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  1. Interesting topic. I for one don't really want to pay for more packaging. I already recycle my box and plastic wrap on the sprues if they comes wrapped. All I care about is that they wrap the clear pieces and the decals. I have many boxes from manufacturers that never wrapped anything. Lots of scratched clear pieces. Scratches on the plastic itself is not an issue as I put a scouring pad to the kit before I paint anyway.
  2. I had one of those. I think there is also no pilot's name in the name bar.
  3. I think our hobby has changed and evolved. I recall when the Aurora Arrow kit was in hot demand. Even the box was worth something. I bet now that is not the case as people just don't care about that stuff anymore. Ok maybe some do but not me. I even built some of my Aurora kits. I used to collect Todd McFarlane hockey figures and yes there were some with miss prints on the figures and even missing water bottles in the goalie sets. They went for stupid money when people found them. I committed the ultimate sin by opening mine and actually displaying them. Still have a lot of them in the package but I fully intend to open them. Now they are not worth so much or at least they are not as valuable as some people think.
  4. So this is good news. Does that mean I can stop hunting for the Revell kit? I think that kit is someone else's moulds anyway. A different version too right?
  5. Looks great Kursad. It is a shame that the USAF kept these in overall grey scheme but I understand. I can build my F-111 in the camo.
  6. Wow that's funny. Just so happened to be on while eating lunch. All in the timing I guess.
  7. Didn't Monogram also release one in 1/72nd many years ago? Probably the Revell one now I would think. Also since you are asking, Caracal Models is planning on a new EF-111 decal sheet in 1/48th. He has scaled down a lot of his line so there is that.
  8. Wow some great photos there. Thanks so much for sharing. I had heard somewhere they reversed engineered a lot of the equipment including the Phoenix. Their Orions were also brought back to life with the help of someone else.
  9. Yes please. And since your figures are adaptable in all the scales it will be great.
  10. Well received my copy recently and holy cow what a book. I would truly say that if you are building a model of the Prowler you need this book. In fact there is almsot too much information if that is such a thing. Well done Jake. I have a few other books on the Prowler but nothing compares. I have 3 Monogram kits and almost afraid to start them with the info in this book. I would probably end up rebuilding everything. I am not sure how the Kinetic kit compares but I have read it is much better. Maybe I should start there as it may be less of a headache.
  11. New larger side sponsors too. Also the nose would be different in an F.
  12. Well let's hope for the CH-47F so I can build the RCAF bird.
  13. Oops yes you are correct Tank but the UH-34 was the one from Gallery I believe. Yes I do like Trumpeter for many of their kits. They have certainly filled lots of holes in my want list. Funny thing their armour and ships don't get half as much grief as the aircraft do. Or unless I am not really following those sections
  14. Well this is good news. However since Hobbyboss is an arm of Trumpeter I don't really expect it to be much more than a scaled down 1/35th kit. It won't be the Italeri kit as they have never done that before. Their 1/48th Intruder was a great kit but then the 1/32nd Trumpeter version was also very nice.
  15. I think you will like it. Make sure you shake it well and put it in some warm water before using. Also, I know lots of guys decant and use it in their airbrush but I am too lazy for that. I really should though as you do waste less paint. I also spray over Tamiya primer but probably not necessary as it is a lacquer base so bonds really well. Masking tape does not pull it up.
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