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  1. My biggest cost was the extraction blower. I used 2 bathroom fans for years. Also if you do go for the range hood option, don't get the Broan cheap ones. Try and get the ones with two fans and see if there is a label that lists CFM. Also pick up a furnace filter to cover the fans.
  2. My friend made one from a range hood fan but it is one with double fans and pulls something like 200CFM. Works great. He mounted it to a wall in his work space and then simply hung plastic sheet on the sides to the top of his table. Instant booth.
  3. Well not too sure about the early ones but the later ones were definitely painted in some sort of silver lacquer. I have been up close and personal with several Tutors at many air shows and my last visit was at CFB Cold Lake in 2016. I too have a Hobbycraft Tutor I would like to build but the kit sure makes you hesitate. I see all the work involved to make it a nice replica.
  4. Was going to reply sooner but I guess there were problems with the forum. Yes I will post the new booth. Just finished up the side framing and still working on the back wall. That will have my new custom made accumulator box for the blower extraction fan. The support for my new blower I actually have to hang from the floor joists to maximize space. Need to put some reinforcement to the roof of the booth to support the 2' LED light fitting. Also have a control panel that will be reused from my old booth.
  5. Hi Steve what a timely post. I am just in the midst of rebuilding mine. I had the design all done last year but never got around to it as life got in the way. It will be made from white painted backer board with strips of 1 x 2 pine as a frame to strengthen it. My new booth will be 36" wide x 20" deep x 36" high. I will have a squirrel cage blower to extract to a 6" vent. I used to use 2 x bathroom fans for years and they worked fine. Also I am putting a 6" header across the front at the top. It makes it easier on the eyes for the lights. I think you don't need the 3/4" melamine as it will be
  6. This is good news I think. I only have one Hasegawa E and one Growler in 1/48th. They are hard to find locally as none of my LHS carry Hasegawa. I have to order on line. Meng is available by the bucket load. Also the Meng kit may be a bit cheaper?
  7. Never heard of these so now I have to go check them out. I guess I can google the name and find them.
  8. Wow you the man Dutch. I had the Revell kit, I think it was in the JAWS scheme on the box. Never did finish it. Something about it bugged me. Maybe it was the plastic?
  9. I knew there was a reason I was looking at getting more Tamiya Skyraiders.
  10. I am pretty sure the Tamiya one is more prototype than production as you listed. Isn't the Monogram a production model? Okay maybe still early as it does not have the lumps and bumps of the current version I believe. I built the first release of the Tamiya kit and had to add some bump on the nose. I liked the kit. Also I think most of the marking will fit any of these except maybe the sharkmouth of 23 TFW or the Warthog.
  11. Thanks for the links. I actually have to go get some of his decals. Currently I have 3 of the Revell kits and for sure one will be RCAF and the other will be Quatar. The other one I am thinking of doing as PanAm cargo in that wonderful billboard scheme. Will see if I can cobble something together from Draw Decal.
  12. Thanks for the info. Did not know that. I see there is now another kit of the Bloodhound but it is a big one with an associated big price.
  13. Ugh I had the Airfix kit and as it was the only one at the time I started it. It was sitting on my SOD until the Italeri kit came out. Then it went bye bye. I do recall trying to correct the panel lines on the Airfix kit as they appeared to be incorrect. Still have a couple of the Italeri kits but now with the Zvezda kit coming I may ditch them or keep them as decal mules. However I did like the Bloodhound missile in the Airfix kit and wished I had kept that.
  14. Wow late to the party here. Just saw this. Great stuff Kursad. I actually was at Syracuse ANG base when the A-10s were there. Got to touch these A-10s and it was great. Got a lot of slides but you probably have all you need. Those ANG pilots were a great bunch of guys too. Always wanted to build this A-10 with these markings so now I can. Built my Tamiya version in 23 TFW scheme so another will be okay.
  15. I guess I am lucky and got my B-29 last year at a show up here in Canada. Paid $50 CDN for it. It was started, sort of. Pieces were cut off the sprue and taped together. The tape did leave residue though so will have to clean that off. No biggie. I know there are several detail sets for it but to tell the truth I think I will just build the darn thing. Maybe engine change? Not sure yet. I think it is impressive enough without all the add ons.
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