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  1. Don, Thanks! I've just managed to get that and take a look ;) It's another pic at least! Karl.
  2. Aha, that probably explains it then... I've checked all my references, and done pictures searches on the internet, and this is the only one around. Thanks for that anyway, I guess I'll make it up from there. Looks like the outer pylon is an SUU-25 Flare Dispenser, so anyone got ideas as to what could go on the opposite outer pylon?? Hello you! You gotta remember it was the 70's! Some of the best things came out of the 70's... like me!!! :) Karl.
  3. Hi, I am looking for some more pictures and possibly reference on the 1976 Bicentennial scheme A-7D. The only pic that I can find anywhere is the boxtop shot on the Hasegawa kit. Has anyone got any other shots of this aircraft please?? Ideally in the same 'show' loadout that this one was taken in... I am trying to work out what the opposite wing loadout was, amongst other things... Karl.
  4. Hi there, I'm having trouble with finding reference of the fuselage airbrakes on EA-6A's, the ones behind the jet pipes that weren't on later versions... I'm doing a Fujimi one in VMAQ-2 hi-viz markings (Grey/white) and I'm doing the airbrakes open. What colours are - the inside of the bay?, the inside of the airbrake?, and outside of the airbrake? As far as I can tell, the outside of the airbrake is a very dark metallic, almost black... but other than that I'm stuck. The kit instructions call out red for the airbrake bay, which is probable with USN a/c The inside of the airbrake I have n
  5. Cheers, that's what I needed to know! Karl.
  6. I'm currently modelling the Fujimi 1/72 EA-6A and need some help on the Airbrakes... Did the holes on the Airbrakes on EA/A-6A's go right through the doors? The kit has a number of holes dotted around the door, but are not all the way through? Should I drill out the holes? Later versions like the A-6E don't seem to have these holes on the brake doors... If anyone has any shots of the airbrakes open where you can see this, I'd appreciate it. Can you help! Karl.
  7. dswoofie

    Gannet AS1/4

    Hiya, Help, help, help! I'm currently having a go at the Trumpeter Gannet AS.1/4 and have a few questions that you folks could answer... I'm in two minds as to which of the 2 Royal Navy versions to do. I'm really drawn to doing the 820sqn one from Bulwark, but it looks to be a REAL pain getting those spinner stripes done :wacko: . Has anyone done one of these and can give some tips for it? Firstly a couple surrounding colours :- The instructions list the colours on the 820sqn ones spinners as red and IJN grey? Is this right, and what colour is closest to IJN grey in Xtracrylics??? The un
  8. Hi, I'm going to have a go at using the method described in the Tools and Tips section for 'Filling without sanding'. It seems like a great idea and if I can do it properly I'll be well happy... My only thought is to whether using the Nail polish remover will affect the plastic in any way for receiving Acrylic paints afterwards?? Has anyone used this method? and can anyone shed any light on this? Regards, Karl.
  9. Hiya, I'm after an answer to another question regarding F-8's. I know that the bulkhead on the front end of the wing is painted red, but what colour is the opposing bulkhead on the fuselage? Is it white like the rest of this area, or is it red like on the wing? Any help greatfully received! Regards, Karl.
  10. Thanks guys, I'll carry on with that now. :D Karl.
  11. Hi, Simple one really, what colours are on the inside of the lifted wings on an F-8? At the moment I'm assuming that the underwing is white, and the top of the fuselage is Light Gull Grey, as per outer colours? Can anyone point me in the right direction if I'm wrong... Regards, Karl.
  12. It didn't look too bad originally, but it now looks superb!!! What patience to strip and re-do all of that, and to make it look sooo good afterwards. Just love BMF Lightnings, and this captures the look great! Karl.
  13. Hi, This is my second aircraft posted on here, it's the Revell (Matchbox) 1/72 Swordfish. It was the first model I completed this year, back in January. Took about 2 weeks to do overall. I'd not built a bi-plane before and decided to have a go and do some rigging. The kit was pretty basic, but was fine for my purposes. Just added some masking tape seat belts, and used a mini saw to make some detail on the radiator on the right hand side of the nose as the kit is smooth with no detail. Did all of the rigging by drilling out all of the holes and threading fine fishing line all the way through
  14. Very Nice Looks the part... I've got a few of these in the loft, but I've not built one yet... hope they turn out like this!! Karl.
  15. Looking forward to seeing it completed... Karl.
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