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  1. You can get more photos at http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/f-4_home.htm These photos may also be helpful:
  2. The belly strap was not made of 3 parts. It was a solid "one-piece" part that goes between the pylons and the wing as seen in this photo of F-4E 67-0260. In addition to S and G, these straps were fitted on many F-4E in their late service.
  3. I am Turkish and I remember well how the Turkish politicians cried in hatred when their RF-4 was shot down by Syria in 2012. They vowed in retaliation that a plane "should not be shot down for such a short violation of airspace". That RF-4 flew over Syrian territorial waters for over 5 minutes! Same politicians are still governing Turkey today (unfortunately). Therefore, they were supposed to stick with their statements of 2012 and had not shot down the Russian a/c for a violation of 17 secs. You can not protect your borders by shooting down a plane of a country that you are not in war with
  4. If you are going to make a slatted F-4E, you need to be careful with the instrument panels. As far as I know the EJ kit has the early F-4E panel which was similar to the panel of F-4D.
  5. batura

    Hase F-22

    Kit is good. Cat is excellent.
  6. I think you are trying to say that you are making one of the standard F-4E aircraft, and it seems that its serial number will be 68-0342. For your information, this aircraft had a standard slatted F-4E main instrument panel, not the D panel. And, regarding the serial number 68-0342 on the vertical tail, here is a photo of the actual aircraft's tail to help you with the location of the dash. The same photo may also help you with the white borders around the walkways. Good luck, batur
  7. You have done pretty amount of work. Well done. However, are you aware that you have used an early F-4 (probably C or D) instrument panel in your F-4E kit? As you have mentioned the Pirate Squadron, I assume you are gonna built a F-4E 2020, and this may be because you have fitted double glass for the gunsight. If so, you have to know that the HUD in the 2020 was single glassed as seen below. Regards, Batur
  8. Thank you Loki. I have asked HD as well but got no reply.
  9. Why dont you report him to FBI? It may look a little serious to you but actually it is very easy from the FBI website. All you need to do is to fill in an online form. Afterwards a prosecutor takes the case and get in contact with you for more details. Chuck, as Paul Miller used your own photos, you can easily report him by calling the US Embassy in Ottawa. A US citizen named Michael Fuller tried to blackmail me by sending e-mails from a fake name about an issue a few years ago. He was not clever enough to use a different computer while doing this. So I identified him and immediately called t
  10. Hello, Does anybody know whether the 1/48 HobbyDecal HD48041 "F-4 Panel Numbers Black Stencil" set has only the panel numbers OR BOTH the panel numbers and stencils? If I am not wrong, panel numbers and stencils are both given in the "F-4J VF-84 Jolly Rogers Late 1971" decal set. TIA Batur
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