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  1. Oh and don't be cheap and go to Dollarama (Canadian chain). Bought 10 sanding sticks for $1. Yup probably ok for the what it was meant for but I always wet sand and they fell apart. Made of card stock and some sort of crappy glue.
  2. Nice catch Scott. I wonder if there are 2 different versions. Time for me to do some research.
  3. Sorry don't know who makes those for Spruebrothers. Recently my wife bought me some for the ridiculous price of $0.89 CDN. Lots of different grits and I especially like the polishing ones, which I use for the canopies. She got them at a local beauty supply store. They normally supply products to hair dressers (or are they called hair technicians now?). Not sure if you need a special card to buy from them though.
  4. The last time I did something like this I used some aluminum foil. Simply draw a diamond pattern in pencil and it embosses the foil. Flip it over and you have your pattern. You may need to try it on some paper first to figure out how big the diamonds should be. Use some white glue to stick it to the side wall. I used it on my 1/48th kit and I used lead foil from a wine bottle.
  5. I still have that kit in my stash and I can check.
  6. Wow Jon so nice. On my list to do for sure. Hope mine comes out half as nice as yours.
  7. Edit the header how? Did say hoping for 😀 Maybe I will change to wish
  8. Patience Padwan, our master is working hard 😀 Seriously though Kursad will probably show some stuff later. To be honest if he does not it gives me a chance to not get too excited and yet add another sheet to my get list 🤣
  9. Yeah forgot about those other little things. Hopefully Annetra wil release a different version if this one sells well? I live in hope.
  10. Yeah close but no cigar. I think the obvious visual difference is the pointy nose, radar I guess.
  11. There are even a few Mi-8s or was it Mi-17s that flew in Canadian markings while in Afghanistan.
  12. So for some reason been seeing posts about the CH-54 Skycrane recently and it had me wondering. Hopefully someone is working on that as a new model in 1/48th would be amazing. Yes there is that one by Revell in 1/72nd but too small for me. Built it years ago and loved it. Even used the winch to pick up stuff. I for one would buy that kit. Also has some history in Canada both for fighting forest fires as well as putting the last piece on the CN Tower in Toronto. I think that was an Erickson Skycrane but still based on the military version right? Kitty Hawk maybe? Although you cannot rule out Trumpeter as they have done several helicopter models or even Hobby Boss. Hope lives eternal. Let the rumours begin…..
  13. To be honest even though that sounds like a good option on ARC the size restrictions suck. You have to resize photos to fit the parameters. Got sick of doing that to every picture I was trying to post. I understand why though. Probably much easier to stick with off site hosting.
  14. I too will wait for the K. I like that they did not go the vinyl tires route too. I have a couple of decal sheets for K versions so looking forward to using them.
  15. And not only that they have lots wrong with them. Have a couple of the Italeri 1/72nd version in Blue Angel markings. Better than the Airfix I thought at the time but now that I know more they do need a bit of help.
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