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  1. I’ll add the 48038 Phantom sheet!
  2. Hi Kursad sent you a follow up PM on adding a decals sheet charlie
  3. Admins are usually pretty busy on the weekends with the auctions, calms down a bit during the week! Give it a few days.
  4. Scale model graveyard. I gave up eBay years ago when they turned up the screws on sellers. Graveyard is great! I’ve sold tons of stuff there and the admins run a tight ship. You’ll do well with armor there.
  5. Well…not exactly Modern, but I just finished reading Iron Claw by Sherman Baldwin. His experiences as a rookie Prowler Pilot just before and including Desert Storm on the USS Midway. Some good insight into the day to day stuff and flying. I learned quite a bit. You can pick it up used cheap on Amazon. We’ve got a vacation planned to San Diego next year, I’m going to bring it so I can retrace some of the authors steps while touring the Midway.
  6. The Tamiya rattle can silvers are awesome. Decant or spray right from the can. They dry rock hard and can even be buffed out a little.
  7. Open box, sealed bags. It's a HUGE box, I'm shipping from West Coast, so anything east of Texas is probably going to get pricey. USA/Paypal only. $65 + Shipping. PM if interested.
  8. Just saw this in the latest issue of Scale Aircraft Modeler!
  9. Where are you located? I’m seeing $40 Prime for either Tamiya T-bolt. I’ve seen it go lower too, picked up a Razorback a few months ago for $34 Prime.
  10. There’s some minor scale discrepancies between the AMT/Esci kit and the Monogram. The nacelles are bigger and engines bigger and fictional for a 2800. The cockpit area is also a little bigger. I’ve only seen the Resin 2 detail parts in pics, they look nice. I’ve got a set of loon parts for a future build. I’ve seen them on eBay and Kitlinx might carry them. It looks like Loon used the monogram parts as a master, but they’re really nice. wear gloves when using the alcohol, as it’ll dry out your skin, have some ventilation and don’t use near a flame source. It’s basically rub
  11. I use Distilled water! Acryl has a slight hint of ammonia I know some have used windex.
  12. Hey Dave, does eBay still have the Vero program? 10+ years ago I was doing 1/6 and 1/8 resin kits. Couple guys decided to make bootleg copies of them and sell them on eBay at half what I was charging. I had to fill out a stack of paper work but was able to get their listings shut down everytime they’d put one up. That was 10+ years ago though…
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