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  1. New update, some 1/72 airliners freighters and utility aircraft; Constellations, DC-6, C-119, Superfreighter, Fokker F27, listings here: Thanks for looking.
  2. A quick update, the last of the airliner kits are listed now, they end next weekend, they are mostly bagged kits, some are without decals, this is reflected in the prices. The next batch of stuff will be the airliner decals, they'll probably go up next weekend.
  3. More items added, mostly 1/144 airliners this week, from Airfix, Revell and Minicraft, a 1/96 Viscount plus a couple of odd 1/35 figure kits.
  4. I use wheel balancing weights, I get them off ebay, they have a self adhesive backing and come in a strip of convenient 5g, 10g & 25g weights, simply snap the size you need off the strip and use the self adhesive pad to stick them under the cockpit floor or in the nose above the nosewheel well.
  5. A couple more items have been added, most end Sunday evening (UK time)
  6. To share our experiences and learn from each other is what being part of the forums is all about as far as I'm concerned, I'm not aware of anyone ever trying to or be able to copyright a technique.
  7. All the above items have been sold, I've got some new items up this week, take a look here: Thanks for looking. Ant
  8. The Hawk your referring to wasn't actually in Squadron service, it was the station flight aircraft for RAF St. Athan (formerly the RAF's main fast jet deep maintenance base, sadly no more). IIRC there were 2 versions one with a Black Dragon on the standard Red, White & Blue trainer aircraft scheme and 1 with a Red Dragon on the later overall black trainer scheme.
  9. Hopefully the FB post will put to rest the negative posts and shut up the naysayers.
  10. I find my interest in all things Soviet and Russian has waned for the time being and would like to convert some of my stash into cash for future projects. I've got a small selection of kits but most come with aftermarket detail sets / parts all are 1/48 scale and are unstarted. See my listings here: Thanks for looking and happy modelling. Ant
  11. Lovely clean build, what's not to like.
  12. Hi Dave, If you look at the next picture in the sequence it shows a rear view of the same aircraft a split second after launch and it looks like more (certainly at least one more) GBU-31's on the opposite side.
  13. I accidentally sprayed the unprimed nosecone of an Academy MiG-21, and found they do adhere very well to bare plastic, although they do recommend spraying onto a primer.
  14. Yes AMK have already announced that the kit will have 2 sets of wings one with the open spoilers and dropped flap option and one for the clean look like the Tamiya kit.
  15. I've got the original The Small Shop set, and it does look like they now do other variations on a theme too.