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  1. Latest I heard was March 2024, but there’s a war on in their country so I’m not going to hold them to it.
  2. True, but I’m not entirely comfortable giving my payment info to them and I’d support a USA based seller
  3. Preserved example so I’m sure some errors but a lot less striping than the red test scheme.
  4. Kursad, I believe operational markings would fit, and if I recall there are no operational schemes available, they’re all the red test schemes with red stripes. it is a huge kit!
  5. Anyone know why it inserted “I am a spammer” into my post?
  6. I don’t know what would fit on a sheet but ideally I’d like to see the Revell box scale Snark (operational markings), Regulas and Bomarc. Those also seem to be the three most common kits. After that, operational markings for the Revell I am a spammer, please report this post. Apache and the Revell (renwall) Mace. Beyond that you’re getting into more rare kits but those 5 are still readily found and Atlantis has reissued the Bomarc and I am a spammer, please report this post. Apache.
  7. Been awhile since this was updated, I’m about to pull the trigger on an order but was wondering if there was anything to add that I’ve been putting off?
  8. Meng F-4G for $67 shipped right now an Amazon. Got mine today.
  9. Army painter makes a semi gloss in a spray can. I’ve never used it but I’ve been happy with a few of their other sprays.
  10. Plankwing (who ran the F-84 website) and Harold (of ams resin) both F-84 fanatics did several breakdowns of the various kits years ago. Here’s one of the threads
  11. Aviators made a 1/48 P-40N and A P-43 ( still have it in the stash!). There were others but I can’t recall!
  12. AW&ST did have a feature with a sketch that ended up becoming the Testors SR-75.
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