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  1. I would bet it would look similar to our current CF-18 scheme. It is already low viz and all the other nations using it seem to be going that route. No camo on these aircraft. I am doing a camo one though as greys are boring.
  2. i have that Cat4 set in my ebay cart but did not know if I should order considering the situation. That set corrects the most glaring issue with the HB kit. The canopy and windshield is still wonky but at least it is a bit better now.
  3. I applaud the effort to create these schemes to commemorate anniversaries but like others not a fan. So far the best in my mind is the MIA SEA scheme. My comment from the peanut gallery.
  4. Cool thanks for the link. Looks like a smaller brother to the ones we used for electrical work to cut huge cables. Those cut clean across. As for the pins I would think you would have to try it to see the results.
  5. Not sure about the F-16 but Speed Hunter Graphics is releasing an A-10 sheet with that SEA scheme on it. The decals are at the printers so not in stock as yet.
  6. Oh forgot all about this. Yup all done and ready to get dirty. Let me figure out how to post pics.
  7. Thanks for the insight John. Your comments maker so much sense. However I do think KH had a market especially for their large scale H-60 series since no one else did that (Academy notwithstanding). I only have a few of the kits and I am happy with them (not built) as the subject interested me. Time will tell I would say.
  8. I read on FB I think that they have a year of stock to get rid of and they will be doing that.
  9. As others have said it is sad news no matter which way you look at it. To lose a model company is not a good thing. I don't have any of their H-60 series but from what i have read and seen they do look good. I am a 1/48th chopper guy so was hoping for a scale down in the near future. I only have 4 of their kits and was hoping for good things for their Voodoo but did not get it in the end due to some issues that bugged me on them. The KH moulds are still valuable so who knows where they will end up.
  10. Nice work there. I just got another Revell kit. I think they are great.
  11. Thanks Ray, we will see how it goes. Looking forward to at least trying it and actually make something that is useful in my hobby. I will take some pictures as I go along and see if I can write an article on how I did it. Oh and maybe I should keep my Italeri C-130 kits. Bird in hand and all that.
  12. Reduce the stash LOL. You so funny Dutch. Ok sorry to laugh but I am trying to do the same thing. Pulled out several kits from my pile that is now on my get rid of stack. Trying to be more realistic but it is like getting rid of your children. I don't have the Zvezda kit kit but still have my 2 x Italeri Blue Angles boxings plus an AC-130 from them too. Should get rid of those and just get the Zvezda one and be done. Not sure what you mean about swapping engines unless you mean the props, 4 vs 6 blades?
  13. Thanks for the vote of confidence Dutch 😄. Yeah I am lazy so decals for windows work fine with me. One nice thing about my cad program is that I can trace a scan so I will start with that. Cut the fuselage and then use a pencil to draw the profile. Scan that and then create my 3D model from that scan. Got to figure out how to add photos to this forum once again. I don't even have my avatar anymore as it went poof on an update years ago. As for that C-130 stretch I also have that update and to be honest not to impressed with it. Maybe now with the Zvezda kit coming not n
  14. Looks like Ray has helped and giving me the info to cut up the kit. I have been giving it some thought and though of doing the slab, cover, filler root but then I had a small brain storm. Since I work with 3D software pretty much every day I am going to look at designing a plug and get it 3D printed. I have both an FDM and resin but have not used the resin version yet. Lots of stuff printed on the FDM. Actually the printer is at my son's place but I have sent him several files for printing so he just loads up the macine and away you go. Still thinking how to do it. I may do it in halves so tha
  15. Thanks Dutch but I believe the sheet I am getting has the window decals.
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