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  1. Hello Gabor! I've seen some of your great comments and terrific photos on subject in main Eduards Mig-21 thread here on ARC, thank you for such valuable input. But I'm really curiously how do you plan to correct nose shape problem on MiG-21bis? Looks like if you just chop off forward 10.5mm(500mm/48, place where - as you noticed - nose shape starts differ on bis and MF ) nose portion and replace it with correct one you will get negative curvature break on sides of fuselage nose, which would be very hard to correct. Best regards, Maksim
  2. Inquisitor, agree with you about perspective distortion on photos in my post, but on previous page I've made request about kit itself and no one answered, so it's was second ball ;-) And thanks for pointing out thread about kit manufacturers and accuracy, very interesting, especially Jennings comments, like he is reading my own thoughts about it :-D
  3. wrong canopy :-) lol, please check this pics ;-) looks like real thing has bit different and much more smooth transition from spine to wing root
  4. Hello! I guess many of us already have hasegawa kit, so I've small request to you guys ;-) I have some doubts about highlited areas they looks almost flat to my eye... So could someone draw some pencil lines like on this mig-29 and make few shots like this one Please!
  5. Great reference pics, especially this :-) :-) :-) Thank you, ka3b!
  6. Sorry for off-topic... kotey, please check this thread http://forums.airforce.ru/showthread.php?t=3476
  7. CBREEZE, thanks! Looks like I've found stuff that you speaking about http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/gb/primers-gb.html Right?
  8. CBREEZE, you speaking about they GESSO TapaPoros(GESSO Undercoating)???
  9. I've tried Mr. Resin Primer from Gunze and It's works pretty well, Tamiya's fine primers is OK too ;-)
  10. Hello! Check pics in that thread http://forums.airforce.ru/showthread.php?t=3285&page=5 , maybe you will find something interesting.
  11. Hello! I couldn't remember any modern investigations on subject published here in Russia in past few years, so maybe you should check Gordon, Rigmant book in Red Star serie, but I think because of nature of atomic blast, atomic bomb carrier couldn't wear dark colors, including gray.
  12. Maybe I'm wrong, but looks like those drawings of usual flanker are from Polygon book, they have some general shape issues, but great details. Look for drawings from "Aviatsiya i Vremya" magazine, they catch shape of flanker, but have crude details, combine with Polygon drawings and this additional material http://forums.airforce.ru/showthread.php?t=2332 About Su-35: first production Su-35S built for Russian Air Force would appear near 2013, so accurate drawings would appear after that date, when some peoples could take measures of it freely, now all Su-35 aircrafts is a property of Sukhoi co
  13. You never heard about GW? WOW! It's leading company in wargames world, has own line of modeling stuff, including very good for brush painting acrylic paints.
  14. Yep, it's common problem with acrylics and tamiya's rattle can varnish, one of my fellows has used it on his already painted 1/16 scale figure with same results - DISASTER! TS-paints are very aggressive. If you like to use varnish from rattle cans, try to find products from Games Workshop or Army Painter brands, they should be friendly to acrylics, but they bit expensive.
  15. another shot of same "blue 26" a/c http://forums.airforce.ru/showpost.php?p=6...mp;postcount=93
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