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  1. I'm waiting on the Revell USA release, and then hoping it shows up in a Hobby Lobby and I can score one during one of their sales. I'm in no rush, not like its going to get built anytime soon!
  2. Revell USA boxing due 1st quarter 2022. Probably cheaper. I’m hoping hobby lobby carries it and I can pick one up on sale.
  3. I wasn’t impressed much with the various sales from any of the retailers, although I did not be up finding a couple good kit deals on Amazon. Sprue was tempting but every kit I was interested in was out of stock (and I had to spend $200 to get a 20% discount) and as it was model kits only, once I got past the 5-6 kits I was looking for I stopped looking. I also didn’t like that all purchases went towards the $200 but only the kits were discounted. Why not just discount everything? Fill your cart to $200, get 20% of your cart. That I probably would have done.
  4. They continue to stay in business because people keep buying from them, as evidenced by this thread. Search them in any of the modeling forums and you’ll find many threads like this one. Thankfully legal action is finally being taken, hopefully they’ll get shut down….although something tells me they’ll eventually pop up under a new name. A quick google search or posting on a board like this inquiring about a vendor will usually tell you all you need to know.
  5. Haven’t got mine yet! Figured it’s going out in the next mailing….But I’m eagerly awaiting it!
  6. Don’t want to miss this one, got my order in! Thanks Kursad!
  7. Since we’re wishing and hoping…. All 1/48: Piper Enforcer RF-8G Martin Mauler B-45 B-32
  8. Out of curiosity, detail aside, how’s the old Otaki kit line up shape wise?
  9. Yup! Most of mine are really nice 2-3 footers. I don’t spend any time on anything on the bottom cause I don’t display them upside down. Concentrate on seams you can see, and a nice finish. Everything else is straight out of the box. It’s amazing how many more kits I finish a year with this approach.
  10. I had a similar purchase recently (although different subjects) ordered two kits from Scale Hobbyist, shipping was $10, saved close to $15 over SB for an identical purchase. Sure I didn’t get it in 3 days, but waiting an extra few days was not an issue. I don’t think I’m ever in a “gotta have it now” situation. My loyalty is to my wallet, where does my dollar go the farthest, so I often price out purchases with several vendors, seems like scale hobbyist lately keeps getting more of my $$. With the exception of decals I’m not really into aftermarket, and those I prefer to buy direct from the
  11. For mainstream stuff I’ve been buying a lot from Scale hobbyist and hobbylinc. They often will beat Sprue prices. Also keep an eye on Amazon, I’ve gotten some great deals there as well. Most recently a Tamiya 1/48 F-14A to my door for $80. Sprue is $91.99 not including shipping.
  12. Great! Looking forward to this sheet!
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