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  1. I’d love one in 1/48! I kick myself for selling off my collect-aire kit!
  2. I’ve used them twice and loved them! Worked well for me!
  3. Seeing it’s been a few months, any updates to this list?
  4. Flying tigers A-10 https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/a-10-warthog-emerges-with-commemorative-flying-tigers-camouflage
  5. That looks fantastic! Nice work. My dad cut his teeth on that plane as a mechanic for United in the late 50s. He loved the 2800, piston perfection. Was not a fan of the 3350 on the DC-7. 😝
  6. With 2 new kits on the market, How about some F-4G wild weasels? SEA, Euro 1 ( my fav ) and Hill grey?
  7. Sheldon’s hobbies on Alum Rock in San Jose is the first I remember going to that was a hobby shop. Longs drugs was my #1 source for kits growing up, followed by Kay-bee stores and another independent toy store at the local mall. Both had decent kit selections, although Kay Bees was always a mess. The local toys r us had a Huge model aisle as well.
  8. I wonder if we’ll see this eventually from Atlantis….
  9. I believe some of the Moebius and Pegasus kits are ABS. Some glues formulated for styrene won’t work. I don’t use Tamiya so can’t comment there but Bondene and Tenax have worked fine on the Pegasus kits I’ve built.
  10. Everything I didn’t finish in 2022, 2021, 2020…..
  11. Try Plastruct Bondene. That stuff works great, doesn’t stink like Tamiya. It’s a good replacement for Tenax 7.
  12. Someone tweeted a screen cap of a supposed “official memo” saying it wasn’t going to happen. That’s how that rumor started.
  13. Same here! I’m surprised at how thick it is and those windows are a trip!
  14. Looks amazing! I’m in no rush to get one, it’ll likely sit in the stash for a few years anyways . I’ll wait and pick up one off Amazon for $70- $80 shipped like I did the Phantom ($82)
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