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  1. There's always the nitto 1/100 kit. Not quite as big but still impressive in size.
  2. Ha! I figured all the lamenting over the rivets and need for expensive replacement parts, I'd offer owners at least something for these horribly inaccurate kits sitting in their stashes....😝
  3. I'm looking for the 1/48 portion of the IPMS Decal sheet for Jim Ashfords P-47 Okole Maluna. This was included in one of the 2009 issues of the journal. I'm hoping someone out there who only builds 1/72 or 1/32 doesn't need the 1/48 portion of the sheet.Wife's family is from Hawaii, so I like to do Hawaiian themed builds ( Hawaii ANG, Madame Pele B-24, etc)If anyone has this portion of the sheet they'd be willing to part will, please drop me a line. Chardunton "at" gmail.comThanks! - Charlie
  4. Most accurate? Still the Monogram I believe...raised lines, warts and all. I'm sure others will chime in!
  5. Agreed, but the article is still a good reference. You see so few of these built up, and so little reference or builds online. You did a great job on it. Only thing holding me back is display space, I'm pretty much limited to 1/48 single engine stuff at the moment.
  6. Great article, I have it printed out and in the kit box for eventual build reference
  7. Anyone who wants to unload their inaccurate, full of divots Hasegawa kit, I'll happily offer $10 each! 😀
  8. Good build article over on hyperscale http://www.hyperscale.com/features/2001/b50ddh_1.htm
  9. Charlie D.

    CMK XP-55 resin kit

    That is an OLD kit! Instructions might be limited to a 3 view drawing
  10. Charlie D.


    I went the cheap route, monogram Skyhawk, and KMC B/C conversion 😀
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