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  1. FineMolds will produced other Tomcat versions, as they put also a small wings for ver. A, which aren't in D
  2. I don't mean is wrong about what can carry Tomcat, I compare only Machine(markings) and a time of use this Bu. number. Could You write something more about this Loadout for missile shot from 2004 ?
  3. Impressive model, but wrong configuration at the time of use (2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom). 6 Phoenix conf. was very unusual, see on some test beds or special events (80-90's) Regards
  4. Hi Eri, Prices of the sprues are always put at a bottom of instruction - section Call Service / some of the end page B) . Writing to Parts@hlj.com - you gave a number or letter of sprue and a number or name of the model set. They usually gave you an reply with all cost - like canopy sprues from F/A-18 D Hasegawa is 900 Yen + shipping is about 300 Yen so cost = 1200 Yen. HLJ accepting PAYPAL and all major CreditCards. I will try to investigate the numbers of CFT and Spine sprues - so keep in touch. Ad.1 Sprue YA - Spine Sprue YD - Parts for Spine - ECM(chaff/flares ) dispensers molded wit
  5. Write to parts@hlj.com - order sprue from NEW Hasegawa sets with Conformal Fuel Tanks :) You will have a nice plastic CFT - easy to scratch and fit ( is not resin :D ) for instance - F-16 E cat. number 09932 sprue code YG
  6. Looking Good If something goes wrong I will remind abot nice conversion from DrPepper http://www.drpepperresins.com/SHinst.html
  7. Be honest KINETIC !!! I have all three major models : Hasegawa, Revell, Kinetic - Kinetic try to improves as much as they can in 1:72 scale replica, is not the best model in the world but if you look that way : how many scratch methods I should used to make an accurate F-16 I , Kinetic Wins
  8. He's telling the true = one element which my AFV F-5 need sandig is APU Flaps ( the part included open or closed unit ), so company specalize in armour area did a good job Great Aggressors !!!
  9. Some new sprue shots available : >>>EA-6B-On_LuckyModell<<<
  10. Dear Darren, I saw all SB169 and SB177 - are sold , but question : too make an EA-18 G replica I need two of them or only SB177 ?
  11. Dear ARC-ers, Surfing at some suberb online shops I found this >>>F-18D_Academy<<< at HLJ - September release 5% discount
  12. Again Glass !!! For Support, Customer Service and Highly Detailed Resin Parts - Hip,Hip Hurrray !!!! :P :lol: Sets of F-14 upgrade - wow impresive and priceless :) and recommended
  13. Very NIce Vipers :) Regards From Tomcatskies :) How are You ?
  14. Ok. I've posted all allowed pics so rest will be posted tommorow
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