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Everything posted by okthree

  1. okthree

    Imgur Test

    I think I got it.
  2. okthree

    Imgur Test

  3. okthree

    Mr Paint ever in stock?

    Check the Hobbyworld USA website. Looks like they've got all the colors for SEA Camo in stock.
  4. okthree

    Super Hornet shoots down Syrian SU-22

    Maybe he's divorced and doesn't like his ex.
  5. okthree

    "MiG/ Su Killer" GB

    Hope this group build is going forward. The hard part will be choosing which MiG killer to build.
  6. okthree

    Super Hornet shoots down Syrian SU-22

    Interview with the pilot. http://www.savetheroyalnavy.org/up-close-with-a-us-super-carrier-and-the-pilots-fresh-from-combat-operations/
  7. okthree

    Hasegawa A-4F 1/48

    Very nice work on the Scooter.
  8. okthree

    F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    Because it's effing awesome.
  9. okthree

    1/48 Italeri A-10C questions

    If you can, pick up the July 2017 issue of Model Airplane International there's a short section with some walkaround pictures of an A-10C and a build article of the Italeri kit. The walkaround focuses primarily on C model differences.
  10. okthree

    1/48 Hasegawa A-4F VA-93

    Awesome. Nice work.
  11. okthree

    F/A-18F Dicals question

    I have always thought a Super Hornet in the markings of VFA-101 would be a great "what if". I don't think VF 101 flew the Crusader either.
  12. okthree

    "MiG/ Su Killer" GB

    Israeli Mirage...
  13. okthree

    1/48 Meng P-51D

    Outstanding build.
  14. okthree

    Testors products being discontinued?

    In addition to being too thin it is also too "hot" to brush. I tried to touch up a small area of paint with a brush and the MRP ate through the paint that was on the model.
  15. okthree

    Testors products being discontinued?

    Switch. You'll not regret it.
  16. okthree

    Meng 1/48 F-35A coming?

  17. okthree

    Skyhawk Odyssey

    Eye watering collection. It took me 16 years to build just one...
  18. okthree


    I hope that price includes free shipping.
  19. okthree

    Trumpeter Vigilante

    They must be selling as fast as they can cast them. Sold out again.
  20. okthree

    Albuquerque ... what to do?

    Funniest thing I've read in a long time.
  21. okthree

    Trumpeter Vigilante

    Dang! Should've ordered it when I first looked at the intakes. I wonder how the resin intakes will work with the Nautilus brace?
  22. okthree


    I always like the look of the Corsair in the FAA paint scheme. Nice work.
  23. okthree

    1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat - VF-41 Black Aces, 1976

    Simply eye watering. I need to to clean off my workbench so I can start mine.
  24. okthree

    Looking for 1/144 737NG sharklets

    Do you mean the new scimitar winglets? They make great holes in the sides of catering trucks. Contrails makes a set and Airline Hobby Supply has them in stock. http://www.airline-hobby-estore.com/product-p/cm44-737-scim.htm