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  1. I filled up here in Edmonton at Costco on Friday last week. It was 67.9 per litre.
  2. So the latest Canadian/US exchange rate is 1.453. So it will cost me 45% more to buy stuff from the US. Wowza, and I thought 1.37 was bad. Looks like this will be curtailing any US buying for me. How long I have no idea. I have more than enough stuff to build/finish until the cows, dog, cats and rabbits come home. Those nice new decals will have to wait and I hope they will still be available when the exchange gets back to some sort of normalcy. I can still remember when our Canadian dollar was on par. Good old days for sure.
  3. Great news again Kursad. Always loved the Skyhawk (can you tell from my screen name?) and the two seaters have been sorely neglected. Only a few sheets have ever been made. This one should be a good seller.
  4. Crap I may have to get the Trumpeter kit just to use these decals.
  5. What okthree said. At one time the Italeri decals were awful but I have been told that the new decals are great and in most cases are printed by Cartograf.
  6. Well this is good news. One good thing about all of this is that the plastic would be new and the decals too.
  7. Wow such an inspirational display. I always wanted to do this but I think I have more modest goals and planning something in 1/144. I really like your basket and I think it is even better considering it is in 1/32nd. I will now have to go to your blog and see how you did this amazing work.
  8. Hi there which A-4M are you speaking about? I see there are many available on ebay at not bad prices. Even the Last Skyhawk boxing is there too but a bit more.
  9. Yup I think you are so right. I think I am good for sanding paper but beers, hmm not so much. As you said I too think it is the unknown that is driving this. I can't believe the stores are out of TP. What's up with that. We went to get some from our local Costco and that was down to a few packages. We only bought 1 as that is what we needed. Saw other carts with 4 or 5 packs. Sanitizer was also out but we were not looking for any.
  10. Wow such great news Kursad. You can tell I am excited for this as in my forum name, it is my favourite aircraft. I have many Skyhawk sheets but for some reason not many for the A-4M versions. I think it was probably because not many kits at the time. Lots of E/F versions though. Looking forward to this and I better get off my butt and pick up the sheets you have now so it is not a big hit down the road when this comes out.
  11. To be honest I am not worried a huge amount but there is that twinkle of caution. I think the virus only survives for a certain time on inanimate objects. Will have to go look that up. The other thing is the supply to the hobby shops. When I was at my LHS last week my friend who works there mentioned that their supply of Trumpeter kits which they were expecting was delayed. Their supplier said they were not shipping due to CoVid-19. Seems the factory was shut down? As others have said my stash is stupidly huge. My friends like it, the wife not so much. So the bottom line is that I have enough to build till the cows, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats come home. Although would need to stock up on glue though.
  12. Thanks for the info Fred. I don't build 1/72nd but my 1/72nd friend will be interested. From what I understand and also seeing the Fujimi kits, they are super nice. In fact that whole 1/72nd jet series at the time was amazing. Their Hawk and Harriers are jems.
  13. You can really see the twist in the fuselage in the front view. Great stuff.
  14. I have not used Valejo as yet for a simple reason. My friends had a bunch of trouble with it. They are great modellers. They told me that it did not stick very well and lifted when masked over. He finally was able to finish what he was building but it fought him. The end results do look great though so Maybe the schemes with no masking might be okay? I use Alclad 2 now and it is wonderful. Tough and no issues masking over it. Also don't dispel the Tamiya metallics in their spray cans. It is wonderful stuff and my go to for the first layer. I don't decant and simply spray from the can.
  15. Thanks Ken. I am looking at one on ebay. Price seems ok. Too bad they did not come in military colors.
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