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  1. Same here, Google image search will probably yield closest results to what you want.
  2. Texas ANG! I've got the ginter book and airliner tech book Kursad, if you wish to borrow them.
  3. Hopefully at least on of these schemes http://www.airteamimages.com/convair-c-131-samaritan_53-7811_usa---us-air-force_196875.html
  4. Delta one does a nice American G6 sheet, as well as a sheet of Yugoslavia G6s. I've got both, as I don't do anything with a swastika.
  5. V-22 flew over the other day. I'd never seen one in flight, only static. What amazed me was how quiet it was, I didn't hear it coming, only heard once it was almost right over me, once passed over, quickly became quiet again.....maybe I need to get my ears checked!
  6. That was fast! Glad I grabbed "1" when I did
  7. 6 now! Been putting off getting some of the 1/144 sheets, don't want to miss out on this one too..
  8. Well...that was the kick in the pants I needed, ordered!
  9. Good idea, I can't imagine if I dropped $100+ all at once on decals !
  10. As I recall... Tamiya ProModeler/Revell Testors/Italeri Academy
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