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  1. Congratulations. I take it no PE was used in this build? Very realistic details. Again, congratulations to the three of you.
  2. Very nice. I have the Minicraft kit, but I also want to get this one.
  3. You can use window cleaner (w/ammonia) to strip the acrylic paint. Use a toothbrush also, it should strip rather easily. Since the Aclad is a laquer (I think) the window cleaner should not affect it. I use a generic brand of window clearner rather than Windex. $0.97/bottle compared to $2.50
  4. Dynamite will get rid of that unsightly blotch.
  5. The two models I am currently working on (Revell 1966 Pontiac GTO and the Revell Robotech Mecha) has me doing a little more scratch building than I have done in the past. In doing this scratch building I have been using more superglue. I am currently using the Duro Quick Gel No-Run super glue. I like the quick gel because I can control it's application a little better than the liquid super glue. I can also get two tubes at Wally World for under $2. I was wondering what everyone else uses and why. What is the benefit of using Zap brand (Zap, Zap-a-Gap, Slo-Zap) etc. Also what is your
  6. The past couple of times I have had to do this I used a toothpick and softly worked the decal until it came of in itty bitty pieces.
  7. Great looking cockpit. I have the Revell Bf 110 myself (not sure if this is that kit). I keep putting it off for other models. How did you do the wash on the side panels? How did you get the yellow wires to look so good?
  8. I made my paint booth. I needed something I could fold up and put away in the closet. Once I buy a house and have a garage I was actually thinking of the PaceKeeper. It's large enough for a good size model and reasonably priced.
  9. Water is what I started with just to get the hang of the brush. Then I bought a couple of sheets of scrap styrene and practiced with acrylics. The reason being is that acrylics are very easy to clean up.
  10. One technique I have used is to fill the intake full of cotton balls and then mask over the top of that. It gives the mask some backing and protects the inside of the intake. The same can be done for the exhaust.
  11. I love Tamiya acrylics. It is the only thing I use unless they don't have the color I need.
  12. This will only work with acrylics. I use the cheap ammonia based window cleaner to clean up my acrylic messes either airbrush, hands, crappy paint jobs, etc.
  13. I was looking forward to this being my first GB. Oh well. It gives me time to finish my current project.
  14. It's the glazing and spot putty
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