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  1. Join us on May 27, 2017 for the 29th Annual Spring Classic Model Contest and Show. The show is the largest and longest running model event east of Montreal and features some of the finest models from Eastern Canada, Quebec and Maine. There will be something for everyone no matter if your tastes are military, ships, aircraft, cars or science fiction. Poster for 29th SHOW Our Web Page For 29 years the GFA has been home to CAMS annual Spring Classic , our new & larger venue is at FHS (Priestman St exit for best parking, Prospect St for Coffee!) MAP
  2. RCAF CC-137 Refueling Pod Info

    http://imgproc.airliners.net/photos/airliners/6/3/6/0073636-v20-16.jpg https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5683/22299331774_f57fc99f8e_o.jpg
  3. RCAF CC-137 Refueling Pod Info

  4. RCAF CC-137 Refueling Pod Info

  5. RAAF and RCAF B707 Tanker Decals in 1/144

    http://www.canmilair.com/products.php?cat=74 Bill Burns has 6 options for CC-137 including anniversary tails ALPS printed but great quality & easy to use... Bill's Husky
  6. Canadian Suppliers

    Elm City Hobbies Scott has a small but well stocked shop, one of very few in the Atlantic Provinces. Happy to provide mail order as well... not affiliated just a satisfied patron .
  7. F-26's flown over DMZ last month?

    another Scorpian http://airsoc.com/articles/view/id/5575d8483139449c2e8b456a/aviation-feature-textron-airland-scorpion
  8. F-26's flown over DMZ last month?

    don't forget Canada made a small stab... http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=9659.0 or Poland .. http://www.diseno-art.com/news_content/2014/07/pzl-230f-skorpion-prototype-polish-jet-fighter/
  9. F-26's flown over DMZ last month?

    2003 - http://www.aerospaceweb.org/question/history/q0145b.shtml 2004 http://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/128351-f-26-stalma-real.html
  10. Canadian search and rescue colours

    RCAF/CAF and CDN Army Aircraft Colours Note: All 1-GP-12c colours are a Matt unless designated otherwise. 1-GP-12b: 9-2 1-GP-12c: 509-102 (Gloss) Hue: 0 Sat: 240 Lum: 93 Red: 204 Green: 0 Blue: 0 This was the overall colour for trainer and CAF dedicated SAR aircraft, plus airfield ground equipment, prior to being replaced by FS13538, in the late 1990's. Early post-war RCAF target tug aircraft used the colour with black striping. the great paint conversion chart suggests Testers 1707 Chrome Yellow
  11. Medici compressor help

    its great advice and almost certainly where I'm headed personally.... but I've been asked to repair a few things for friends & fellow club members here in freddy beach.. so here we are.
  12. Medici compressor help

    Air-craft, at the bottom of the unit there are two valves, a safety release with the large pull ring - used to relieve pressure before turning on compressor (at least this one hates a high pressure start !) the other valve is also a pressure relief, keeps the max psi in the tank at approx 79 lbs, quiet below that, gentle hiss when above. Its also the point where I sense a bit of oil (everything has improved with a trap at the regulator, nothing noticeable collected yet, but the smell is much improved) In your experience is a hint of oil from this port a serious concern ? The temp sensor sits in a metal clip attached directly to the motor housing, it seems to have a set space between the main surface & the sensor, but it may have been distorted and the distance is now too big... any thoughts on how close it should be for accurate readings ? and on a different note, I have a second small compressor with a similar relief valve at the bottom of a moisture trap/pressure gauge combo that is ment to operate at 50-55 psi... it opens at 22... adjsting spring height & tension has no effect & I'm sure I'm using the wrong terms because I cannot find anothert example as a seperate unit. This is the unit on the compressor now... the valve at the bottom in this pic
  13. Medici compressor help

    Sil-Air 15 Export (basic) is exactly it save for the grey paint job (vs Italian Red) The manual has a warning about 15 minutes on 15 minutes off to prevent wear on the motor. As far as I can tell, the basic unit I have runs continuously with a mechanical bleed pressure relief & only a thermal shut off when hot (hasn't happened yet). Possible problem with sensor ?
  14. Medici compressor help

    I've been asked to bring an old Medici silent compressor back to life, I've managed to un-seize and fix some wiring issues, but would really like to see a manual or schematic to confirm my guesses. One continuing issue is a wee bit of oil spitting from the bleed regulator at the bottom of the unit. Any hints or advice on if this is normal for old units or if I've missed a step in reassembly.... much appreciated
  15. 6!!!!!!! CF-104 Starfighters.

    unwritten rule of Canadian websites... CF-104 pics welcome anywhere !