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  1. I sure would like to find an accurate A-10C cockpit. Better yet I would like to see a new tool A-10C kit released. My son is a crew chief on the A-10 for INANG and I’m build a model of “his” jet for him. I’m using the Italeri kit with the old Black Box cockpit plus the Eduard set for the C model. Of the pre-painted parts I’m just using the Eduard IP. The grey that should be dark gull grey is closer to ghost grey. Its a small area that as Darren says could be easily painted over. I really don’t see the cream color you mentioned. It’s not 100% accurate but my son is happy with the results so far. Sierra Hotel Models allegedly is going to produce an A-10C cockpit. It’s listed on their website as a Summer 2019 release but the order links aren’t active. I’m not sure they are producing products anymore. https://sierrahotelmodels.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7825439
  2. Are you looking for a just a helmet or a helmet with a head in it? Helmets vary depending on time frame. For something current, KASL makes a HGU 55P helmet with and w/o an O2 hose. Not sure it is 100% correct for the Hornet, but looks the part. Otherwise the Hasegawa Super Hornet kits come with pilots wearing the newer style helmets. Here's a link to the KASL helmets on Scalemates. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kasl-hobby-k48040-pilot-helmet-hgu-55-p--465654
  3. Testors produced a True Blue in the Model Master line, I may be wrong but I think it is one of the many colors they discontinued.
  4. Years ago I found an email address in Japan for Hasegawa from a search of the internet. I sent an email with a request for a replacement part and my mailing address. Never got a reply email but about six weeks later the part I needed showed up in my mailbox from Japan. I wrote down the email address for posterity, but forgot where I wrote it down. Might be worth a try if you can wait.
  5. That’s good to know. I have him as a saved search on eBay and had not received any notices for quite some time. I was wondering if he was still in business. Hopefully he’ll be back casting soon. I need some intakes for a Hornet.
  6. They’ve been around for awhile with 737’s out of MIA.
  7. I was hoping to see a kit from Zvezda but this looks promising. I dont know much up this company. How are there kits? I hope it will have the RR engines.
  8. Bought the last one that Amodel on eBay had in stock (located in IL, I’m guessing same retailer efd327 bought his from) on Saturday. It was delivered Tuesday while I was on a trip. Finally I had time to look in the box last night. I’ll echo what the others have said. It test fit a few parts and fit was good. Decals are okay but I plan to get the Caracal sheet because I know the Cartograph decals will perform flawlessly. My two complaints about the kit are these; since it based on the DC-10 airliner there are panel lines above and below where the windows go and there is no cargo door molded in the left fuselage side. The panel lines are easily filled. Scribing a cargo door will be a challenge because my scribing skills are poor. The alternative would be to just build the KLU KDC-10 version. Overall a good kit kit and I think it will build up into a good representation of the KC-10.
  9. There’s a few pictures here. https://modelsua.com/mcdonnell-douglas-kc-10-extender-1-144-amp-144004.html https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10656955
  10. That figure won’t work for a BA pilot. He’s wearing g-pants, plus the Blues wear a flight suit that’s cut different from the standard CWU 27 flight suit.
  11. I flew with a pilot who was a former USMC A-4 driver in M models. Other CQ in training he never went to the boat.
  12. I’ve had good luck with Postimage.org. It’s easy to use. I have also looked for your thread over at Hyperscale but I can’t find it. I would like to see the pictures as I received this kit as a gift from one of my sons at Christmas. If you can please post a link to your thread.
  13. Ditto... in 1/48 Tamiya. Ditto...in 1/48, Tamiya is the best, hands down. Worth every penny, or yen, or euro, or whatever your currency.
  14. okthree


    Nor do I. As you are I am happily married to a beautiful woman who encourages my hobby.
  15. okthree


    I’ve got them too. Very annoying. I was worried it was something I picked up on my phone while browsing the forums down in Mexico. Relieved it’s not just me
  16. Bazinga! Fixed the formatting for me.
  17. Thanks for the information. My friend texted me from the store earlier today with the same release date. I’ll just order it from a retailer in the USA as this is probably his last trip to Japan for awhile.
  18. So my friend is in Tokyo today. The Tamiya store doesn’t open until noon, after he leaves. Even though the store wasn’t open he decided he’d take a walk past to see if he could spot the new P-38 in the store window. (There’s usually several models and dioramas on display in the store window). When he got there this is what he found. He returns Saturday when the store is open. We’ll know then if the P-38 is for sale in Japan.
  19. I see on Spruebrothers home page that the new Tamiya P-38 is due to arrive in the US on 10/20. Does anybody know when it is to be released in Japan? I have a friend who flies 777’s for a major carrier and is heading to Tokyo next week. His layover hotel is close to the Tamiya store. If the P-38 is available I’ll send him on an errand and pick one up for me.
  20. As was pointed out, I referring to the quality, accuracy and ease of construction as to recent Tamiya releases ie. their F-16 and F-14A/D. Sorry for the confusion. You are correct about the old Tamiya A-10A, it does not represent a production aircraft.
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