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  1. Hello All, I'm getting ready to start Planet's 1/72 scale Aero A-300 bomber. I don't see any references for the interior colors in the directions. Anyone have ideas as to what the colors are? Thanks! Craig
  2. Hello Colin, I have one that I can part with. Let me know if you're still interested. Craig
  3. Hello all, I am working on Italeri's Junkers Ju-86D-1 in the three-tone Spanish "Condor Legion" colors. I was considering the topside to be RLM 63 Lichtgrau, RLM 80 Olivgrun, and RLM 79 Sandgelb with the underside being RLM 65 Lichtblau. Are these colors correct or at least close enough? I'm thinking that the RLM 79 isn't dark enough. Your thoughts please. Thank you. Craig
  4. Excellent! Thanks for the help! Craig Maternowski
  5. Hello All, I am about to begin building Trumpeter's 1/72 F-107 and I am contemplating putting it in NASA colors. The photo references I have show that the "U.S. Air Force" was removed from the engine intakes. My question is did they also remove the "USAF" from the wings. The photos I could find only show the airplane from the side. Thanks. Craig Maternowski
  6. Hello all, I've tried the airliners forum but I thought I'd try this one too. I just started building Minicraft's 1/144 Boeing 314 Clipper and realized that they forgot to give me a left rudder. I contacted them but they don't have any spare parts for the 314 so I'm wondering if anyone has a spare left rudder they aren't using. Thanks. Craig Maternowski
  7. Hello all, I'm just started working on Minicraft's 1/144 Boeing 314 and have come to realize that they forgot to give me a left rudder. I contacted them and they said they no longer have any spare parts for their 314. Does anyone out their have an extra left rudder they are not using? Thank you very much. Craig Maternowski
  8. Hello All, I will be traveling through Milwaukee on my way to Oshkosh for Airventure 2011 and I will have some time to kill there. I used to head out to Big Bear Military Hobbies on Lincoln Avenue but it seems they have closed. Are there any other good hobby shops in the Milwaukee area? Thanks. Craig
  9. Hello Anyone in the Cleveland, Ohio Area, I was at Hobbytown in Strongsville restocking on some supplies and noticed that their airplane kit stock was very sparse (used to be about 100-150 kits in inventory but today seemed like 20)and the paint and supply shelves were rather bare. I asked the owner's wife about it and she said it was "tough times." I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the future of this particular Hobbytown (since that's my main supply shop)? I hope they aren't planning on shutting down! Craig
  10. This is one of my favorite shows so I have every intention of being there. It's definitely worth the 2 hour drive and the wife enjoys it, too! I also get to catch up with my former co-worker, roommate, simulator partner, and all around good friend who is a second-in-command on the Yankee Air Museum's B-25 (her husband's nice, too-and a pilot-in-command on their C-47 and B-17). I still haven't been able to swindle them into a free ride, though.
  11. Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the input. I appreciate it. Craig
  12. Hello All, Just a quick question. I'm building Roden's Antonov An-12 PPK Cub-C (the electronic reconnaissance version). The instructions call for Humbrol 128 U.S. Compass Grey for the fuselage and wings but I was wondering if a Light Ghost Grey would be a little closer. Any thoughts? Thanks. Craig
  13. Hello Everyone, I am working on the 1/72 Revell Atlantique kit and I am planning on doing it in Dutch colors (grey over white). My question is what would be the closest color for the upper fuselage and wings? It has been suggested to me that Medium Sea Grey would work but I am wondering if that is too light. Any thoughts? Thanks. Craig
  14. Hey Everyone, I'm building the Azur Hanriot H-232 twin-engine World War II trainer but, unfortunately, the instructions to not list any colors for the interior. Any suggestions? Thanks. Craig
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