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  1. Here’s what I’m looking for. Is there anyone out there not planning to build a KA-6D and willing to part with this insert?
  2. Squadron has the kit listed for preorder. https://www.squadron.com/Grumman-F-14D-Tomcat-p/tm61118.htm
  3. I just tried Tamiya panel wash for the first time and used odor less paint thinner. Seemed to work fine.
  4. I just finished reading Hunter Killers and have a desire to build a Wild Weasel F-105G. Looking forward to this sheet.
  5. If if you’re looking for a Hasegawa D, I’ve got a couple I’m willing to sell.
  6. With a name like Kokopelli Scale Designs, I would assume Western Colorado or Eastern Utah.
  7. MSRP is $124.00. but you’ll be able to find it cheaper. Based on the price of the Tamiya F-14A, my guess it will probably have a “street” price $70-$90 at your favorite hobby retailer. Scale is 1/48.
  8. I’m planning to build my kit in AA livery. If you’re in the US or Canada you may have mine. PM me your address if you want them.
  9. My boxing has the winglets. Parts 8, 9, 10 & 11.
  10. okthree

    SU-17 M4

    Truly impressive work. The Su-22 is my favorite Soviet aircraft from the Cold War era. I think it embodies all the design elements of Soviet aircraft from that period. Very nice work. Your build makes me want to jump in and build the KH kit I have in my stash. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the build. As soon as I saw the sprues for this kit on line I sold my old KP kit on eBay for enough money I could buy the KH kit. I feel sorry for the guy who bought my KP kit.
  11. Wish they had put the ablative coating on the bombs.
  12. Nice work. I hear that’s a nice little kit that goes together well.
  13. Unlike the ‘80’s, today they could use real MiGs.
  14. I am looking for the correction sheet to Afterburner Decal’s Desert Storm Intruders, sheet 48-080 for the VA-35 KA-6D that was printed up. I purchased the sheet directly from Afterburner shortly after it was released but before the correction sheet was printed. I missed the fact that a correction was issued and never got one. If you have this small sheet with your decals and have no plans to build a tanker version of the Intruder I would be happy to take it off your hands. I have lots to trade or would be willing to purchase this small addendum to the decal sheet. Thanks, Mark
  15. Looks like a good figure. I would like to see you guys release some modern US Navy pilots in flight gear someday.
  16. Eye watering! Very nice work. The A-6 is my favorite airplane. Your build makes me want to build the Hobby Boss kit I have in my stash.
  17. In years past there has always been a site that shows all the models on display at the Shizuoka show by manufacture. I've seen the pictures of the Tamiya F-14D, but I'd like to see what else is coming from other manufactures. All the searches that I've done on the internet just give me links to new Gundam kits debuted at Shizuoka. Can anyone post a link to what's new in plastic models. Thanks.
  18. I never bought into the hype of the AMK kit. Now that I’ve seen the Tamiya F-14D sprues I’m glad I didn’t. If this kit ever come to fruition I’ll pass. A better use of AMK’s time would have been on the MiG 25.
  19. Eye watering. It’s going to be an awesome kit. I need to get busy and clean my work bench off before August.
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