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  1. I'm never going to build it and I don't have any place to put it anyway. All parts sealed in bags I'm asking $200 plus shipping. Thanks for looking https://imgur.com/Gr5eYGe
  2. flyfort17

    1:200 Hobbycraft 747-100

    So cool. Where can I get one of those flap sets?
  3. flyfort17

    Tamiya 1:48 F-14 2.0

    Wasn't going to get one. but after reading this thread I Preordered 2 Dang you ARC. :doh:/>
  4. flyfort17

    Tamiya 1:48 F-14 2.0

    Anyone make these decals in 1/48th?
  5. flyfort17

    How did you meet your spouse

    Which one? :rolleyes:/>
  6. flyfort17

    Modeling a shuttle during launch

    I've seen people use that expanding insulation foam for smoke and fire effects. Some are really good to.
  7. flyfort17

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Kenetic does a 1/48 Deck with JBDs http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48057
  8. flyfort17

    Travel advice

    If you're going to March Field be sure to stop by the Planes of Fame in Chino CA Great museum.
  9. You can have your movie stars. This is more my speed. And she probably has a personality. Most likely 100% smarter than your average movie star. :salute:/>
  10. flyfort17

    Fujimi or Hasegawa F-14?

    Since both these kits come with separate wing flaps and slats, which one builds better with them up and the wings swept back? I have both kits. 1/72nd Thanks
  11. flyfort17

    How would you respond to this?

    I would have just blown him off and forgot about it. I still don't understand people who want to play golf :P/>
  12. My Cousin flew with this squadron in this time period. He was on the USS Ranger. It was when they changed to the low vis markings. I have googled the crap out of this and I cant find a pict. Sadly he cant find any pictures of his plane. Here is emal he sent me. Todd, When I was flying in VF-24, the Navy was trying to make our combat aircraft less visible by going to a black on grey color scheme. So the photo you attached is from an earlier period. Plus, our tail letters were NF, not NG. I think NG was the USS Constellation airwing; on the USS Ranger our tails were NF. So all the reds and yellows would be black. All the white portions of the aircraft would be grey. Even the warning decals were black on grey. Not very pretty but it did make the airplane harder to see. I flew most of my flights with Jim so I know his name was on the canopy with mine. My name was LCdr Jim “Rat” Pratt. And some of the bureau numbers for our aircraft are 159619, 160887, and 160889. How do I find picture of this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Todd
  13. flyfort17

    E2046 1/6 Sima Yao

    Dang good work there. Very nice. You must have a very steady hand or lots of masking.