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  1. Probably a bit of an outlier here, but I like testors Metalizer sealer. Levels nicely, dries fast, is a nice semi gloss/satin finish that works fine for decals.
  2. I was about to say the same! I get slightly better results decanting it, but I’m also too lazy and have such limited modeling time it’s not worth the effort for me. I’ve also polished it with some SNJ powder and gotten good results for panel variations. I know that stuff is also out of production but I’ve got a few bottles and a little goes a long way.
  3. I’ve still got a few bottles of old silver, I love that stuff...but I’ll second the Tamiya AS-12, it’s a great paint
  4. I’m just waiting for them to finally get around to the Avis S-199 as originally announced as part of their 109 series
  5. I built one with the Vintage Flyer Hughes decals, they’re great! I used rustoleum 7747830 gloss yellow. Close enough for me and the elderly ex airline mechanic who has it now hanging non his garage loves it.
  6. Anything in 1/144? Like a B-58 ? 🙂
  7. My vote is for at least one overall GSB scheme!
  8. In my quest to model every fighter in ADC grey, I’d like to see the D or Fs in the overall ADC grey flown by the Armament Test Division at Elgin.
  9. $37 shipped on Amazon, and $34 shipped on eBay. Let me know if you need links.... For the Monogram 1/48 B-17G that is....when adjusted for inflation, that's cheaper than when they were issued in 1975.
  10. I believe the price point in 1975, the year it was released was $8-$9. Let's just call it $9. According to the latest inflation calculators, that's about $43 in 2019 dollars, so well under $100. Current online price not including shipping is around $35, so it's even cheaper now when taking inflation into account!
  11. That's the one, lots of good info from Harold and Bruce!
  12. Do a search here on the forum, there was a very detailed thread a few years back comparing the two.
  13. https://www.wsj.com/articles/before-737-max-boeings-flight-control-system-included-key-safeguards-11569754800
  14. Another good read https://www.google.com/amp/s/newrepublic.com/amp/article/154944/boeing-737-max-investigation-indonesia-lion-air-ethiopian-airlines-managerial-revolution
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