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  1. So it is hard to tell but I am guessing that this new kit will have the off axis intakes? Wait did all of the Hinds have that feature?
  2. I too have all the Cobra resin. I don't think it will be a waste as the Zvezda kit is a different version?
  3. Didn't that other company do what they di in 1/72nd in 1/48th too if there was a kit?
  4. Kursad I think anything you issue will be well received as the other sheets are mostly long gone. Seen some silly prices for them on evilbay. The silver ones with the old TAC badge on the tail would be great. Also as Nathant mentioned the wrap around camo one is a great idea. I believe that was called "My Karma". Was there not another one in brown and tan camo too?
  5. Hey guys thanks so much for the help. Ray I apologize, yes your link did help. I misspoke. I meant I went on line to see what changes I should be aware of between the civil and military versions of the real thing. I think I will still go ahead and use my kit and Mike's conversion.
  6. Wow those look great. Now I am torn. The Qatar one is very nice but that Egyptian one looks even better. I have 3 Revell kits and one will be French Tiger Meet but then the other two can be these ones from your sheet.
  7. Thanks for the info Dutch. I was just on ebay today and it is listed but does not say not released as yet or I could not find where they say that in the listing. Price seems ok and the decal does look good.
  8. This is great news Kursad. I must be out of the Rafael loop as I never knew those Airforces had purchased the Rafael. Now to go do the Google thing to see what hese schemes look like.
  9. Thanks but could not find info. I think I did ok as I believe the RCAF did use it for VIP transport.
  10. So I was able to pick up the newish Revell 1/72nd DC-4 kit with the Balair markings. I really wanted the C-54 but this one was cheaper. What I would really like to do is use the Belcher Bits conversion and produce the RCAF North Star. Is there a lot of difference between the two kits? I have never seen the inside of the C-54 box but from photos on the side it looks like more military style seating while the DC-4 kit has the typical airliner seating. Thanks for any info.
  11. Great work there. I did not know that issue with the weapons bay doors. Good catch. Gotta remember that when I start mine.
  12. I was excited about a 1/72nd VC-10 until I read Mach 2. My friends have a couple of their kits and they don't have good things to say about them. I have seen them too and modelling life is too short to fight with these. I wonder if Airfix might grace us with a new one in the coming years? I have their original 1/144 version and it is okay.
  13. Good to see some RCAF options Kursad. Don't have the CH-47F yet but maybe now is the time to get it. I do have the first issue though and will plan something else for that.
  14. People have it in their hands already so it is released and out there. Try some of the on line stores too.
  15. Steve thanks for the info. Sorry by intakes I meant the ones on the underside. Or are those exhausts. Also as for the decals in the cockpit, this kit was originally released by ESCI in 1980 so at that time that was what ESCI did. Detail sets exist to update the cockpit but I believe that is for the S-3B version. Yeah I am not a big fan of the Eduard cockpit sets as they are too flat I think.
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