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  1. ups.. Nice... good improvment Sebastijan... a litlle more light on the tail... only over the front fin Fantastic job for a first attempt
  2. Slovenian colors... good theme and a good choice I will wait to see the progress. Keep working Sebastijan.
  3. A "Start" is always good Martin, as in a long trip, the first step is also the most important. Keep working Miguel
  4. Good starting Borges, Abraço do outro lado do Atlântico... Keep posting, Best wishes!
  5. FENIX - Return from the Ashes. 2 years After Portuguese Air Force grounded their "Pumas", the heli return to Azores to continue operating SAR missions over Atlantic Sea. 40 years is a long history, since Colonial War until Now! And the official Litograph of 40 years and 70 000 hours of flights Best Regards Miguel
  6. Profile and the Real one Nice to see you again.
  7. Miguel


    Good work Clave I love Tornado ECR JBG32. Miguel
  8. Miguel

    Alpha Jet

    Back... AT 18 Special Scheme 25 years of Alpha Jet Best Regards Miguel
  9. You may not be a pro... but i know your fantastic work since...... 2002???? Any way... you was one of the references i took to learn something... Keep posting I still learning Best Regards Miguel
  10. Miguel

    Alpha Jet

    Thanks Fouga, for your help the 3rd one... next the AT 18 Best Regards Miguel
  11. Ciao Gianfranco, i love F's 86 nice one that italian.. You have an fantastic and excelent italian ilustrator here in the forum (Ugo Crisponi) from Aviantion Graphics. Well come, and i hope to see more of your work in new topics. Regards Miguel
  12. Miguel

    Alpha Jet

    Hi Fouga, I belive you. After all, you know that history better then I. I had based this profile in a picture presented in that site. (http://belmilac.wetpaint.com/page/Part+1+%3A+AT01+-+AT18) the picture have the following information: AT05 c/n B05/1018 230379: handed over to Belgian Air Force 130479: taken on charge by EPA/VVS 000091: seen painted in overall green colorscheme, due to a lack of the correct paint (last noted as such 001293) 010799: first flight in special red-white-gold colorscheme to commemorate '20 Years Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force' 190601: first noted in
  13. Miguel

    Alpha Jet

    here is the 2 nd one. Next will be the actual grey scheme. Best Regards Miguel
  14. Miguel

    Alpha Jet

    here is the 1st of Belgian Ajets - AT 12 hope you like it Regards Miguel
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