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  1. Hi guys I have seen a few of my favourite hobby retailers stocking the Quinta 3D decals. They look quite interesting and definitely more “3D” than the flat eduard pe Before I go splurge , I was wondering if anyone here has seen these in person and if so what their opinions are.
  2. I doubt we will see this kit or any new kits till this pandemic stops
  3. I am definitely curious. If they are indeed as good as they look I can see a lot of business for him. I hope he considers expanding to more aircraft
  4. Thank you ! The italeri kit is horrible in the cockpit area and a resin replacement is mandatory
  5. Yes it’s the one for the italeri/esci kit. I asked the question because I’m going to start on the kit soon and wanted to check first
  6. Hello I was wondering if anyone here fit the neomega resin cockpit for the Italeri MiG23. Are there any issues with the fit ?Thanks
  7. I received my replacement parts from Aires however sadly they sent the EXACT same parts. They don’t seem to understand the issue mentioned in the thread. Armed with the replacement I decided to experiment trying to get RP3 to fit in RP4. I sanded off RP3 end till it was paper thin along with the the inside of RP4 and now they fit. But it took me 2 hours of measuring , sanding and fitting to make it work So yes it can be done. I hope the 1/32 Aires f16 cans for the Tamiya don’t have the same issue
  8. May I remind you the monogram is an A-10A not a C
  9. Unfortunately none of the manufacturers have released a decent A-10C. The hobbyboss is an A-10A while the so called italeri A-10C is anything but. The cockpit is awful with decals from their a-10a release
  10. Do we have any hope that Tamiya or some other established manufacturer will bring out a new tool A-10C in the future? the italeri is a joke requiring a ton of aftermarket
  11. Yup saw the post so wanted to ask you. Have you test fitted the new replacement parts ?
  12. Guys I have the exact same problem and emailed Aires. Has anyone got a replacement which fits ?
  13. Thanks for the info guys. I’d rather not deal with the headache of the Aires stuff so I’ll stick with the Eduard PE for the cockpit and undercarriage The blackbox cockpit seems to be very difficult to find.
  14. Hi guys im trying to gather the aftermarket for my 1/32 viper build. What would you recommend ? i was going for the CMK resin seat , eduard PE for cockpit and undercarriage. Would you recommend the Aires resin cockpit Or wheel bays ?
  15. im sorry I meant to say ACES not ARES (Aires is getting to my head haha) but my question still stands about whether anyone successfully adapted the AIRES resin seat to the stock Tamiya pit and ejection rails
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