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  1. You can build it without tanks. I took some shots way back at CFB Cold Lake during Maple Flag and the Hawks did not have tanks installed. Here is a link to the small article in HS.
  2. Yes there is a drop tank there but it is a funny shape. It has flat sides for clearances. I know I did a walk around of it several years ago when it was here in Edmonton and I noticed the shape. I don't think the Airfix kit has a drop tank and not sure about the HB kit either.
  3. SO it is pretty funny that we are talking RCAF Hawks here and no one has put upa picture of it as yet. Here is one I took last summer. RCAF CT-155217 pic 1 by Chris Aleong And since we are talking tails on the Hawk here are a couple of shots RCAF CT-155271 pic 2 by Chris Aleong RCAF CT-155217 pic 4 by Chris Aleong So I should be able to something with the HB Mk127 and cut away the box at the bottom of the tail and not have to buy the Mk.100 kit.
  4. Wow that is amazing. Also looks like a scheme that would be quite possible. That must have taken you forever to mask but the end result sure looks like it was worth it. Well done
  5. Thanks Colin, I thought so for the seat. Funny thing I just picked up a set of T-50 seats and now I can't remember what I got them for. I thought they were for this Hawk but now that I thnk about it no.
  6. You beat me to it Colin, you win However after having said that you know how it is and a Mk 10 is not a Mk 10. By that I mean there may be some small differences. I think there is a resin version but not sure who makes it now. I think it is Wolfpack? Or was it Quickboost.
  7. Always a good idea. Hey I even get a couple of my other modelling buddies to find something to order and then I split shipping too so better all around.
  8. I have not seen Gunze paints in Canada in years. I heard it had something to do with the distributors not being able to buy it. I was using both Tamiya and Gunze but really liked the Gunze acrylic line. The levelling thinner I can get locally at a hobby shop here in my city, go figure. I recently found that a store in Calgary, PM Hobbycraft, now has an Ammo Mig rack but it is mostly geared to the armour guys. I like their washes and use them on my aircraft models too. The rack was picked over with a lot of of the line empty. When I asked they did say it was pretty popular. They said they can do mail order but since I only live about 3 hours away I can wait until the next time I am down there. Ammo Mig rack by Chris Aleong Stuff like AK and Mig is almost impossible to find in my neck of the woods. I found some from an online store in Poland called Quickweel Of course I ordered with some other stuff so shipping was ok.
  9. Ah poop was not aware that the Ramex sheet is gone from the to do list. Where have I been hiding? Anyway Mirage markings still to be done so I am happy.
  10. Since we are talking about borrowing techniques, I remember a modeller from a club I belonged to many years ago. This was before I moved to another city but no matter. Anyway we had never seen this guy and somehow he heard about our model club and came out. He had some very nice 1/35th armour models but they sure looked familiar. Then it clicked. They were done in the Verlinden "style". We did ask him and sure enough that was his inspiration. He had all of the Verlinden books and he basically took that info and painted his models. I also think it is easy to say that I copied someone but just because you see something it may still be difficult to exactly copy that technique due to your skills and tools you use. Well that is my thoughts anyway.
  11. Wow that looks amazing. I wonder how that detail will translate in 1/48th? In 1/35th I can see it but if KH sticks to what those CAD pics show it will be an amazing model in 1/48. Hmmm now to sell my stack of ESCI and Italeri Huey kits. Although I could use them as decal carriers? Even more excited now
  12. Interesting that they looks so thick. I would doubt that they are any sort of steel plates and more likely a kevlar composite panel of some sort for weight savings. Pretty boring scheme as is the norm these days. So I think I will stick with my original plan for my model and do the Angolan scheme when FCM release their decal.
  13. Brad how is that Wolfpack exhaust? I jsut ran across it looking for an Aires 2 seat cockpit. The pictures of the set are small of course so really can't see much. Does it really make a big difference? I have built my Monogram kit many years ago and the exhaust looks pretty good form what I can tell. The Trumpeter one is ok too I thought.
  14. True but normally the guys just do that in the helicopter section. No issue all is good. Sometimes I don't even go to General Discussion and instead hit the sections I have interest in.
  15. Yup if you have any interest in helicopters it is a very valuable place to check. Since I build and love helicopters I check it every time I come to ARC.