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  1. Sorry I have not been able to follow along as I normally do. Life gets in the way I guess. Some very slick work there Chuck. Love the rivetting and I got to get up the nerve one day to do that. I can scribe like nobody's business but rivetting is an art I think. Like the little tid bits of info on the underside too. Nice cameras too Chick. I too am a Nikon fan and have been for years. Still have my FE, FM and F70. Now have a D70s and maybe will upgrade one of these days. I will research that Z-7. Trying to find out what to do with my old ones. I will see if I can talk to a local camera club. Maybe I will keep my FM as it holds some very good memories for me.
  2. skyhawk174

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Wow great news Kursad. I have been getting my list together for the order but it is over 15 sheets. Trying to slim the order down to easy the wallet. Should really buy in smaller batches. That KC-10 is on my list for sure.
  3. skyhawk174

    1/48 A-10 Intake Set for Hobby Boss A-10

    This is great new Gary. As for posting pics I understand that ARC has the option now of straight uploading and you don't have to host soemwhere else. Maybe worth a try? I have not tired it as yet.
  4. skyhawk174

    Postwar C-47 markings

    Thanks so much Phantom. I may try this in 1/72nd using the new Airfix kit as it may be a bti cheaper.
  5. skyhawk174

    Postwar C-47 markings

    Thanks for the info. I think I have some info on that tug in my reference. I think I can cobble together those markings from my stash of Canadian decals. By any chance can I get a shot of the bottom and starboard side? Thanks
  6. skyhawk174

    Difference between the F-15C&E horizontal stab

    Wow interesting to know about the drop tanks. Have not taken a close look at the tanks in my GWH F-15I kit so can't really tell. Is there a location where a drawing of the tank is available? I tried the Google thing and lots of hits but mostly info. Will try again.
  7. skyhawk174

    Airbrushing Exhaust Stains?

    Exhaust stains with an airbrush are tricky. Takes a light touch with the airbrush, thin paint and low pressure. You have to build up the layers until you get something that looks like what you want. There may be another way. I have recently tried the Tamiya weathering powders. This is those sets that come with 3 colours with an applicator that has a brush on one end and a foam pad on the others. These worked great and I was able to build up the colour slowly. I tried using the brush end but could not get any of the powder to transfer to the brush. The foam side worked great. I will try and post a picture tonight of the results.
  8. skyhawk174

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    This is good news. Planning on a couple of what if schemes like IAF or maybe Swedish AF.
  9. skyhawk174

    Overwhelmed with orders once again

    Well I will be adding to your woes Lies at as I will be placing an order this weekend. Was waiting on my friends wants so we can do one order.
  10. skyhawk174

    Something about the Tomcat I didn't know.

    I should go have a look at your line up when you had them in Phoenix. I actually took some pictures of your wonderful display. Also, I agree with you about the white. However I think I have it sorta figured out now. What I do is spray a flat white and then do a couple light coats with gloss or just wait until I am doing my overall gloss coat. I find I get a better finish doing it this way. I wnat to build more airliner so that white paint issue was in the way.
  11. skyhawk174

    1/48 Hobbyboss F-14D VF-101

    Wow very nice work Tim. Great painting on that cockpit. I too am a helicopter guy but to be honest modelling is modelling and the skills are transferable to any model. Although having said that I think I would have trouble with autos. Looking forward to more of this as I too have this kit.
  12. skyhawk174

    Something about the Tomcat I didn't know.

    Yeah Darren I saw that little tidbit of info too. So even now we are still finding out new info. My first Tamiya kit will be a grey over white scheme so I will have to make sure I remember this. Oh and if you are going to repaint your Tomcats in that area I guess we will see you next year? 🤣🤣
  13. skyhawk174

    Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    Ok now that is a great shot and I love the load out. Also by the tail marking I am guess it is a USMC bird in some sort of commerative scheme? Or do the nose stripes mean something else?
  14. Well I am all in for this in 1/144 scale. I remember finishing a resin desk top model for a customer many years ago. That was a pain as I had to remove the markings it came in by sanding the markings off. Did not realize that there was an overall coat of clean in some sort of super duty epoxy. ANyway finally got it done by piecing together the markingsfrom different sheets. It was in the overall white with stripes. Loved it. So having a new set of marking for the kit would be great. ALready have two kits so may need to get a few more.
  15. skyhawk174

    1/1000 1701-A Refit

    Wow so nice. I have the Polar Lights kit and nope it comes out as nice as yours