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  1. Hey Don thanks for the info. I managed to pick up a large At-AT model which I think was part of a board game. Not quite sure on the scale but probably close to 1/48 or more probably 1/72nd? It is already built up with its own base and stands about 13" high. I like it and I was planning on rebuilding it with a better paint job but it is not bad at all. And as I said, that silly $500 price tag for teh Dragon version sure is going to make it super difficult for me to even think about picking it up. Maybe that is why it has been delayed? Maybe a rethink to see if they can drop the price? Dragon had some huge artillery pieces which you would think would be equivalent to what the AT-AT would take in terms of plastic. Anyway still hopeful we will see the kit in the near future.
  2. Is there more than one Star Wars model coming from Dragon? As far as I know only the 1/35th AT-AT has been announced. I have also heard a price around $500 but that can't be right. What kind of sales would they expect with that pricing scheme? I was was also reading that the AT-AT versions shown in the new Rogue One movie are not the same version. I read somewhere that they are bigger since they are really the cargo version of the walker as indicated by the large orange containers carried.
  3. Hey Gabor this is great. Thanks for the update. I am interested in this kit even though it is not really the regular MiG 25. I think there are a few schemes I can find that would make it an interesting model. Those wheels look amazing and I don't think we will need any resin replacements. I have not ordered the kit as yet but will look at doing so soon. As for your Photbucket woes, I used to use that but now I use Flickr. Seems much more user friendly. You can have a look at I think you have to have a Yahoo account but that should be easy to set up.
  4. This is great news. I missed this sheet when it first came out. I always thought that these were some very nice looking P-47s especially with the mission markings along the side.
  5. Good for you, that is great news. I am sure you are real happy now. That was on my list for years but have not seen one since my friend got it when it came out back in the 80's or 90's I guess. Since I build 1/48 I was hoping he would have scaled that up since it would match my Hasegawa biz jets. I have now decided that if I really want a Challenger I will just get the BPK kit. As for holy grail kits, it seems that over the years more from my "hope they release one day" list have been issued in injection plastic. A 1/48th Hawkeye was on there but now gone. Not too worried about 100% accuracy but even that has been solved in some cases with resin correction sets. One thing I have learned is to not say NEVER as in "They will never issue this kit in 1/48th" . Been burned lots
  6. Wow great news. I missed that post somehow. I had been looking at picking up the resin detail set from DEF Model and even posted on their FB page asking about it. It has been OOP for some time. Maybe RFM got it? Anyway no matter, I am pumped as it is. It is a beast of a version for the Abrams so probably why I love it.
  7. Nice to see this build. I do not have the kit as yet and waiting to see what the KH version might look like. As for those blinds I wonder if it is similar to those anti-flash curtains like the F-111?
  8. For us in the helicopter model community this is really sad news. I am thankful I have a stock of Chris' product but as is normally the case I am still missing some of his latest sets. Take care Chris and thanks for providing us helicopter addicts some very fine sets to feed our modelling needs. You will be missed.
  9. Wow Floyd that is a cool sheet. I have a bunch of Blackhawk kits in 1/48 so I will have to pick up this sheet. I especially like Option 10. It almost looks like what the IAF would have painted their aircraft in.
  10. I found the Montex Masks on line as well as at the Montex site itself. Interesting that the yellow bands are not indicated. It is difficult to see if those photos show it. I do like the yellow though.
  11. Great now you are costing me more money. Looks like yet another P-47 to put on the build list. Have to get another Tamiya kit too I guess.
  12. I already have The Major CF-18 set in 1/48 but the stuff i have on order are the ACMI pods as well as a couple of CF-5 recee noses. I see both Sprue Brothers and Lucky Model has the Wolfpack sets so I should get off my butt and get it ordered.
  13. I have not ordered my kit yet and plan to do so in the new year. I am still waiting on a shipment from LM on an order I placed in October. It was for the $2 shipping and I did say no partial order so my bad. I see there are a couple of back ordered items in my list. I am in no hurry so all is good I guess. I will try and pick up the Wolfpack update set too. I also have some sets from The Major line waiting for me in Calgary so I think I can use those sets on this kit.
  14. Wow, I never knew the RCAF was considering the F-105. i knew about the F-14 as well as the F-15 mainly because I have seen photos with RCAF markings on them during evaluations I would recon. Anyway an F-105 in marking similar to what the CF-101 wore would be pretty cool. I have some extra CF-101 sheets so maybe I can put one of my Monogram F-105F kits on the drawing board to do a what-if or what-could-have been project.
  15. Great news Kursad. Looking forward to the profiles in the new year.