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Status Updates posted by okthree

  1. Aaron, I passed on the gouge you gave my to my cousin. He interviewed on Monday. He found it very helpful. He was offer a conditional offer of employment. Thanks for the help.

  2. Thanks all good gouge. I'll pass it along.

  3. Also my cousin has an interview with Eagle next week any tips or advice?

  4. It has been quiet lately, but Symon posted some stuff today And I noticed your name was not one the distribution list. I'll let the guys know. I can forward the emails on to you if you want.

    I found those Fox One ANG decals. A guy was selling a sheet and I reonded right away. I guess I need to go to HL an get another F-16.

  5. A couple years ago I was trying to convince Scott Brown of Afterburner Decals to include some MI jets on one of their F-16 sheets. He had absolutely no interest in doing it and said he thought there was zero demand.

  6. Man I would love to get a hold of that Fox One sheet. I've been looking for that one for a long time for the MI decals. Can't find it anywhere even eBay. You need to get to HobbyLobby for a F-16. The one in GRR near the airport has them on clearance for 40.00

  7. I know of shops in LAS, LGB, and STL but those aren't cities you go to on the CRJ. I usually use public transit to get to shops. There is a good shop in Aurora CO, s. Of DIA but you would definitely need a car.

  8. Did you get that Raptor for the bargin basement price Squadron had last month? I bought that kit last summer at Riders. They had it on sale for 65.00 and at the time I thought that too good a deal to pass up. Apparently someone had orderred it and when they saw the MSRP of 95.00 they didn't want the kit. So Riders put it on the shelf at a reduced price. I wished I had waited a year.

  9. You should get the Tamiya F-16. That's a great kit too. With the HobbyLobby coupon for 40% off you can pick one up at a fairly good price.

  10. BTW the Tamiya Mustang is good. One of their earlier efforts so not on par with the P-47 but never the less a good kit. Now the P-47... Man I enjoyed every minute that I spent building that kit.

  11. Hey Aaron nice to meet you in person also. I'll add your email to our virtual model club and pass it on to the other guys. See you again sometime on the commute to ORD.

  12. Got too many going on. Right now trying to finish a 1/48 Tamiya Mustang and a Bronco Predator.

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