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  1. While I understand that acrylic refers to the binder, and that there are acrylic lacquers, and acrylic urethanes, generally when I hear acrylic I think water based, along the lines of Polly S, Model Master Acryl, Pactra, Vallejo, etc.
  2. Reminds me of a couple of tech companies we did business with many years ago in prototyping. Multi million dollar tech businesses, they wanted net 90-120 on all invoices. We were a small 4 guy shop, we couldn't afford to extend credit that far out. We refused the work....other shops must have as well, in the end their engineers and designers broke down the invoices and put it on their company cards as a work around. We were shocked at the time....WTF? 120 days? We couldn't pull that BS with our suppliers, they'd cut us off! Some balls...
  3. In the early 90s, the gov shop I worked in had a number of guys building models. We would all pool together our squadron orders from the flyers to save on shipping. It was like Xmas once a month when this HUGE box of kits, decals, books, whatever would get delivered and kits would get distributed.....being an intern I never had a huge order, I was always scrounging the flyer for deals. But it was fun to see what every ordered! Good times...
  4. Working on a DC-6 to 7 conversion using the Heller DC-6. I dropped the cockpit glass on the floor and promptly stepped on it crushing it. I’m hoping someone might have a spare? I’ll gladly reimburse for shipping. charlie
  5. Awesome! I love the ADC grey painted F-104s, count me in!
  6. Charlie D.


    You’re right! I stand corrected. The nose art is similar, I just assumed the eagles talon sheet had fertile myrtle on it, it doesn’t!
  7. No one purchased the masters of just plane stuff, and Dave passed from Covid a few months back. I spoke with him about a year ago about possibly purchasing the masters as he still had them all, and then the pandemic hit and put a wrench in that as I was no longer in a position to do so.
  8. Charlie D.


    The eagles talon 1/48 X-1A/B resin kit included a scale master printed sheet with these markings. I’ve got one somewhere....but they’re pretty rare. you can see it on scale mates https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eagles-talon-none-bell-x-1-and-x-1a-b--950232
  9. Thanks! Got my order yesterday, all there. I knew the Mig-31 was a big plane but damn that’s a big plane in 1/48.
  10. Likely it'll go away, along with all the other brands under their banner....Aeromaster/Eagle Strike, Superscale, Black Box, Avionix, Encore, In Action books...
  11. Not all of those books were on the 70% off sale but a lot of them were
  12. Mine is in route, delivery expected tomorrow.
  13. They had more but it went fast. I got an ICM 1/48 Mig-25 for $22, ICM twin beech for about $12, and a 1/48 Hobbyboss Mig-31 for $35
  14. They were awesome in the 80s and early/mid 90s. I picked up a few great bargains on that 70% off sale. Even with limited stock I got an ICM Mig-25, twin beech and hobbyboss MiG-31 for a steal. I went back today and not much left and they’ve dropped PayPal as an payment option. Wouldn’t be surprised if the end was near...
  15. Thanks Dutch! I forgot about that kit. When I finally saw the sprues I came to the same conclusion....nothing in the mold looked like it was set up for the stretch models. I could buy two and do the stretch myself but I might as well get the transport wings kit, probably same amount of work!
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