd4.jpg' alt='a>'> www.the-spotter.ch