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  1. $37 shipped on Amazon, and $34 shipped on eBay. Let me know if you need links.... For the Monogram 1/48 B-17G that is....when adjusted for inflation, that's cheaper than when they were issued in 1975.
  2. I believe the price point in 1975, the year it was released was $8-$9. Let's just call it $9. According to the latest inflation calculators, that's about $43 in 2019 dollars, so well under $100. Current online price not including shipping is around $35, so it's even cheaper now when taking inflation into account!
  3. That's the one, lots of good info from Harold and Bruce!
  4. Do a search here on the forum, there was a very detailed thread a few years back comparing the two.
  5. https://www.wsj.com/articles/before-737-max-boeings-flight-control-system-included-key-safeguards-11569754800
  6. Another good read https://www.google.com/amp/s/newrepublic.com/amp/article/154944/boeing-737-max-investigation-indonesia-lion-air-ethiopian-airlines-managerial-revolution
  7. While that price sounds much more appealing, I'll still be keeping my F, G, ProModeler, and 2 visible Forts... I've got 1/48 B-17G as a saved eBay search, will be intersting to see if suddenly there is a flood, may pick up a few more if I can get them cheap. Still looking for an original box art in good condition to cut out and put on the wall in the garage.
  8. 😲 Wow! I'll be keeping my 5 Monogram/Revell F/G/Visible/Promodeler boxings at that price, they all together cost me a lttle more than half that MSRP.
  9. If you're just looking for "my karma" there's also an old Superscale sheet with these markings.
  10. Hopefully a baby seal doesn't die by me mentioning this, but Draw Decals does do privately owned Warbird Decals, don't know if they e done the Tigercat though
  11. I love those Army Mustangs! And those USAF ones in overall grey! Some of those Latin American aircraft have been covered by Aztec, but there's always room for more!
  12. I'm in no rush, my stash is big enough ( as I assume many of ours are) to keep me busy until this sheet is available! I'll pick one or two up whenever it's ready!
  13. Thanks Kursad! I was worried it had been dropped, after seeing it in the release schedule, then pushed out, then dropped. Good to hear it's still happening!
  14. No 1/144 B-58? You had mentioned awhile back it would be released with the 1/72 reprint in August/September. Hopefully still in the que, just acquired another Hobbycraft B-58
  15. Is the 1/144 B-58 pushed out indefinitely? I see the 1/72 sheet on the Sept releases schedule, but no mention of the 1/144 sheet.
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