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  1. Hi again. Some more pics to follow. Here you can see the oval exhaust that I have added behind the left main landing gear bay: You can also notice from the previous pics that I have cut both the front and rear flaps, with the intention of depict them on extende position. Also I have drilled those little holes on the engine bays as I have found the on some walkarouns... Some more tiny details added from the photoetched set and from scratch on the rear fuselage: And also, some detail instaled on the inetrior of the intake trunks:
  2. hi again. Well, more than a mounth has passed since I said that I was going to post some update the next week... I, m really sorry for this long delay, again. So it,s time for a new update. After the work on the bays and intakes I painted the cockpit: Here the instruments panel of the front cokpit in place: And the rear atached to the bathtube: With this I was able to close the fuselage: Pics of this area are some blurry, but it looks much bette in person...
  3. Nice progress friend! Keep us posted! Juan
  4. Working hardly on it but no pictures... I will post some progress next weekend. Thanks for your interest. Juan
  5. Some detail were added to the external side walls of the intake trunks, since these are part of the main wells: Next step was the detail painting of these areas, in anticipation of installing the air intakes: Also painted the front wheel bay: And that,s all for now. As always comments and sugestions are welcome. Cheers. Juan
  6. Hi again and Happy New Year all! After the Christmas season I was able to resume the work on this kit. I started by detailing the main landing gear wells. Removed the casted detail on the upper fuselaje that conform the roof of the bay, and I replaced it with these photoetched parts from a set of Wolfpack-d. As you can see, in the lower of the pic I began to add some detail made of copper wire and plastic card and strips. Here some more: And this is other section of the right wheel well fully detailed:
  7. hi Dan! I am a bit embarrased, as I, ve checked those instructions I said and no top view of the said aircraft appears... i have also been saerching around the web and found this web LINK. Is this the "mother Load" you say? Hi Matt! many thanks for your compliments! RGDS Juan
  8. Hi again! With my Phantom conveniently stored and put on hold for some time I quickly was able to start with a new project. This kit has been on my stash for some time and I always have a feeling for this aircraft and I really like those twin seat versions of some fighters. The kit itself is well know and has its detractors and bad reviews, but I think you can get a good result from it... I will be using some aftermarket: Dream Model photoetched set for cockpit and exterior details, Master pitot: Aires buener cans, quickboost ejection seats and
  9. I also opened the IFR door: And scratchbuilt it: The tailhook also needs some maintenance, right? So I cut it apart : And built its ineterior from scratch as well as the cover that has been removed: Also the opened area on the front fuselage has been rebuiltas I was not very happy with my previous atempt: And tha,s all for now and for some time... Sadly I have to admit that I have been overwhelmed by the complication that I have imposed on myself with the mode
  10. Hi again! I must say sorry one more time for all the delays with the updates on this project. I have involved myself on a very demanding project that includes a lot of scrachtbuilding and have been suffering some frustration with the slow progress that i am achieving... Anyway, here you have some more pics. As you can see in this photo I had opened a record on the left side of the fuselage: Although it already had the two parts (front and rear) of the fuselage assembled, during the work with the kit these were accidentally separated. This allowed me to open
  11. Hi Dan! I,ve come across to your post by accident just now. FYI this jet in particular is present on the Authentic Decals sheet #AD72-10. I own it, so I will search for it and I can scan the instructions for you if you are still interested. Just let me know. RGDS Juan
  12. Ok. Looks like my photos are too big and the forum only allows me to upload three each time... Continuing with the radar: That´s all for now. Will try to add some more pics during this week. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. TIA. Juan
  13. Trying again... At the beginning of the thread I had shown the front fuselage with the nose cone (the radome) cut appart. My intention is to show the radar extended, as being maintained. Here is it: More to follow...
  14. Hi! Looks like something went wrong with my yesterday´s update, as I had loaded some more pics and text and they have disappeared. Will try to post again as soon as possible. RGDS. Juan.
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