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  1. Hello everyone. Just finished my 1/32 Me 262A from Revell which is the first for me in this scale.The kit has nice overall detail but the fit of a lot of parts is very poor. Aftermarket used were eduard PE , resin wheels , master pitot , quickboost Revi gunsight and HGW belts. Using the new 1manarmy masking set I masked and airbrushed every stencil and insignia on the kit. Paints used were mostly MRP. Regards from India
  2. Thanks for the tip. I thought of doing that by using the kits pitot and inserting the master pitot. The other company which makes a pitot is this one from mini world. Anyway I decided to order the quickboost nose , the mini world pitot and a new gwh mig29 9-12 early kit. The plan is if the resin nose fits I have a full mig29 kit or else I’ll just use it for spare parts for this build. Costly mistake to make i know.
  3. Nope , I rushed the process and thought I can sand the tip of the nose to make it more “pointy” to accommodate the smaller master pitot which is meant for the academy kit. anyway I was hoping if anyone here had the quickboost nose cone and if it fit the gwh fulcrum. Which leads me to another question , is the nose cone for the smt the same as the A version ?
  4. Hello everyone While trying to sand the radome on my mig29 smt to integrate the master model pilot I sanded so much that the radome is unusable. I tried the spare part route with no luck as gwh doesn’t respond to any enquiries Before I splurge on buying a new kit to get spares I noticed there’s a quickboost resin nose for the MiG29 meant for the academy kit. Has anyone used this on the gwh kit ? thanks
  5. Hi I’m no expert but I’d say you are using way too little thinner . Couple drops of thinner specially for mr hobby is not enough. I generally mix 50% levelling thinner to 50% paint which would result in the paint being the consistency of skimmed milk and airbrush around 18-20 psi Like you I did struggle with the same issues and I found my paint was not being thinned enough. And mr color / mr hobby paint I find is quite thick out of the bottle and hence needs a lot of thinner
  6. Has anyone here got their kit ? I ordered mine from luckymodel via slow boat so I won’t see it till 2021 I think would love to hear opinions about the kit from those who have it
  7. Hi guys I have seen a few of my favourite hobby retailers stocking the Quinta 3D decals. They look quite interesting and definitely more “3D” than the flat eduard pe Before I go splurge , I was wondering if anyone here has seen these in person and if so what their opinions are.
  8. I doubt we will see this kit or any new kits till this pandemic stops
  9. I am definitely curious. If they are indeed as good as they look I can see a lot of business for him. I hope he considers expanding to more aircraft
  10. Thank you ! The italeri kit is horrible in the cockpit area and a resin replacement is mandatory
  11. Yes it’s the one for the italeri/esci kit. I asked the question because I’m going to start on the kit soon and wanted to check first
  12. Hello I was wondering if anyone here fit the neomega resin cockpit for the Italeri MiG23. Are there any issues with the fit ?Thanks
  13. I received my replacement parts from Aires however sadly they sent the EXACT same parts. They don’t seem to understand the issue mentioned in the thread. Armed with the replacement I decided to experiment trying to get RP3 to fit in RP4. I sanded off RP3 end till it was paper thin along with the the inside of RP4 and now they fit. But it took me 2 hours of measuring , sanding and fitting to make it work So yes it can be done. I hope the 1/32 Aires f16 cans for the Tamiya don’t have the same issue
  14. May I remind you the monogram is an A-10A not a C
  15. Unfortunately none of the manufacturers have released a decent A-10C. The hobbyboss is an A-10A while the so called italeri A-10C is anything but. The cockpit is awful with decals from their a-10a release
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