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  1. 1/48 Hobbyboss A-4E Skyhawk

    Darren that is sweet. I love you idea of doing all the various companies that make a kit of the Skyhawk.An ambitious project but doable since I have seen you f-14s. I love the A-4 and is one of my favourite aircraft. I have a bunch in 1/48th and even have two of the Hobbycraft ones at the painting stage. Not sure why they are stalled. Your Skyhawk posts sure provide me with inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
  2. New Airfix announced for 2018

    Yeah really happy the Hunter made the list. I can now get rid of my Academy kit. Been looking around for ages for the update set but that is now long out of production. Have a cockpit in resin but now do's have to worry. The Sea Fury too should be a nice model which makes my Trumpeter and Hobbycraft kits redundant. Built my 1/48th Sea Fury years ago using both companies parts but I have some more schemes I would like to do. On another board there was mention that the Spitfire XIV showed up for a moment in the catalogue then disappeared. Maybe a mistake and they meant to put Spitfire Mk.22? No matter, 2018 is going to be an expensive year if I decide to pick up the new releases coming from Airfix as well as the other companies.
  3. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Yeah when I saw the bombers do their thing I thought, hey wait a minute don't you need gravity? Then I went looking up some info and the bombs are actually shot out so gravity has nothing to do with it. I saw an explanation on Youtube about the bombers themselves. I think a kit of the bomber would be great too. I believe there is one for the board game so maybe I should get that in the meantime? The one thing that bothers me in this whole Star Wars universe is when they use the same time system we have here on Earth. I recall they was one line in the movie when someone said "one week" or something like that. Hmmm are they orbiting a sun somewhere? Oh well it is science fiction so I guess it gives a reference. I always got a chuckle in the old Battlestar Gallactica when they used Yaren for years.
  4. Bandai 1/48 AT-ST "What If"

    Wow very nice. Like the what-if scheme. I have plans to do mine in some sort of camo. I figure the Empire would have some sort of scheme for different locations or that is my reasoning.
  5. So I was on Bandai's site and I see that they have 4 kits coming from The Last Jedi. The date on that announcement was September 2017. Personally I am hoping we see more next year. Here is my short list 1. Resistance bomber 2. Black first order droid. That BB-8 style but in black 3. First Order star destroyer with big blaster underneath 4. Snoke's star destroyer 5. Resistance cruiser 6. Nebulon class frigate I was going to add new heavy duty AT-AT but Revell already has that. Also, not sure if the Last Jedi A wings are the same as before so Bandai already has those.
  6. Cleaning sprues

    Yeah the dishwasher is NOT the place to put styrene plastic. You might get a ball of plastic if you do that. These days you normally don't have to wash sprues but the few times I have done it I simply filled my kitchen sink and used some dishwashing soap. Of course I cleaned the sink first so that there was no left over grease of food crap in it. Swish the sprues around and then wash with clean water. Place on dish towel to dry and all should be good. I have only ever seen actual mould release stuff on a kit and that was many yeas ago. It was a cheap kit from Eastern Europe. Even these days kits from there are great with nice clean kits sprues.
  7. S-3 Viking 1/48

    Thanks Darren. I actually have the Two Mike S-3B set and I kinda forgot Two Mikes had the Viking engine stuff. I went to the new site and bookmarked it just last week in fact.
  8. S-3 Viking 1/48

    Yeah what he said... I thought Two Bobs was only decals. You must be talking about Sierra Hotel parts.
  9. S-3 Viking 1/48

    In the ESCI and Italeri kit the sensor operators panels are solid anyway. Missed that those panels are a different colour so thanks for the reminder. Will remember to do that on my next Viking.
  10. Diego one's health is more important than anything to do with this hobby. Hope the health problems get resolved soon. Thanks too so much for posting the update. It is good to know the sheet is still in the pipeline. Believe me I am in no rush for yet more decal sheets. I think I have enough sheets now to paper my whole house :) Anyway I am looking forward to that T-33 sheet as well as the EAF F-4. I actually have a Hasegawa F-4E kit in painting stage but it is stalled due to some build issues that are driving me bonkers. Maybe I can get it started again when your F-4 sheet gets released.
  11. S-3 Viking 1/48

    Goffy Model made a weapons and wheel bay set in resin but sadly it is out of production. I have the Paragon Models wing fold set and was unaware that Wolfpack had made an equivalent set. I built my Viking when the kit came out many years ago in the ESCI box and of course I broke the landing gear. The landing gear is very fine so that is probably why that happened. I think SAC makes a set and I might get it for my next one. Or I could simply not play with my kits when done :)
  12. F-23A Black Widow II

    Wow so much work to correct the kit. I don't think I have the guts to do what you are doing but I think yours will look great when done. Keep up ithe good work.
  13. 1/32 AS332L2 Super Puma Mk.ll HKGFS B-HRN

    Wow some incredible work there. The details are simply amazing and your weathering just right in my mind. I started that kit many many years ago and had to start over when I found out what I did was so wrong. Thank you for posting your WIP. I have not been through all of your details but so far it looks great and would certainly help me when I get back to mine. I really appreciate you sharing your work with us. Hope you have some more stuff in the pipeline.
  14. 1/48 Mikoyan MiG-31BS 'Foxhound'

    Wow that looks great Jon . No ordnance? Actually looks pretty fast without it. Love the subtle weathering and I will check out your link for the build blog. You know the more I see of the MiG 31 builds I really should pick up one. Had that silly Lindberg kit many years ago so I am glad I gave it away and only had to wait a decade to see a state of the art kit.
  15. F-5E/F and F-20 drop tanks (again)

    Hi Luigi I would think that you can use whatever you want within reason. Since the F-20 never went into production I think your idea would work? Well unless you are doing one of the prototypes. I have a couple F-20 kits in 1/48 (Monogram) and I had planned to do them as if they went into production with a nice 3 tone camo. Don't have the new F-20 kits yet but maybe one day. Just love that aircraft and too bad the USAF never bought them but oh well, at least we have models of them so I am happy.