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  1. I still like the old Esci kit. Engraved lines, fits reasonably well, not bad for a C or early D...and can generally found cheap. Needs some help in the cockpit though. I’ve got a pile of those along with the Monogram. So many phantoms to do, I can’t afford an ZM/Academy kit for every scheme I have planned.
  2. There’s a whole thread about it one page back:
  3. Yup, everyone reacts differently. I posted my side effects to the 2nd Pfizer shot above, my wife also got Pfizer, she had almost no reaction other than some fatigue. My father in law, almost no reaction to the 2nd shot, mother in law, fatigue and aches for a few days. My sister just got the 1st Pfizer and had a reaction like it was the 2nd shot ( and she didn’t previously have covid, she’s been tested on a weekly basis since the start). Everyone’s different...
  4. Cool! Thanks. I’ll check it out! charlie
  5. Got my 2nd Pfizer. About 16 hours after the shot I had some intense fatigue, chills for about 2 hours...took about 4, 30-45 min naps throughout the day. Had a low grade fever for about two hours in the evening, and then by about 7pm it was like someone snapped their fingers and it was all done, and I felt fine. As a bonus I now have 5G 😝
  6. No one? No tips on where I might find one?
  7. Or either of these. Looks I just missed one on eBay!
  8. Working on a ASAT model for a friend who worked on the program. I know some of you collect patches, any idea where I could track down one of these? Original or reproduction doesn’t matter. It’ll be utilized on the base.
  9. Well....Valom just announced a new tool 1/72 C-46 kit! Maybe a sheet for those as well!
  10. Just posting as the thread is called the F-35 news roundup! Came up in my news feed....
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.military.com/daily-news/2021/03/24/marine-corps-f-35b-arizona-damaged-round-discharged-jet-cannon.html/amp
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