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  1. Looking for a cheap testors or hawk 1/48 P-47D kit. Strictly a nostalgia build. Bagged kit ok, decals, instructions optional. I looked on eBay but those prices are nuts. Looks like I can’t find one there for less than $20 to my door which is way more than I’d want to spend for a kit I’d grab at a show for $5-7 . If I’m going to spend that much I’ll just spend a little more and get a tamiya! 😝 Email chardunton ”at” gmail.com I’d you can help me out! Charlie
  2. How’d you guys leave out the TF-102? How to ruin the lines of a beautiful aircraft!
  3. eBay has been known to mess with search results and hide listings, you might be seeing part of that. Even if you search for something they will also skew the results to show you what they think you want to see. Google “eBay hides listings “ much has been written about it.
  4. Got my sheet yesterday, looks great! Thanks Kursad for doing this sheet for this old Hobbycraft kit!
  5. Have you checked Micro Scale? I noticed they’re putting a lot of older sheets back into print.
  6. We’ll see! I understand Kursads position with all going on, but it’s been repeatedly pushed back as well!
  7. Just ordered the F-94 sheet! You mentioned awhile back the 1/144 B-58 and 1/32 Harrier were due for August release, and they aren't on the September list...are these on the back burner?
  8. I have no doubt it’ll be modular to put out as many variants as possible. Start with the least interesting version first and go from there.
  9. Hopefully it’ll drive down prices of the Hobbycraft kit. I expect this to be priced in the $75-$100 range from Roden.
  10. Wow! Never thought we’d see two B-36 kits in 1/144! Hopefully will be priced less than the C-5 kit. I’ve got one each of the Hobbycraft issues ( and they’re already paid for) so I’ll probably pass if they are near the $100 mark. I look forward to seeing them though!
  11. They made the right call.
  12. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/houston-facing-apocalyptic-july-4-134936261.html
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