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  1. Ok I love it and was not aware of this kit being released. Thanks for posting. Nice work there Hal and thanks for the tip on the wheels. I have one kit I will be trying this on. I have seen others do this and I think it is a great trick when you don't run your aircraft off of the dining room take off strip Oh yeah you can really see the Claude's lineage there.
  2. Yup even though I normally don't build in 1/32nd I would love a 1/32nd Prowler. That is such a great looking aircraft and probably why I have 4 of the silly things in 1/48th. Of course my favourite aircraft is the A-4 Skyhawk so I have several of these in 1/32nd but they are not that big in that scale. As for Tamiya not releasing the 1/32nd two seater F-16 (even though it looks like the kit is set up for it) I think they do this on purpose so it gives them options down the road. The thing with Tamiya or for that matter Hasegawa too I think, it seems they work on their own schedule. Look at how long Hasegawa took to release the two seater A-4 or the two seat F-104. Time and money I guess
  3. Hi John Only now catching up with this wonderful build blog. Amazing work so far. I am normally a 1/48 builder but the Harrier is such a nice aircraft that I think it looks great in 1/32nd. Not too big too, well compared to the F-15 anyway. I have been thinking about picking up the Trumpeter kit but having read some of the reviews on line I was hesitant. And after seeing your correction work I may have to hold off as I don't think my skills are anywhere near yours. Anyway, I will keep checking in on your builds and it may give me inspiration to go get the kit and follow your lead. Thanks for posting and sharing your journey.
  4. My last order from Hobbeasy was in December and I chose slow boat and it took a month to get here in Alberta. No issue as it is still sitting on my shelf and I was in no hurry. It was the GWH T-33 and it arrived safe and sound with no crushing. Great service but only my second order. I see they have a couple of items I am looking at and what is even better is that a couple are free air mail. I might have to split the orders since some have shipping.
  5. Wow great images. Thanks for posting Collin. It is interesting to see how the crew cleans the aircraft. You would think it would be some sort of pressure washer but thinking about it I guess fresh water on a carrier would be in limited supply unless there are desalination plants on board. Would you not need some sort of pressure wash to get the slat and grime out of the cracks and crevices of your typical military aircraft at sea? Just wondering aloud here
  6. Wow sad news. I first met Fred way back in the late 80s at a Noreastcon and several times at various model shows in the North East US. He was a great guy to talk to. At the time his stuff was great and I think was truly a pioneer for the PE producers. I still have several of his sets and I really do like his no sprue way layout for this PE parts.
  7. It does look nice and obviously harkens back to the original scheme from many years ago? I was no fan of that minty green pant job.
  8. That is just a great looking model. I think I will put this in my build something like this pile. Now the hard part will be finding the kit. As an aside I recently saw a great looking option using these style of wings with the style of Tie fighter as what Darth Vader used. It was in a book on Star Wars art with the title "The Art of Film" . I think the artist created computer models. Looking more closely at the images I would have to modify the wings though. Thanks for sharing your work. Very inspirational.
  9. I have seen this a couple of times. I think it would be more important to check his feedback rating and to determine if the shipping charges are too much. I try to look at the feedback on the seller and see how it has been for the last few months. Even if it is not 100% it might still be okay. I wonder if it could also be where the auction is listed? Is it on,, etc.
  10. Would that not be the reissue of the ESCI kit?
  11. Wow that Iranian scheme rocks. Love that 3 tone blue. It will go nicely along with my Iranian P-3 in that same colour scheme.
  12. Ok I'm an idiot I got this confused with the AB-205 from the Italian Carabinieri which had the dark blue fuselage with a white roof. It must have been the AB that threw me off.
  13. That should look pretty cool when done. It is sad though to see such a beautiful aircraft end like that. On the bright side though you do have 51.615% left over to create some other diorama
  14. Kursad this great news. It is interesting that you say 8-9 schemes. Any of those camo? Most of the AB-212 schemes I have seen are that blue/white schemes.
  15. Well I am happy to see this even though I am pretty sure that it is a re-box with added parts. I had started to gather the info on the mods required to do the AB-212 when they issued the UH-1N so this just saved me a bunch of work. Still have to find some interesting schemes instead of the overall blue and white. Any camo versions out there?