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  1. Ugh I had the Airfix kit and as it was the only one at the time I started it. It was sitting on my SOD until the Italeri kit came out. Then it went bye bye. I do recall trying to correct the panel lines on the Airfix kit as they appeared to be incorrect. Still have a couple of the Italeri kits but now with the Zvezda kit coming I may ditch them or keep them as decal mules. However I did like the Bloodhound missile in the Airfix kit and wished I had kept that.
  2. Wow late to the party here. Just saw this. Great stuff Kursad. I actually was at Syracuse ANG base when the A-10s were there. Got to touch these A-10s and it was great. Got a lot of slides but you probably have all you need. Those ANG pilots were a great bunch of guys too. Always wanted to build this A-10 with these markings so now I can. Built my Tamiya version in 23 TFW scheme so another will be okay.
  3. I guess I am lucky and got my B-29 last year at a show up here in Canada. Paid $50 CDN for it. It was started, sort of. Pieces were cut off the sprue and taped together. The tape did leave residue though so will have to clean that off. No biggie. I know there are several detail sets for it but to tell the truth I think I will just build the darn thing. Maybe engine change? Not sure yet. I think it is impressive enough without all the add ons.
  4. Wow nice. Unless you look closely at the movie I guess you would never see those details with the colours. Got to remember this post when I build mine
  5. On my next Zoom gab fest I will ask Mike Belcher if he has any interest. Those new Caracl decals are really nice.
  6. Can we start with Italeri's D and go from there? I know there is probably a lot of other stuff to do to make an RCAF Chinook.
  7. Interesting. I know I have seen RAAF C-17s with this mod which the RCAF also has and at the time the USAF did not have them installed. I take that back, not all the USAF C-17s had them installed. No matter i am adjusting mine with the mod as it is an easy fix.
  8. Well if it is still on, I probably would not go. I live in Canada and I am not even sure the border will be open for travel by then so it will all be academic.
  9. Thanks Jake, knew it could not be as simple as that.
  10. Is there a lot too it Jake? Just asking here. From what I have read it is mostly a "robot" in the cockpit in that the space is filled with control boxes. Maybe I should do some more research.
  11. Windscreen decals work fine in 1/144 as I think we are accustomed to that for the airliners. Not sure if possible but maybe seeing an interior on the decal would work? I remember seeing some airliner decals with crew in the decal recently.
  12. i have my Hobbycraft kits in 1/48th so I think I am good but it is very true that it is a rare bird indeed. And if you do find it, it will cost you an arm and two legs. I have a decal sheet from a company that made a resin version but as others have said, the decals are horrible as they come in the kits. Kursad, maybe if you do the decals, this would be the opportunity to combine scales on one sheet/sheets? Also, as you may know already, markings changed depending on the year. Another option to make it even more sellable is to include Malaysian markings since they were the only ot
  13. Wow I have always liked the JASDF Sabre Dogs. Could never lay my hands on the decals though. I have tow of the Monogram kits already but maybe I can pick up the Mono/Academy version?
  14. What I heard was that the limited edition refers to the white box. I read somewhere that these were produced for one of the hobby shows that had been cancelled. Of course I may be completely wrong and stand to be corrected. As an aside I would like the H version as I did not pick up the previous release.
  15. Well I am happy and can ditch my Italeri ones with the short nacelles. Only have one 1/48th one and that is good enough for me. Had about 6 of the Italeri 1/72nd versions but now down to 2. I have a few of the recent Zvezda airliner kits and they are very nice so I expect that this kit will be too.
  16. Funny this should come up. Lost a part last week. I was even being careful but too much pressure on the tweezers I guess. I was making wire pull handles for an ejection seat and they went poof. Looked for a few minutes and then said screw it. Remade it. I have commercial carpet in my model room for exactly this reason and still lost it.
  17. Sure will have a look. I loved working on old cars and these new ones need a computer degree to fix them.
  18. Nice work on installingthat after the build. How did you do that? I will have to remember this when I get round to mine.
  19. I don't buy much anymore on eBay but when I do I have few favourite sellers with reasonable shipping, I also set my searches with "price with shipping lowest". Also that duty and customs add on is a scam. If that is there in the listing I walk away. 9 times out of 10 it comes to my door without any customs. Duty should be zero.
  20. Thanks for the info Dave. Did not know he had left Squadron. Those sets were the cat's meow and I am thankful I have most of them when the came out.
  21. Good point Joe. I had that kit too but it did not look right. Too skinny I thought and as you say it is 1/50th no matter what the box says.
  22. You are more than welcome. Yeah if it was not for this thread I would not even have known about the special boxing by Hasegawa plus the two schemes in it. I have many of their Skyhawk kits in 1/48th but was not following too closely on their releases. I would go broke really fast and I like to stay married 🤣. My Superscale sheet is in 1/48 as that is the scale I build in mostly.
  23. So just did some searching and both VT-7 anniversary schemes are in the Hasegawa boxing. For the white scheme, there are two blues on the decal sheet and you have to mask the dark blue. The guy who built it said there was blue on the underside. I think you would need to find an instruction sheet to see what the scheme looked like? http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews2/aircraft/kits/hasegawa_48_ta4j-2/hasegawa_48_ta4j-2.htm
  24. Hey I have that sheet still as I was too scared of doing all that masking. I think there is some sort of pattern on the wings judging from the slats but it does not extend to the wing tips. Dark blue version looks simpler with the gold on the flap and wing tip. Hasegawa boxing shows top view taken from carrier tower I think.
  25. I thought Moskit was no more? Somehow I remember someone else doing metal exhausts. Also, to be honest I think the resin versions seem to be pretty good. Felinoid did you have a look at Scalemates? You can do a search there and see what pops. www.scalemates.com
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