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  1. Hi Picker, I am not ertirely sure, but I think that the RF-4B wings are quite different from the Rf-4C. -C had bulged wings, while -B hadn't. What you can use to make a -C model is RF-4E kit. HTH. Rgds. Juan
  2. Many thanks friends for your comments. Arne: my tractor was also quite warped too. In fact I was forced to replace some parts over the wheels as I showed on previous pics: Thadeus, the idea for this decaling tech was not mine. I found this post on this forum some time ago and decided to give it a try. Decals and future The only thing is that instead of using the Future I thinned it with water (50/50 or so) Well, continuing with the project: when it came to preparing the exhaust nozzles I found a great problem. If you remember I was using the Aires nozzles intended for this kit. Desp
  3. Thanks Chippywho for your comment and your warning about the wasable colors. I was worry about extent but have to say that I have the matt coat applied by now ( not pics still) and all went without any problem. I used Marabu thinned with tumpentine and the washes were not affected. Want to show how the washes ended. The excess was removed with a cotton swab slightly damped with water. The result was a subtle paneling, wich I am very satisfied:
  4. Hi again! Many thanks for your interest and comments. I have a new update here. Next step was decaling the bird. For this I used some decals from the Hasegawa kit, like red stars, numeral and the tiger of the tailfin. For the stencils I went with thevery comprehensive sheet of Begemot decals for the Su-27/-33 family. There were a myriad of little stencils...I was a bit concerned about aplying a glos coat in preparation for the decals. As I said, previously the panal lines on the kit are so subtle that I could easily cover them with the gloss, making dificult the susequent washes. So I tryied
  5. Hi Janee!!! Enough of being stretching this tread to infinity... Go and start another kit!!! We need to see you in action! ;-) Juan
  6. You are right Hoops. Exactly like that, only that the aircraft depicted is the AA212 instead of AA210. BTW, acording to Tomcat Alley site the aircraft that you show is TARPS capable too. RGDS Juan
  7. hi Rkic: I have the decals from this Fujimi kit: They are for a F-14+ from the Saratoga: As you can see Fujimi instructions stats that the SerNo 161430 wa a TARPS capable aircraft. There is a bit of confussion here, as the site Home of M.A.T.S don,t quote it as a TARPS capable(it should have an upwards green arrow, according to the simbology of the autor): My link But, on the other hand Tomcat Alley, another famous reference website about the F-14, quotes this a/c as TARPS capable: My link If anybody could confirm wich any of these two extents... Anyhow, those decals are yours if yo
  8. Hi Janne! Congrats for all that prizes that you have collected on the contest! Surely you must have been the big winner on the meeting! ;)/> Now, we are waiting to see your pics of the Aardvark on the critique corner, to be able to expose all our objections to it and thus lowering your pride a little...(Me at least) :fight:/> RGDS Juan
  9. Hi Pete, you are rigth. Looks like Santa Cruz is out of the game... Rgds Juan
  10. Nice build, Janne! If any complaint can be made, it is the poor fit of the windshield . Othet than that That is a masterpiece. I wish you luck in the contest with this kit. Cheers. Juan
  11. Some more that could be of interest: Santa Cruz decals from Portugal Maestro Decals from Sweden And an online hobby shop, specialized on decals with a large list of producers: www.flightdecs.ca. Hth Juan
  12. Some more progress, now on the base itself. As show previously I want to represent an elevator of the Kuznetshov. I bought on a DIY store a sheet of transparent plastic called "arraglas". This is a transparent sheet aimed to framing pictures. It,s far cheapper that the modeling styrene and it works fine with our regular adhesives and paints. I cutted it to shape and began working with it. Frirstly, I sanded it with rough sandpaper to give the texture of a carrier deck. Then drilled those holes intended to represent the tie down points. Then I covered such holes by the bottom with styrene an
  13. Hi again! Many thanks Mario for your words. I,m here with a new update, not exactly on the aircraft itself, but with the work on the sorruonding things that will go on the diorama, meanwhile the paint was drying on the kit. The towing bar on the Olimp model set was so buried on resin and aside of that it was slightly bent. So I decided to rebuilt it from scratch. I started with a cooper rod inserted on the plastic tube wich contains the ink of a conventional pen, cutted to the appropiate lenght: The rest of the details were built from Evergreen styrene, electric cable with its own coati
  14. Nice paint job, Sebastijan!!! Those metalic areas look superb. Juan
  15. Well, in fact the Wolfpack-d´s wheels bay set is, in my humble opinion, a waste of money. Sorry to say that if anyone involved with the company is reading this, but the front bay is over detailded, acording to my references, as the real is not so heavily ribbed, as you say, Sabastijan. I modified it to remove most of that details on my Su-33. And for the main bays, they provide the roof and the side walls of them, but in form of photoetched, so you will end with a semi-detailed bay to wich you will have to add the plumbing on tubing. Again, sorry if this bothers someone, but is my opinion. W
  16. Hi again! Many thanks Janne and Kristian for your kind words. Sorry for this late response, but with the summer, the holidays and so... you know... Kristian, for the painting I went with the colours/mixes recommended by Hasegawa on their instructions as a basis, but I modified them adding some other shadows or blue and white and grays, trying to achieve the hues observed on many photos found around the web. HTH I will try to update this thread this evening or tomorrow at least. RGDS Juan
  17. Janne: it's pretty insulting to us, the rest of mortals, how quickly you are solving this kit!!! :bandhead2:/>/> :angry:/>/> Very well done, friend! Keep us posted :thumbsup:/> RGDS. Juan
  18. Fantastic detailing on that wells Sabastijan. It,s shame the lack of detail on the original parts, but you have solved this appropiately. Keep that great work! RGDS Juan
  19. Hi Lance! You are right about the elevators on the canards and the MLG doors, wich are usually closed except for working on the gera bay. Other door wich is always open on the ground id the ram air turbine wich opens automatically when the aircraft touchs the ground: http://www.arcair.com/awa01/101-200/awa200-viggen/part2/images_Niklas_Knutzen/gen_front.jpg http://www.arcair.com/awa01/101-200/awa200-viggen/part2/images_Niklas_Knutzen/gen_back.jpg You can buy it as a resin set from Maestro Models in both 1/48 and 1/72 scale: http://www.rebell.com/saab-37-viggen-rat-and-fod-guards.html ht
  20. Yeah!! Time for paint and the real fun starts. Nice built friend! Cheers. Juan
  21. Nice start, Sebastian. Keep us posted. Rgds. Juan
  22. Sorry. Link doesn,t work. http://www.k2.dion.ne.jp/~konjyo/su27/hasegawasu35s/index.html. Juan
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