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  1. I know it's waaaay too late, but I paid around $40-$50 for mine about 2 years ago..
  2. I remember seeing Snoopy way back in the 80's at Mangalore airshow...awesome performance!
  3. G'day Tim.. Spent a couple of years in Perth - me and my son left a few models behind in the SMCWA display cases. Living in Melbourne (again) now. No particular scale, just so long as I can throw some civvy markings on.
  4. I use Corel X7, which is the latest. I only have a very basic knowledge of it - enough to do what I want it to do, and that's it. The company that prints my decals uses X6...converting between the two is simple - just a matter of me saving to the previous version. Another thing that I find handy about Corel is that you can subscribe monthly rather than shelling out big $$ for the package. As I don't use it all the time, this is very handy for me. Costs me somewhere around $27 AUD for the month.
  5. Here's a couple of sheets I've designed: I use Autocad to get the primary line work done, then import it into CorelDraw....that's just because I've been using Autocad for about 20 years and know it backwards. Both programs are vector based, so the artwork can be easily scaled up or down, and easliy tweaked to suit the model. I used to print on my inkjet, but colours were an issue as they were too translucen, and white was impossible. I use a company in Sydney to print them now. Unless you're in Australia, it's probably not much use to you..
  6. Irrespective of the "used in combat" debate, is there a rule book somewhere that states all aircraft model kits must be of types that were used in combat and are known about by more than 0.01% of people?
  7. Hi All, I am very pleased to announce a new Australian-based modelling site dedicated to civil and airliner modelling: http://airliner-civil-aircraft-modeller.com/ Please feel free to stop by and have a look-see.
  8. While not quite on the same wavelength as the OP, I can see *sort of* where he's coming from....I appreciate aircraft simply because they're aircraft and they fly - or flew. Personally, I'm not interested in building anything with a military scheme if I can help it. That's not to say I won't, but the first thing I'll do upon deciding what to build is to see if there's a civvy scheme that catches my eye....if I can't find one, I'll make one up. How would I paint this aircraft if I were to own it? Were I to be in a position to run a museum, there would be a Mustang in the short-lived Tiger B
  9. No need for a life jacket - I'm always within gliding distance of a suitable landing area, as per the regs :)
  10. All my GA bugsmashers and a couple of corporate jet type things.....absolutely NO military stuff....unless there was a suitable civvy scheme it could be done in. Might have to enlist a couple of helpers to carry it all, though.
  11. A GA-7 Cougar went in doing night circuits at CNK in 1989 - 3 POB, all survived, although pretty beat up..The instructor taught me for a while in 1990.
  12. Aw geez, Ross, sorry to hear about your Mum. Deepest sympathies from me and the kids. Thinking of you, mate. Damo, Evan, Layla & Pippa.
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