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  1. Ah yes of course. That is like 419 Sqn up here in Canada. They fly the Hawks for training and when we first got them the servicing was all done, on the base, by Bombardier techs. It was strange to see ground crews in regular street clothes on the flight line. Now I believe it is being done by another company subcontracting to the RCAF.
  2. Interesting news Paul. I guess it is still flying and I wonder why they only went with one? Servicing must be a pain if only one in the fleet.
  3. skyhawk174

    Differences in 1/48 Monongram F-104C and G?

    Wow did not know that Rob. I should check my kits.
  4. skyhawk174

    1/32 CF-18

    Just wonderful stuff Alf. This will be my bible when I start my CF-18 which is very tempting after seeing your build. A lot of my fears are reduced seeing what you are doing. My biggest fear once I get past the build portion would be the paint. To get that beat up worn look is an art I think. However I could do one as if it just came out of the maintenance with minimal flight time. Hey I have the kit so at least half way there 😀
  5. skyhawk174

    1/32 CF-18

    Yeah that is what I meant. Forgot to elaborate. Now that I think about it I wonder why they did that?
  6. skyhawk174

    large scale us army helicopters

    Wow those would be big. I think you would be out of luck for models. I think 1/18 is more in the scale of GI Joe?
  7. skyhawk174

    1/48 Revell B1 bomber new kit

    Well I have one so I guess I am lucky. Mine is the initial release with the built model on the box in flight. Anyway, I wonder if those PE updates are for the vortex generators on the tail? Now that would be great. To be honest I never knew Eduard did a set so maybe I should look there too. Not too concerned about the cockpit as not much can be seen anyway. Oh and I have the Barracuda sets so halfway there.
  8. skyhawk174

    Kinetic quality control, question for Raymond

    And that is why Raymond and Lucky Model is one of the better on line hobby shops out there. He really cares about his customers.
  9. skyhawk174

    Only option to give news of a sort

    If i was a moulding company I would make sure I am satisfying my customer (Mi-17) and work on my own projects (F-14D) when I can. To be honest I have enough kits as it is so I am in no hurry for when they release their F-14.
  10. skyhawk174

    CD48157 - 1/48 L-39 Albatros

    Ok what rock have I been sleeping under. I never even heard that Trumpeter had released or will be releasing an L-39 in 1/48th. This is great news Kursad as there seems to be many schemes not really covered by others. Looking forward to your profiles.
  11. skyhawk174

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    Thanks for the info Carmen. No rush on my part since I don't have the kit as yet anyway.
  12. skyhawk174

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    Hi Carmen any news on the resin cockpits? I may have missed the notice.
  13. skyhawk174

    Viper control stick 1:1

    Link no work 😊
  14. skyhawk174

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Oh yeah forgot about the pods. I know our Canadian Forces tankers had wing mounted pods but no boom.
  15. skyhawk174

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Okay so I am not crazy. I think all the tankers should have this ability but I believe the KC-135 has to install a drogue system in the flying boom to do the drogue and probe thing. Probably only do that when they go on exercise where they know they will have aircraft with only IFR probes.