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  1. I know this post of yours is 9 years old but would you still happen to have microscale sheet 48-622? After PRANG F-16 option.


    1. B-1 Nut

      B-1 Nut



      I sure do. 
      If you will send me your address, I will try and get it mailed out next week....no charge....(assuming you don’t live out of the USA). 

      These decals need to be used/enjoyed by someone.





  2. I want to apologize. I just looked and I do not have the F-15 markings, I have the F-106 (Eagle Strike sheet 48205). I apologize for the mistake. You are welcome to that sheet if you want them......I could have sworn I had the F-15 sheet, but I was mistaken.
  3. Let me look tonight. I may very well have this sheet of decals. If I do, you are more than welcome to have them for your build....assuming I don't have to ship them to Uzbekistan or something. :)
  4. I'm interested to see what you come up with. I'd really, really like a GA ANG BONE too. I want my B-1 to be the Memphis Belle. I think the only choice in 1/48 is the long OOP Cutting Edge decals. I'd rather buy a brand new sheet for $10-$20 than a 12 year old decal sheet for $50+.
  5. Holy crap. About freakin' time. 1st a U-2S cockpit and canopy and now this. I may be getting back in the hobby sooner than later.
  6. Very cool video. I've seen pictures of it, but never really got the sensation of just how big it is. It sure "looks" big. Also, I'm sure someone here is a PAK-FA expert, so I'll ask: are the weapons for this aircraft going to be carried externally? The reason I ask is that the video in the OP's link gave some very good straight on shots and the aircraft appears to be remarkably thin.....leading me to believe the ordnance will mainly be carried externally.
  7. The pics of the plastic I saw on Cybermodeler look pretty good. I'm no XL expert, but it looks pretty good to me. At least it doesn't look simply like an F-16C with a delta wing. :)
  8. While not a fighter, I'd LOVE for you to squeeze some B-1B art for the Memphis Belle that GA had several years ago. I used to have the Cutting Edge sheet and like a fool I sold it (not knowing they'd go the way of the dodo). One day....one day.....I will finally build my 1/48 B-1B and that is the one I've always wanted to do.
  9. Is that question for me? If so, it is an Accuracy International AX 308. Modeling has taken a back seat in recent years to my new hobby of long-distance target shooting. If you thought modeling was expensive, DO NOT get into this type of shooting. :) My wife pretty much wishes I would get back into modeling.
  10. It was a Christmas gift to myself, but won't be in until Wednesday.
  11. With the advent of the 12-game season, 9&3 or 8&4 is all we "need" to see. Teams/athletes are so good now that a 6-win season is not even a challenge for most schools anymore. Oh yeah....roll tide.
  12. Done. Thank you for doing these.
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