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  1. Yeah what he said
  2. Wow that is cool. Came out wonderful, very nice job. I have that kit in my stash for years and good to know it builds up so nicely. The decals have all yellowed so I will go have a look at what Draw has. Thanks for the inspiration.
  3. As far as I know most modern ejection seats are zero/zero meaning zero speed and zero altitude. They eject high enough for the chute to deploy and get the pilot back safely.
  4. Wow, I got mine a few years ago and I thought $50 USD was bad. Lucky me? I really only got it as I want to do it in 1/48th and need to see what extra resin pieces they gave you so I could scale it up. Have my markings already.
  5. Wow those are cool markings. That would look great on this new kit. Thanks for posting.
  6. I have always had good response to email. Did not take too long within 1 or 2 days.
  7. Ok those parts look great. I will have to go take a look at the site. My friend bought the Star Destroyer directly from Russia but i think I will wait until Revell issues it and I can see it locally. Not in a big rush to get it as I am not hurting for kits to build. Thanks for posting.
  8. Well that's different. I have the Hobby Boss kit and was thinking of doing something different and not sure if there is an update set out there. All I knew about was the Verlinden one as you state. Do you have more pictures? Aslo is it two greens or one for the camo?
  9. Floyd those belts draped very nicely. I am surprised seeing the unpainted version. Coming along nicely.
  10. Yeah I miss them too. Even though many have said you had to be careful of the accuracy I did not know enough at the time. The big issue as others have said was that they were the only ones producing deals for some subjects. At our club meeting this week one of the guys was looking for a sheet for F-105G Thunderchiefs and at the time only Aeromaster made some. He has looked all over and can't seem to find any. Not sure who has out there now.
  11. This is great news Kursad. Yet again you surprise me with what you have going on in your pipeline. I only have one kit and I have a couple of sheets from others but I may still bite as you may have more interesting stuff. Also, I seem to recall there was a thread at guessing what your 100th 1/48th sheet was going to be. Well I guess I lost that bet
  12. Hey Ray thanks so much for both your help to get this kit to market as well as your build review here. I have all of the past Huey models so now it looks like I should not even bother with the ESCI or Italeri kits. Maybe I can build them in-flight with blacked out interiors as a decal subject and not care too much about the accuracy of the kit. We'll see how that goes. Thanks so much too for the great detail photos of the parts you are working on. The KH parts look great and so much closer to the real thing. I am excited to see how you progress with the rest of the build.
  13. Wow yet more ways to part my money from me. Curse you Kursad
  14. I had heard about an injection plastic version not this resin one. I think there was a thread on here about it from Jennings when he was posting.
  15. Wow that is a full box of sprues, so excited to see this. I have all of the other manufacturer's of the Huey out there I think, Monogram (yeah I know it is a B), ESCI and Italeri. Even have a Heller one but that is a rebox of the Italeri kit of the UH-1N. It is really nice to have markings for the other operators on the deal sheet. That is great and my thanks go out to Floyd and Ray for helping make this the Huey kit we can all be proud of having on our shelves. It is also great that Kitty Hawk reached out for help from very knowledgeable people on the subject. So I have to donate my old kits to our model club to make some room on my shelves for at least a couple of copies of this great looking kit.