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  1. Will try to scan at work since it has a bigger scanner. Have not tried to upload directly here but I can try.
  2. Hi Guys I have the official markings guide for the Canadian forces in my library. It is a BIG BIG book. If I remember correctly it has all the info for the roundels, letters and numbers for the aircraft. I am sure I saw that drawing in there. I think the date is around mid 60s? Anyway let me have a look and see what I can find. Not sure I can scan it as it is bigger than my scanner for sure but maybe I can take a picture of the page?
  3. Nice start on this big kit. I too have it in my stash. I plan to have mine on its gear and I am think ing of how to fix a couple of issues I am sure will creep up. 1. Those wings are long and I worry about drooping. I am thinking of adding some sort of spar like a carbon fibre rod. I am also going to try and use some rare earth magnets so that I can remove them for transport. 2. I saw someone had some RAAF decals for this kit but I think that is a what-if. Will look for it. 3. Be careful about the wheels. If you look at the box top is shows two wheels per gear but I don't see it on your instructions. Ther is only supposed to be one per gear. I have the first release and it has me putting on 2 wheels. I will follow this build.
  4. Wowza that came out beautiful. I built that AWACS when it was first released so many years ago and I enjoyed it. At the time there was not much aftermarket for it and now it sounds like there is a lot more. I have another one in my stash and I want to redo it as the one I built is somewhere else. All I had add were DB engines as that was all there was. I do have a set of side array pods produced by a German modeller and will add that.
  5. Hey Chuck it was really good to see you again and having our chats. I am always on the lookout for you at the local shows as it gives me a chance to see your models in the flesh so to speak. I know I do get to see them on line and your model photography is great but as you know real life is better. You and I talk about judging all the time and I really do give the show organizers lots of cudos. It is easy for us to complain but I have learnt over time and attending lots of model shows that getting competent judges is very difficult when most of our local shows relay on volunteers. Judging is a very subjective task and I believe it does take experience and skill of what to look for. Don’t get blown away with all of the aftermarket and add ons. I myself have judged at many shows and it is difficult. I know I have made mistakes but hopefully not too many. As a perfect example of crappy judging here is one. My friend told me about an incident at a model show we were both at. He was part of a judging team that was responsible for the WWI aircraft category. There were 3 judges in the group including him. Everything was going fine until one of the judges was going over one of the categories. As you know you start by eliminating models for very obvious flaws. One of the judges eliminated a Fokker D.VII. My friend asked why and the other judge simply stated that he did not like Fokker D.VIIs. What the heck. My friend told him they could not do that. Thank goodness he was able to stand up to the judge and it was back in. And the upshot to all of this was that the Fokker D.VII came in first. If my friend was not there that modeler would have been screwed for a simple reason of a judge’s preconceived biases. So my point being is that crap happens and you hope it is a rare thing. However, I learnt long ago that what happens happens. Enter away and hope the judges are competent and get it right. These days when I enter a model at the competitions I do so for participation at the show and to support the organizers. Never expect anything as I know there are way better modellers out there than me. I take it as a learning experience and a chance to talk and see models.
  6. Kursad on the Caracal Models section has posted some profiles for what will be on the upcoming sheet. Personally I am waiting on the Military schemes especially hoping he does a JASDF one.
  7. skyhawk174


    Ok Darren I checked my A-4B kit from Hasegawa and I guess I do not have the right boxing. It is the USN version so no hump. Sorry about that. It is interesting that I have a very old conversion which supplied a new nose and hump in clear resin. It also came with a nice drawing and decals. Have to go find it now but I wonder if that would work for you?
  8. skyhawk174


    Hi Darren let me check and see what is in the box.
  9. Great idea on the F-86 series. Personally I think they should start on the F-86E. That way they will make the money to repay for the moulds and then they can go do the F-86A. A lot more people will be more interested in the E.
  10. skyhawk174


    Darren Nice to know you are going to cast the B parts. I think you might try to include the dorsal antenna as that would make it a nice set. I have both the the Hasegawa and Hobbycraft A-4B kits so if you need any parts I can lend them to you for reference.
  11. Well that is great news. My sister in law lives just north of Victoria so I will be sure to drop in the next time we visit. Where is Hillside Mall?
  12. This looks like a great sheet Kursad. I only have one kit and even though I have read that it needs a lot of work to correct I don't care. I think your decals will look great on it. Thinking of the NASA one.
  13. Hey it is not dead so I am happy. Will be amazing from seeing the early CADs,
  14. Great tip Rob. Used my cleaner for cleaning my airbrush but never to strip paint. May have to remember this. My cleaner is not so big so I may need to get a new one if I ever need to do this.
  15. As mentioned GWH is a different kit. As for the Top Gun movie, I thought the pics shown on line are of Super Hornets in a new scheme? Tomcats in some sort of flashback maybe? CGI then.
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