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  1. skyhawk174

    Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    Collin some really nice shots. I really like the shots of the deck crew. Just a quick question though. Why were there 3 brown shorts in that picture. Were two of them training? Also, this is a great thread with all of the pics. So much info. Thanks again for posting, much appreciated.
  2. skyhawk174

    Why few 1:35 scale airplanes?

    Oh okay, forgot about those and for some reason I thought they were 1/32nd. Maybe I was thinking of the Panzer IV and the Sherman. I have several of the 1/48th Tamiya kits and they are great. Amazing detail and it makes me wonder how the 1/72nd guys do it as some of the parts are freaking small.
  3. skyhawk174

    Why few 1:35 scale airplanes?

    Like others have said there are a few 1/35th aircraft but they have been mostly helicopters. Makes sense for the armour guys as it fits with the figures. Only a handful of aircraft with wings and the only one that comes to mind is the Storch. This would be perfect in a desert diorama with Rommel and his tanks. As for Tamiya in its early days, I remember having a couple of 1/30th scale Russian armour by them. Pretty plain and with motors of course. That would be more the metric scale. Yeah Tamiya really changed the armour scale to 1/35th for the world and here we are today. Never knew Monogram did any armour in 1/35 as I thought all of their armour kits were 1/32nd.
  4. skyhawk174

    1/72 AH-1W sheet

    Is there a decent kit? Special Hobby? Italeri? Even in 1/48th you have to work at it using the Italeri kit and a resin conversion.
  5. skyhawk174

    Meng B-17

    Wow that is nice. Very good finish, love it. And to top it off a famous B-17 no less. Well done.
  6. skyhawk174

    1/48 Kinetic CF-18 2018 Demo

    Yeah this is only over the last few years. It used to be like this many years ago with full colour schemes for the sir show season but then the upper mucky mucks decided this was too much money I guess. So the air show schemes became painted tails only. This lasted for several years but now it looks like it is back to full paint schemes.
  7. skyhawk174

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Hey Dutch thanks for the info. So the fuselage is a little more different than just the refuelling mods. Good to know as I believe that the KC-10s are DC-10-30 airframes? I have done the deal with my friend so I now have a KC-10 again and only awaiting Kursad's decals.
  8. skyhawk174

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Well it never fails, I went looking for my Revell KC-10 and WTF, I cannot find it. In the back of my mind I think I traded it many years ago for something else. Darn, darn, darn it. Anyway, my friend here in town is a big big airliner modeller. So I gave him a call and yeahh he has a KC-10. It is missing the F-15 and the decals but no issue right? He also has 3 of the Revell DC-10 kits. I asked him to compare the sprues and he said yes the kits are a little different. It seems Revell changed the DC-10 kit to make the KC-10. He said the only difference he can see is that the KC-10 has the flying boom housing moulded on the fuselage instead of an add on part. So Revell must have modified the moulds to do that? The rest of the kit looks the same. Since I live in Canada I would think it would be a bit pricey to send to Texas. I am sure someone in the US can help you out, I hope. If not I can do it. Hope that helps you out Kursad.
  9. skyhawk174

    1/48 Kitty Hawk UH-1H double build!

    Great detail work there and I can see using some of your tips when I finally get my kit. I really like your roof detail. Looks spot on.
  10. skyhawk174

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Wow cool nose art. Prety beat up paint job though. Not sure how true it is but I had read somewhere that that new gunship grey scheme was a pain from a heat absorption stand point. You would think it would not be a big issue since the inside is pretty much empty right, unless it was configured for troops. They probably upgraded the air conditioning system.
  11. skyhawk174

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Well this is great news. I have had that Revell kit in my stash for years and the decals are pretty much gone to crap now. I have always liked the KC-10 but more the initial airliner white USAF scheme as depicted on Revell's box. Also, Kursad, were you thinking of including the Dutch AF KC-10 too? You are probably not doing more than one KC-10 sheet so just wondering here. The Dutch AF had their KC-10s in that original white scheme too. The stripe could be painted as it would take up too much room on the sheet. I believe they are now overall grey similar to the USAF aircraft. Here is a link to an image but you probably know about this already. https://www.magellanmodels.com/aviation-200-royal-netherlands-air-force-kc-10-30cf-t-264/
  12. skyhawk174

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J/D Liberator

    I am tempted as I think an assembly ship in that scale will be super cool. However as others have said, WAAAAY too big. I already have a couple of the Monogram kits and I think I am all good to go. Also, I am a 1/48th builder so I think I will stick to my scale. As an aside I would think Hobby Boss will issue multiple versions of this to maximize the return on investment and can you imagine a Privateer in this scale? Awesome.
  13. skyhawk174

    Painting figure heads?

    To be honest I am not sure you will get a lot of this sort of info in this part of the forum. You may want to try the figure section. My friend is an amazing figure builder and he does not even come here. He prefers to stick to the figure forums of which there are many all over the net.
  14. skyhawk174

    Wingnut Wings is doing a Lancaster!

    Yeah too big for me too, price and size. Since my scale is typically 1/48th no need to go that 1/32nd route even though this should be the ultimate Lancaster model made (I would think so considering the source). As we all know the reputation that WNW has with their WWI releases can we expect anything less with this one? Doubt it. As for future releases I would think this is it as it is a great tie in to the future movie PJ is doing. Maybe some more Lancaster variants? That would make sense to maximize the moulds. WNW will probably let others fight it out with the other types in WWII and happily continue with their WWI line and be the king there. Well my thoughts really.
  15. skyhawk174

    Wingnut Wings is doing a Lancaster!

    Yeah this was announced on FB too yesterday. They are saying that the price will be upwards of $500. I think that might be a little high so I will wait and see. No interest for me though, too big.