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  1. skyhawk174

    2018 IPMS NATS Contest Video

    I believe Wolf's Spitfire is the one with the engine cowlings off and the Ultrafast pilot at the tail. His work is amazing and I was following on LSP when he was building it. Did not know about his Pfalz.
  2. skyhawk174

    Bought it, so I'll have to build it. - 1/48 Hawker Hunter

    Great decal work and looks correct now. Ok tell me how you printed the white on the roundel. Alps?
  3. skyhawk174

    F-101B soon from Kitty Hawk

    I have the F3H kit and personally I think it is too long and too high to use as a substitute. I am surprised no one has come up with a replacement as of yet considering how long the KH F-101A has been out. Maybe there is no interest in an update as yet? I wish Quickboost will issue the new intake for the starboard side and maybe a few other things like antennas. I know they have done this before for other kits so there is hope. Now with soon to be more versions of the Voodoo available they will do something? I seem to recall that there is a tab to suggest subjects on their web site so I will try there.
  4. skyhawk174

    Su-33 1/48 (Academy + Wolfpack)

    Most excellent work there with some great painting. Love the pilot figure. Your work on that deck is outstanding too. The whole scene works and it is a great diorama. Nice to know the Wolfpack set works. Sure wish I could get to try some of that paint here in Canada but it is not available in my hobby shop and don't expect it to be.
  5. skyhawk174

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Just stunning work John. I just love how neat you are with your work and the photos sure help and are beyond wonderful. Sure shows what skills you have with the plastic. I am getting a lot of tips with this build and I especially like what you did with the nose gear door hinges using the Eduard set. To tell you the truth I must be one of the few people that is not a real big fan of the Eduard sets. I think that they are too fragile and in a lot of cases don't improve the finished product. I like their zoom sets however. Their seat belt sets seem too thin for my liking but I have been hearing good things about their new steel seat belt sets. I do have several of thier sets but I am selective in what I use. Anyway, thanks for posting and I will try to see if I can use any of your work when I get started on my Tamiya 1/48 kit.
  6. skyhawk174

    2018 IPMS USA National Convention pictures

    Those were great. Thanks very much for sharing. Looks like there was some wonderful stuff on the tables and it tells me I am way behind in my skills but that is what makes this hobby so great. Lots of different levels for us to enjoy.
  7. skyhawk174

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    Well that is interesting news. I was not aware that this happened. That's the thing with these after market producers; one minute they are there and the next poof, gone. So now what I do is that if I really want a set I try and get it when it is out even if I do not have a kit. I figure that I can always pick up the kit down the road but the resin detail set may be harder to get. This has proved true many times for me and the perfect example is the Zactomodel set for the Trumpeter 1/32nd A-7. I did not even have the kit when I picked it up. This was many years ago and I eventually got the kit at a really great price. Try and find the Zactomodel set now. Oh yes you can but how much do you want to pay? Someone even offered me $350 for my set. Anyway, I have the Goffy Models set for the S-3 Viking weapons bay. Very very nice. Was not aware of the other sets and now I will look out for Black Dog to release them.
  8. skyhawk174

    1/48 Gallery H-34 v Italeri H-34

    Thanks for that info. Did not know that.
  9. skyhawk174

    1/48 Gallery H-34 v Italeri H-34

    I believe the Galery kit is also more money than the Italeri kit at least here in my neck of the woods.
  10. Exactly right. I think the same thing 😁. I love the main landing gear. Looks great.
  11. skyhawk174

    2018 IPMS USA National Convention pictures

    I recently found out that the latest Kinetic Bradley release is really the Ouchi kit reboxed. I think they made some changes. On Lucky Models web site the price is great too, around $35 USD.
  12. skyhawk174

    Camouflaged B-58 Hustler

    Yes there was a TO for the scheme but as you say it was never done. If you go to the General Discussion section there is a thread about the convention and someone there posted the contest rule about why that kit was moved. Sure looked nicely built and painted.
  13. That is the one thing I did on my ESCI kits. I drilled out the spoilers on the wing and it looked so much better. I also drilled the speed brake holes but was a bit difficult since they are oval. I have several decal sheets for the Mirage F1 so I can hold them for the new Kinetic kit. I would think that Caracal may also be looking at a couple of sheets?
  14. skyhawk174

    2018 IPMS USA National Convention pictures

    I guess we would have to read the rules of the contest. The builder is saying "what-if it was painted this way"? 😁 Several years ago I built a Do 335 and painted it with smoke rings and Italian Air Force markings. The Do 335 existed but not in those markings. For sure this is a what-if.
  15. skyhawk174

    2018 IPMS USA National Convention pictures

    Wow 3 B-58 kits! That must be some sort of record. I would think we are seeing more of these as there was a decent decal sheet recently issued by Caracal Models. I only have one of the Monogram 1/48th kits but I would really like to do that camo version as well as a NMF one. Have to think about it now. Oh and forgot to add that there are also some new update sets from Fisher Model as well as Lone Star Models. Nice additions to the still very nice Monogram 1/48th kit.