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  1. Looks very good your AH-64 :D greetings Michael
  2. Hi for a rivet counter is the Lightning a hard job, i make a F.6 and he hat many problems( fuselage to short, belly-tank, wings, 1000000 rivets, undercarrige legs to long and more). i have form xtradecals two sheets, one for the version and the other sheet for all the stencils. xtradecals must 6-8 sheets for all lightinigs aviable. from eduard give cockpit etch sets and AMS resin have a seat. from Master Caster give weehls and exhaust burner. greetings Michael:)
  3. Hi Red Dog I built at time the 1:32 TA-4J and i crash my Canopy but you cane a new Canopy buy under http://www.faller.de/ . I have wait 6 weeks and the new Canopy was by me, Faller is the Europe Service for Hasegawa, the canopy coast 4 Euro. I hope this help you. greetings Michael
  4. Hi I have built Hasegawa and Academy here the points : Academy good Engine with Trolly 12,7mm Gunbay left and right erlay and late Front Wheels F-86F-30 Fuselage Combat Tanks and for late Fighter/Bomber ,Bombes with Pylons ,other small Tanks , for other Versions AIM-9 Sidewinder Wheelbay/Undercarrige and Speedbrakes good in Detail Cockpit ok but a Resin Pit is better Lines and Rivet good Covers for Intake and Exhaust good in price Academy not good Decals Front Canopy Intake a little bit tricky Hasegawa good Cockpit a little bit better than Academy Wheelbay/Undercarrige a
  5. Today is in the USA the last Ta-152H and wait for a new restoration. Hope you like my Model greetings Michael
  6. Josef Keil have in the War 16 victories , he fly by the Battle of Britian and in Norway an France . The last shot downs with his Ta-152 was a P-51 Mustang ,P-47 Thunderbolt , a 4-Mot B-17 and two Yak-9 . The Ta-152 was a powerfull Airplane ,better than Mustang and Thunderbolt ,he was faster (750 Km/h) and in the Dog-Fight better . But in the JG 301 came 14 in Action .
  7. This Ta-152H-0 fly by Stabsschwarm /Jagdgeschwader 301 in the last Days from the World War 2 (Defense the Reich). The Pilot was Oberfeldwebel Josef "Jupp" Keil ,he was the best Ta-152 Pilot with 5 victories .
  8. The Wings are a little bit badley ,here must a big sanding job to do . The Panit job is RLM 76/75/83 for this Ta-152H-0 ,the Color came from Gunze .
  9. Hi Guys Here is my new work ,a Ta-152H-0 from PCM in 1:32. The Kit was hard and funny to built ,i use Parts from Quickboost ,Loon Models and Eagel Cals for my Model. From Quickboost came new MG 151 20mm Guns Loon Models new elevators Eagle Cals new Tail-Wheel Set Many parts i must scratch ,the Pit ist to 70% incorrect ,i made this new . The Cowling are complet new ,the Undercarrige in the kit is from a Focke wulf Fw 190A and this is for the Ta-152 not correct .
  10. From Victroy Production give a nice sheet how cane made two AU-1 Corsair . one from Korean War /Miss Penny and the other in white/gray from Quantico . Hasegawa make a AU-1 Kit with Quantico Decals ,i have the Victory and Haseagawa Decals . greetings Michael
  11. Hi Rick The Number 575 on the right Wing is not on the Sheet ,the Skyhawks have a black Walkaway on the Wing/Fuselage , this is not in the Color-Profil . But Hasegawa make many more mistakes ,no Number on the wing ,no Diamond anniversary on the Tail,no Walkaway, wrong anti glare panel ......... I dont now the Number 575 on the underside from the Wing ,i hope a Guy have Pics from the Wing left and right. greetings Michael
  12. Thanks but the 4 Pics from skyhawk.org i have . greetings Michael
  13. Hi Yes i found the sheet from Afterburner but he had mistakes but he is better than Hasegawa. Cane a other Guy help me ? Thanks for your help greetings Michael
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