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  1. The question is: Do they actually have them in stock?
  2. Well since its a podcast, you can listen whenever its convenient to you.
  3. We're back better late than never...here is a link to our latest episode. http://hawkeyes-squawkbox.com/2015/06/03/episode-69-peace-guns-gyros-loopers/
  4. One of the aspects of the Sprue Brothers business model is they constantly are evaluating the functionality and cost of shipping service options offered. Those that don't perform or are overly expensive for the level of service provided by the carrier are dropped. However, the shipping companies including the USPS are going to increase their rates on January 1st, from what I have read in some levels way more than expected. Its something you and the retailer have no control over except to opt not to use them and speak with our wallets. These rates are not tied to the price of oil, but with oth
  5. We'll be there representing Grex Airbrushes and Xuron tools! Be sure to stop by and register for the Xuron tool giveaway.
  6. Working behind the camera, in this case a video camera while a movie was being shot. https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/577050_520230424685447_2067248183_n.jpg Check out the teaser video... Also been working with local law enforcement on other media projects...
  7. All while we continue to give away billions to countries that can afford to pay for (not talking about humanitarian relief items) what we are providing. Talk about small businesses and non profit organizations being impacted by the cancellation of airshows. Each performer is a small biz, and if they aren't performing at these venues then they aren't earning a living. If they can't pay those who maintain their equipment, buy fuel, rent rooms and eat at local restaurants where they are performing, the trickle down effect quickly becomes a tidal wave. Non profits that "work" at these events to ra
  8. Modeling Airliners! with Aaron Skinner from Finescale Modeler Magazine. http://hawkeyes-squawkbox.com/2013/03/21/the-plastic-scale-modeling-hour-modeling-airliners-with-aaron-skinner-ep59/
  9. Time to get caught up...Family Flightfest/Jeff Herne http://hawkeyes-squawkbox.com/2013/03/04/the-plastic-scale-modeling-hour-family-flightfest-2013-ep57/ The latest...Project Terminated interview with author Erik Simonsen http://hawkeyes-squawkbox.com/2013/03/12/the-plastic-scale-modeling-hour-project-terminated-by-erik-simonsen-ep58/
  10. The C-9B Skytrain was used by the USN/USMC to move men and material. It could be converted to use the 463L palletization system or rearward facing airliner seats. Probably belongs to a USN Reserve unit. I've loaded a few, but have only flown on the USAF C-9A/B Nightingales which has a mix of stretchers and again those reward facing passenger seats in the aft half of the fuselage.
  11. I've been using either Tenax or Weld-On #3 to attach canopies and windows for years with no ill effects. The trick is to first dip your clear parts into Future. Let dry and repeat. Treat the pieces as you would painted pieces, making sure to scrap away the Future from those areas where the piece will make contact and be expected to bond with the other. Technique varies by the part being installed/placed. For small windows that are installed into say the side of a fuselage or door I apply a liberal application of ether solve to the piece the clear part is to be installed in, then insert it in
  12. Throughout the Cold War Russia stole a lot of secrets, they didn't have the means to implement them. What they did do was do what they could with the information and focus on producing what they could in mass numbers. Even the most sophisticated fighter is no match if out numbered by more than its weaponry can take on. Combat isn't like Hollywood where the good guy never runs out of bullets. Once you fired your last shot, you better hope you can out run those left standing. When is the last time you ever saw China participating in joint training exercises with other nations? Tactics training
  13. Yesterday this Boeing 737NG was working the pattern here at Appleton. Apparently giving a couple of check rides to new crewmen. I was fortunate to spot it passing by my office window then stepped out the back door to catch it turning base. After a several touch and goes, it stopped changed crew and few several more before flying back to Grand Rapids, MI where it came from.
  14. There are several reasons why those serving leave active duty. First and foremost you serve the needs of the military, when the military determines you are excess, then they show you the door without a choice. The armed forces are at this very moment offering early discharges to those with 2013/2014 normal separation dates as well as those who wish to apply to leave. If they don't get enough participation, then out some will go without a choice. Reasons not to put in your full twenty can vary for a lot of reasons, including ones ability to climb the promotion ladder. If you're not going to s
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