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  1. Hi Harald Scanning some stuff for Dutch this week, I hope, so will scan that for you. PM me your email. Thanks
  2. The printing seems good from the old Fujimi kits that I have. Have not bought any of the new ones as I can't get them at my store and not really interested in any of their new ones.
  3. I think like all the other Japanese model manufacturers the decals seem thick. If you use either the Tamiya or Gunze decals solutions it would help. You also should use warm water when soaking as well as a warm cloth to press them to the surface, especially that large marking on the back.
  4. Yeah I also have Koku Fan going back to the same era as yours. Looking through them only found one picture of a prototype Hornet and it was printed in another book anyway. I wonder why is that?
  5. Kursad I had a look at my old book on the F-18. There were many pictures of the prototypes in it. I did see something interesting though. It seems that no. 6 had two different schemes. There is one with no logo on the tail and the caption mentioned it was for the high AOA tests. I will try and scan tomorrow.
  6. Hey Kursad I have many old books from that era. Let me have a look
  7. Good point but I think I will wait until it does get released. I have said "never going to happen" so many times that my head hurts. I really don't want to rob my Hasegawa kits to make a CF-104. We'll see. Cheers Chris
  8. Great info John. You know as long as I have seen F-104 and CF-104 pictures I miss stuff like this. Nice to know. So hopefully the Kinetic kit release for the CF-104s will have the updated "spring". If not I think I can fab something up. Cheers Chris
  9. Well for some reason Canada seems to get the new Tamiya releases before other places. I will probably wait for it to get here and then pick it up. I think their latest Spitfire I picked up was only a few dollars more than the online stores. Plus I support my local shop. No rush to get the P-38 as I already have way too many kits i am NOT building.
  10. Wow what a write up. Pretty much right on from what I have heard. My friend who TRIED to build the Occidental kit when it came out could not even finish it. He told me he was physically sick and threw it in the round file. Also, I may be wrong but I don't believe Italeri has ever reissued Tamiya kits. Tamiya reboxes Italeri kits though and they indicate that on the box top.
  11. Looks like great progress. Not sure how accurate you want to be but I did see you fill in the sonar bouy tubes as instructed. Did you know that one of the tubes on the starboard side is larger? The outside line for the markings bulges around that bigger one.
  12. I've used one of their sheets os far. It was for the 1/48 Sea Fury . They had Burmese markings on it and that is what I wanted. I found they were ok but not great. Setting solution did not react too well and I got some silvering even though I used a gloss finish. Accuracy was another matter and some markings were missing for the scheme I was doing. The national markings did not appear to have the right colour or size in my mind and my references. Not sure of the new stuff but that was my experience with this older sheet.
  13. I know I have a book about the Gulf War aircraft and it may have something in there.
  14. John Thanks so much for the input. I like your details especially on the seat and IP. I have pretty much every Black Box set so I will go have a look and see if I have that update set. I for one am happy to see a new 104 even though I have pretty much all of the 1/48th ones including the ESCI (built 2 of those). Oh wait I don't think I have the very old Testors one. I did miss out on a Hasegawa C though so maybe when Kinetic does theirs I will be able to get one.
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