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  1. 1/48 Hasegawa A-4K Skyhawk

    Wowza that is great. Love the display. I built my Monogram kit in RNZAF and love that scheme. Yours is much much better. I even see you put some weathering on the intake edge as when I did my research it seemed that every one of them had some paint missing on the intake lip. Must be something about the paint? Thanks so much for sharing your work.
  2. Eclipse Chasers?

    I am in Alberta Canada and I can now see it starting. I work at a welding shop so have lots of dark lens to see it. We are supposed to get 70% eclipse so I am happy with that.
  3. 1/48 F-20A Freedom Model Kit

    Nice start. I really have to go get one of those kits. Looks like the detail is pretty decent.
  4. CD48121 - 1/48 Piasecki H-21

    Kursad I don't know if you mentioned it but were you also planning a foreign user sheet? Not RCAF as I think those exist with other companies but I believe there are other users right? Just asking here as it is always cool to do something off the beaten track.
  5. Dragon Star Wars models.

    Hmmm I would think after having paid for a Star Wars license to make the kits I would want to recoup some of my money back. And as we all know anything Star Wars seems to be money in the bank. I have already started saving my pennies for the day it gets released. Missed out on the 1/48 AT-At resin version many years ago. Oh well hope lives eternal.
  6. Roden 1/144 C-5

    Well that would certainly be a nice option to have and provide some competition to Roden. It always seems that the major model manufacturers produce the same thing but I do understand. Roden's C5 makes no money for Revell. I have several of their big kits and I am always amazed how they can sell it for what they do. Must be a long amortization or big runs.
  7. Ok maybe the title of my post is misleading. It is such a great company I think due to the fact that they are just pumping out stuff I love. Wow, I cannot keep up with them. They are issuing kits like no tomorrow which is a good thing but the bad thing is that I want a lot of what they issue. I have bought about 5 of their line so far and I can easily pick up another dozen or even two dozen kits. And now they are coming out with early Merkavas and Panthers. When will the madness end I got one of my Holy Grail kits the other day, the Takom Krupp Raumer S. This was only available before in resin and out of production. No matter I could not afford it anyway. Now with Takom issuing that kit at a very reasonable price I got one. I think I paid $69 CDN for mine and it is even cheaper in the US. On my list are A couple from the AMX seies A couple from the Chieftan series A couple from the T-55 series A couple from the Leopard series And the list keeps growing. Maybe I can win the lottery or take a second job. Man oh man this hobby is like a drug .
  8. A nude Dragonfly

    Wow what a great base . I have to steal that idea for another project I am looking at. Hope you don't mind. As for the battery could you not hide it underneath the platform?
  9. Dragon Star Wars models.

    Maybe they are waiting for the next movie to be released? There is that old saying too "No news is good news"?
  10. Nats was great

    Oops sorry. I guess it does not translate well in posts
  11. Nats was great

    Not true. The WCRMC is is not a national convention. The last time Canada had a "National" convention was in 1992 in Ottawa. It was a four day event similar to the IPMS USA show and contest. The Western Canadian Regional Model Contest is a one day event in a similar style to an IPMS USA regional contest.
  12. Trumpeter SU-9 1/48

    Ok that is just some faboulous work especially on the rivets. You must be a patient man with some serious skills with a riveter Looking forward to more of your posts. Even though I have no real interest in this aircraft, as it is only in one scheme, I do appreciate your work. Plus you can always learn something from other modellers.
  13. The best of... is there a directory?

    Well BEST is a real subjective term in our hobby. What people may think is best might be crap to others. Do you want ease of build or accuracy? Ease of build but so-so accuracy might push that kit into the best category for some people but kill it for others. As to answer your original question, I don't think a directory of BEST kit exists. I think you are in for a lot of reading on forums like this and elsewhere. Also, the new Kinetic F-18C and F-18A kits are getting rave reviews as a better option for the Hornet instead of the OLD Hasegawa kit. Cheaper too.
  14. Roden 1/144 C-5

    Ok that is weird. When the link first went up I saw a different price. I wonder what happened there. Obviously 99 Euro is not $65 USD. Updated pricing? I have lots of other kits to build so not too worried about getting this kit. Maybe one day in the near future when LM has a 20% off deal?
  15. Venezuelan Sukhoi SU-30 MK2 (pics restored)

    Yeah I should try those pipes. Also have to order the Caracal decal. Oh by the way looks like some of the pics on the first page are not showing up?