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  1. Dmaanton I refer you to previous posts.
  2. Didn't I read somewhere that MPM were planning a Jet Provost 3/4 sometime soon? With all this in mind I hope it's not a disappointment...
  3. Dmanton, if you want to have a silly argument with me, then please do it via PM as I'm nobody else wants to listen to it. Thanks. Apologies to the other users!
  4. Mr Laming, if you have something to add, add it, don't just pontificate from the gallery Good grief, somebody got out of bed the wrong side today... no I have nothing to add, as I get the feeling you're seeking a pointless argument. You've kindly posted your findings on here so perhaps you could leave it at that.
  5. Forgot to add that 74 squadron were occasional users of overwing tanks too - not a great photo but you get the idea! -
  6. I mentioned that further up the page if you read back. As I said previously, it's a nice addition but making the replacement part fit the existing fuselage would be no easier than simply modifying the actual kit with plastic card and filler. As for overwing tanks Bafke, they were used quite frequently on the F6. They kinda went out of fashion in the 'eighties but they re-appeared towards the end of the Lightning's career and the last examples that were operated by British Aersopace usually carried them. Certainly, you could build a 5, 11, 23 and 56 Squadron machine with tanks fitted as they a
  7. I wouldn't want to criticise Airfix when they've done so much to get some kits out there on the market that we could have only dreamed of - 48th Canberras, the Nimrod and so on. But it seems a bit pointless to advertise the PR9 and TSR2 in magazines, and tell people they'll be available in November (ie at Telford) and then find that they're not. I would think it better to stick to a realistic release date and advertise kits when they're actually available... or maybe that's just me?! As for the Vulcan, I don't think any half-intelligent individual would assume that they were actually producin
  8. Agreed Tony, the Aeroclub kit didn't seem to be all that big when you assembled it. But then I guess the size issue is kinda subjective, depending on how much space you've got. I'd love to get my hands on an Airfix 48th Vulcan, so if Airfix ultimately decide to actually do it, I'd be very happy! But as I said previously, I'd be just as happy if they'd update the 72nd kit to be honest!
  9. Haydn's refreshment services were greatly appreciated. By the time I got to his stand I'd just about lost the will to live! Personally, I think the show organisers ought to have made more of an effort to promote the Phantom line-up. It was a commendable effort. They could have got the TV folks in to do something about that. Bring it back next year with even more Phantoms! Maybe they could diversify and add some bigger examples in 48th and 32nd too? I'll start work on my 16th scale example tomorrow...
  10. That helicopter was brilliant - how ugly can you get?! Every time I walked past I stopped for another look!
  11. Chox

    Sea Vixen

    You'd think someone who seems to have nothing better to do than make childish comments would be bright enough to be wary of claims that kits are Airfix-produced when they might not be. Wouldn't be the first time that it's happened within the last year or so.
  12. They're already kinda doing that Patrick - hence the forthcoming Eduard Lightning and Jaguar which (like the recently-issued Mirage 2000) are Airfix kits.
  13. because it was before Hornby fully took over it seems.
  14. I also note that Eduard's re-release of the 48th Airfix Lightning (with added detail parts etc) is (according to them) going to be the F1 kit rather than the F6 kit as everyone seemed to think. If this is indeed true, it'll be interesting to see what happens to all the overpriced examples on Ebay!
  15. Well according to my thumbnail calculations it would have a wing span roughly six inches greater than a 32nd Mosquito so it's a pretty big piece of plastic. It didn't seem quite so big when I used to grapple with the Aeroclub kit (which I eventualy sold!) but then I think maybe it's just that people imagine the Mosquito is gonna be bigger than it actually is, I dunno. But regardless of precise dimensions, both the big Mossie and a 48th Vulcan are certainly big, and that's the basic problem - like you say, where the hell do you put even one, and how much is it gonna cost? I accept that the Moss
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