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  1. 1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Yes nice looking dirty tanks. Good job
  2. Kinetic 1/48 J-15 kit

    Thanks Gary, yup those are the ones.
  3. Kinetic 1/48 J-15 kit

    So I see on Lucky Model that there is a pre order going for the soon to be released 1/48 Kinetic J-15. Price seems not bad for a big 1/48 kit. That is good news and I am glad I waited and did not have to pick up the Su-33 and the conversion set. The box art looks nice but I think my preferred scheme will be that nice pale yellow prototype. Really, how many time do you have the opportunity to paint a military aircraft in yellow Already have the Caracal sheet so I think I am all set there.
  4. TIE Bomber

    Wow that is so cool. I sure wish you guys would stop posting stuff like this (Joking of course). The reason I say this is because it looks so nice that I want to go out and buy it. Must resit!!!
  5. Was there not another company that announced this some time ago? Zucotong Models or something like that?
  6. Ridiculous pricing on the bay

    I think the Helldiver is out of production so maybe he thinks it is worth more? Also this may be what he is asking and no one is biting. I look at a lot of stuff on there but in many cases cannot buy since the base price is steep. I live in Canada so with the exchange and shipping it is more than double what it is listed for.
  7. Wow Mirage F1 may fly in the US. Canada maybe?

    Thanks Gary. I got all mixed up. I know CAE is taking over from Bombardier and I believe they are now going to be taking care of the Hawks with 419 Sqn. I know ATAC and Draken are normally in Europe but was wondering if Discovery Air may be thinking of this too. So those Mirage F1s at Maple Flag belonged to who? I thought France stopped flaying those years ago?
  8. Saw this article and thought it was an interesting development. I live in Canada so maybe I may get to see Mirage F1s flying with the Alpha Jets that already fly out of CFB Cold Lake. I believe the company is called Top Aces but may have changed to being run by CAE? I think they also used to fly Hawker Hunters in a funky grey/dark grey camo with Maple Leaves on the tail. https://thaimilitaryandasianregion.blogspot.ca/2017/06/france-may-sell-64-old-mirage-f1.html Anyway good for us who like to model something a bit different.
  9. Sith Interceptor

    Yup I was looking at that tiny one. Almost bid on it since it was cheap. Since then I have changed my search wording on ebay and saw these kits come up so at least I know what i am looking for now. Hey even the Hasbro ones showed up but that is more a toy than a kit. Also, I feel bad if I copied you so I was thinking of using the Bandai Striker wings. However may have to play with that as it might seem too big for the interceptor. Whatever I do it won't be tomorrow so have some time to think about it. Thanks again for the great work.
  10. Super Etendard Armada Argentina 1/48 Kinetic

    Wow came out great, I really need to go get this. It is good to see that the sun symbol on the rudder actually looks like a sun instead of the normal yellow disc that other decal companies seem to think it is. Out of box is sure fine and I think I will have to go that route. Thanks os much for sharing.
  11. Sith Interceptor

    So maybe he is wrong with what the kit is? Was yours in a bag or a box?
  12. Sith Interceptor

    Ok I showed this build to my friend who has a great like for Star Wars as well as what-if type of things. He loved it and thought it was awesome. Anyway, I told him I was looking at the Revell kit as I had found one on ebay. It was the pocket kit in that foil bag.in pre coloured plastic. He then told me that is the wrong scale. That kit is like 1/144 and in your pics those Bandai wings would not fit like what you showed. He told me that Revell actually issued a larger kit and now I have to try and find that.
  13. A-7E Corsair II

    Wow this is so nice. Every time I see this work I want to pull out one of my kits and get started on it. I love the Corsair II and when I do it will have tl be old school Gull grey over white. Love your weapons load. Thanks for sharing
  14. Victory Decals

    Yup that is the one I am thinking about. Also did not know they did it in 1/72nd.
  15. Victory Decals

    You mean these guys? https://www.victorymodels.com/