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  1. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    I remember seeing an article a couple months agi in an aviation magazine. I think it was Combat Aircraft and the article was about the current status of the aircraft of the Iran including the naval ones. If I remember correctly the Orions were being refurbished with the help of another nation. The articl4e had pictures of them on the tarmac and they looked good.
  2. Hmmm that throttle seems to be set at half power too? Or am I wrong?
  3. Canadian Air Force CC-142 (dash 8) questions

    There is a dark blue scheme and I think decals were available from Draw Decal and I believe Leading Edge.
  4. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    That Chile scheme looks great. I really like the big shield on the front. Forgot that Chile used these aircraft.
  5. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    Kursad An Iranian Navy P-3F would be great for those that have not built it as yet. I have already built mine using a decal sheet from so long ago. It was not quite right and in fact was actually missing decals, specifically rescue arrows. Had to use 2 sheets to get enough. It is one of my favourite models I have built with its wonderful 3 tone blue scheme. I think I will take some pics and post them here if I can.
  6. 1/48 Special Hobby AJ 37 Viggen, Swedish Air Force, 1993

    Just an amazing model. I don't have that kit, only the very old and crude ESCI version. I love the weathered camo. Very real looking. Oh and for stand is very cool look in too.
  7. Tweaklist to convert F-4E to F-4F Phantom

    What a great bit of info in this thread. That's the thing about F-4 Phantoms. So many little changes that it is really good we have people on this board who know what's what. Very thankful for that. And that pod in the last pic dates that pic to early 80's right? I seem to recall that it got updated with smaller version or just changed out right for that smaller version. I know the A-10 also carried this when they wore the lizard scheme. One of these days I really have to learn the nomenclature for these pods.
  8. 1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    I seem to recall when Quickboost first started they relied on modellers sending in info on what to be produced by Quickboost. So if the info was wrong I guess the part would be wrong. Not sure if that is the way it is now though.
  9. F-101B soon from Kitty Hawk

    Ok Gary I will wait until you get your F-101B and have a look before I think about picking up one
  10. Next 1:48 GWH kit - Su-25?

    Ok to throw some more fuel on this rumour, I read somewhere it is simply a rebox of the OEZ kit. However nowhere was it stated it was GWH. It sure would be nice to get a decent one though.
  11. 1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    This is good news and strange at the same time. I remember when they released their state of the art F-16C and we did not see variants for a bit. No family model yet either. Also, I have to wonder if there is any change to the wing to see flaps deployed. Would be nice eh!!
  12. Verlinden/ True Details F-14 cockpit set

    Sure will do. Yeah I think it was the additional rail and other details that drew me to the set. Remember this was back in the 80s so Aires did not even exist back then. Also, is it even available? I know Verlinden has closed his line so it may be hard to find? To be honest did not even check ebay or amazon so maybe there?
  13. Verlinden/ True Details F-14 cockpit set

    Wow Aires set "fits quite nicely". That is good news. I wonder if it because it is for the Academy kit and there is a little difference with the Monogram kit? By the way, did Aires ever make one for the Monogram kit? Also, I have the Verlinden set but have not looked at it in years so I may have to go do that and compare it to my references.
  14. 1/48 EA-6B VAQ-141

    Wowza that is nice. Love the paint job, so beautifully weathered. I have several of the Monogram kits but not the Kinetic kit yet. I am also afraid of folding the wings. Just got to bite the bullet I guess.
  15. Yup I guess I will have to wait now when they get it back in stock with all the clear pieces. Also I was on ebay today and checked what they were asking. Wow some of those prices are waco. $35 base and $35 shipping on one auction. Saw another for $38 with $56 shipping. Both of those were from the US.