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  1. Wow that is some interesting releases. Had the HC kit many years ago but got rid of it. Now I may have to go get one as I am not holding my breath for a main line company to release it any time soon.
  2. Yeah the new RCAF F models sure loo0k great with all of the lumps and bumps on them. Meaner looking I think Maybe Italeri will one day reissue with some updated features.
  3. Hey welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay. That build looks pretty nice. I had not really payed too much attention to that model but seeing yours I may have to reconsider that. It does look very nice.
  4. I am a big believer in Tamiya putty. I am talking about the grey one and I believe is lacquer based. If you put it on in thin layers it can be sanded in a relatively short time. I know I have sanded my Tamiya putty with 30 minutes. The other think I make sure I do is ONLY sand wet. As I said use thin layers and you should not have any trouble.
  5. Hmm this whole discussion has jogged my memory. I actually have a two page fold out with actual colour chips. There were several in the series and I have one for the West German Luftwaffe. That is to tell you how old it is. To be honest I do not know who put it out but I will try and find it in my reference library and see what is what. I am in full agreement on what others have said about the three colours for this German scheme. Now it also seems that I am now itching to start my German Sabre but in 1/48th of course.
  6. Yeah after I posted my answer I thought it was strange. I was using the Revell Germany instructions for the 1/48 kit. I thought it was silver on the underside too.
  7. From my references it is supposed to be RAL 7012 for the underside which is Bassalt Grey. If you can find it Testors has it as no. 1988 Euro 1 Gray
  8. Really? Fireball no more air stuff? Wow sorry to hear that. I of course waited too long also and now ti looks like I missed the UH-72 sheet. Darn it. I know the new release of the Revell 1/32nd kit has the scheme I am looking for so I guess I can use the kit decals.
  9. Nice shot. Is that a new scheme? I thought the camo scheme for the Austrailian army had some black in the scheme? Just asking here.
  10. Thanks very much Darren for releasing this. My first Tamiya F-14 will be one from VF-1 using the Furball decals but I think I will have to go to your other post where you give the serial numbers and what I have to do. I think I need this set anyway.
  11. Oh wow, more good news. I know these will be more natural metal right but would this also be some B-52s with some day-glo on it or am I thinking more prototype? Whichever it is still good news. Thanks for all your efforts Kursad.
  12. Well the IPMS Canada work will only be one sheet every couple of years so not a great deal of money from that.
  13. Thanks Joe, much appreciated. I actually have a set of Cutting Edge intakes that I should be able to use. I have built my Blue Angels A-4 many years ago using the Monogram kit and it came out okay. I really want to redo it one of these days as my skills have improved a bit. It was built back in the late 70s and believe it or not I still have it in my display case as a reminder of my skills back then. I should post a pic so you guys can have a good laugh I have the Victory decal sheet so I think I am set there but need to gather up the other small details that makes a Blue Angels Skyhawk a Blue Angels Skyhawk. Hey at least I can say I saw them fly up here in Canada with the A-4s and it was wonderful.
  14. Wow thanks for that tidbit of info. I have that kit so I will go snooping. So I guess Hasegawa used that sprue in their Blue Angels boxing? Since I don't have issue I am not sure.
  15. Well I know I will be helping the cause with the purchase of at least one sheet. I only have one AMT kit but I do have a Monogram kit and a conversion. Hmmm maybe I can do a group build? Yeah right where the heck will I put one let alone two