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  1. Isn't Thayer&Chandler owned by Badger for several decades? IIRC Vega and Omni series were Thayer&Chandler designs.
  2. Badger Stynlrez. UMP primer is the same thing, repackaged. MiG One Shot primer is similar. Vedran
  3. Because everything in 1/48 after the Rafale is less accurate and has worse fit. Vedran
  4. Marcinko, if you can find a seller that will ship to Romania, ebay.de is an excellent source for Far East kits inside EU. Total costs comparable to Hong Kong (with shipping) but without feeding the customs monsters. Vedran
  5. Good to have you back, ARC-ers. I missed you terribly. Vedran
  6. Repair is not an option? If the part is screwed on and not welded? Vedran
  7. Trumpeter re-released their old kit with new decals. No new tool. One sign of common heritage is the bogus shallow cockpit, among other external similarities. Edit: different sprue and parts layouts don't mean they were not based on the same CAD model. Vedran
  8. It's bad. Based on Trumpeter CAD. I'm waiting for the Airfix effort. Was scheduled for August 2016. Vedran
  9. Does it have to be in Soviet markings? There are decals for silver Polish and Czechoslovak R's. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/D48017 https://www.hobbyshop.cz/shop/en/1-48-decals-air/5966-kop92117-mig-21r-recce-dragon-1-48-decal.html Decals for my absolute favorite, JRV "112" which defected to Austria in 1991 are currently unavailable. Vedran
  10. There has been a revival of this method last year with the AK True Metal paste (AGAMA had the patinators for years, but no marketing like AK/Mig guys), and this year we see the return of the metal rubbing powders (Uschi v. Rosten). So we have come full circle. Vedran
  11. Well, over on Facebook Bert Kinzey (D&S) is dissapointed. It does look too short. Has almost a T-37 feel... Vedran The milimeter brigade
  12. They did it months ago. Vedran The milimeter brigade
  13. A query for the folks who have this set (632007): could you please measure and post the length and witdh of the part R2 (bomb carrier)? Thank you in advance Vedran The milimeter brigade
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