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  1. Hi! Those doble launchers will be found on the new yet to be released 1/72 Hasegawa Su-35: http://www.k2.dion.ne.jp/~konjyo/su27/hasegawasu35s/hasegawa-su-35s-06.jpg. HTH Juan
  2. Many thanks Ken and Laz for your comments Ken, many thanks for your suggestion, I was not aware of that detail until it was too late and the kit was painted. Altought I am sometimes a bit anal about this kind of details/corrections I think that I will have to live with this on this occasion as I don,t have the guts to sand that area now that the kit is almost ready to by glossed... Thanks again anyway... RGDS Juan
  3. So, are you going to be a Scorpion man now, Ken? Nice and straight conversion, friend. Keep up those updates. RGDS Juan
  4. :huh:/>/> :angry:/>/> :angry:/>/> Will be waiting for you to finish that after your finish vacations! ;)/> Have nice days! Juan
  5. Hi again! Many thanks for your elogies, Janne. Here I am with new photos of the progress. next step was to attach the windshield, so here is it together with the canopy, both of them masked ready for painting: On the lower fuselage, just in front of the air intakes there are few little pipe vents protruding fron the airframe. I found those little details watching at the Ip build of Marcel111 here in this forum, (Ukranian Blue 56) so I decide that I needed to incorporate them on my build. So I drilled small holes and inserted few pieces of small syring
  6. Many thanks Brandon. I,m glad you like it. RGDS Juan
  7. Next came the excelent cockpit from Aires: Fitting it into the fuselage went without major issue, just a matter of light trimming and cutting: And finally i was able to close the two halves of the fuselage. I added the resin nose cone and some detail from sheet styrene as can be seen on the following pic: That,s all by today. I will be updating the pr
  8. Hi again! Sorry for all this time without updates. Many thanks Janne and TaiidanTomcat for your kind words about the undercarriage legs. I have been busy with the job and other projects and have not been able to pay good attention to the forums… Anyway, on all this months I have been able to go ahead with the project and would like to show the current state of it. So, here we go. Here is how the undercarriage legs turned, once painted and washed: Next step was to attach the resin wing roots from Wolpack-D to the fuselage:
  9. Hi Janne! Nice pair of deltas... Beatifully executed camos... Go ahead! Juan
  10. Not mine, but I would like to bid for it: 1/1 scale Tupolev Tu-95MS. See the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TU-95MS-Soviet-Bomber-/121288805711?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1c3d604d4f&item=121288805711&pt=Motors_Aircraft#ht_5331wt_1106 RGDS Juan
  11. Hi Arne! Congrats for that great result! You have nailed that kit and the colour scheme is gorgeous. I have a question for you, as I,m currently building the same kit with the same AM goodies and am almost at the point of starting with the paint: wich colours range and references did you used for your painting? As said the result is stunning. Thanks in advance for your help and congratulations again. Juan
  12. Nice cockpit and riveting! I will be watching as I will be building a similar bird(Su-27UB)on near future hopefully... rgds Juan
  13. And the same could be said about the resin part wich represents the front bay. it is only a vague depiction of the real thing. So I removed a part of the casted detail and replaced it by a plain piece of plasticard, acording to my references. Then I added some wiring and few elements to the walls of the resin... Also, I added some wiring to the landing gear legs: Here we have the inner wheel hub of the kit to wich I attached a thin disc from scratch to improve the appearance:
  14. Hi again! Time for a new update. With the intake trunks finished I wasable to attach them on the lower fuselage and took care of the little seam with abit of filler and sanding...Also I glued in place those fairings that are part of the main landing gear. As you can see on this previous pic I ahve been adding some detail to the inner of the wheel bays. If i said that the Dream model Pe set is a waste of time this same could be said about the Wolfpack-d resin/PE landing gear set pitifully. It only provides some basic detail for the side wallsofthe main bays,
  15. Nice project Janne, as always Juan
  16. I have those EA-6B decals if you are still interested. Let me know. Rgds Juan
  17. Hi there! As said I,m looking for some decals from the Begemot decals sheet #72027 for the su-27. Specifically I,m needing the decal numbers 07,09,18 and 20 to build a blue 68 a/c. If anybody could spare with that decals it would be great. Can swap or pay for them. I,m in Spain. Thanks in advance. Juan
  18. Many thanks, Janne! Are you building something these days? Juan
  19. Hi again! As promissed here I am with some pictures. Here is the K36 ejection set from the Aires cockpit, still unpainted. It is a real gem, consisting on few resin parts and lot of photo etched to represent the harnesses. Counting of all of the parts sums around 20 in all... ataching all of the PE is somewhat complex but the result worths the effort. Here, the Aires cockpit with the basic bluish colour applied. And here the complete cockpit set with all the parts painted on its basic colours:
  20. Hi Gene! Your excelent review make me buy to sets of this items, as I have been long time waiting for this improvement for my Phantoms. BTW, they only took a week to arrive to Spain from Russia. An excelent service, congrats to the makers. Have a pointing/question: instead of trimming the splitter plates to correct the excesive lenght , one can use the original kit parts or not? On the other hand, have you tryied this sets on the Fujimi kits? Could be interesting too... Greetings from Spain. Juan
  21. Hi again! Long time since my last update. Many thanks Laz, Rodney and Ricardo for your interest. Sorry for this, but I moved home at the beginig of september, with all that this implies, so I have not been able to devote to modeling everything as I would like... Fortunatelly I have resumed this project and hope to be able to show some progress this same week. Stay tunned! Laz, well, in fact this reference didn,t worth to purchase. IMHO the cockpit of the kit is sufficiently well represented itself if you are going out of the box, being only improved by the Aires set, but not by the PE of D
  22. Hi again! Many thanks everybody for your interest. Laz, really my first intention was not to get involved in too many scratch, but I can not resist and slowly I'm doing it and maybe this will become in another "insane build", as you say... Well, here you will find some more advances on the project. Here is the front landing leg, on wich scissor links drilled that little hole. On the lower end of the leg you can see that distinctive little mud guard molded in plastic. I tought that I could improve the appearence of this detail, so I removed it
  23. Hi again! Thanks Nicholas, janman and Jesse for your interest. I try not to deceive your expectations and will take more step by step pics than in my previous build. Here are some more pics for you. The first things that I did was make room on the plastic to insert the resin updates, so armed with my Dremel "wanna be" I went trought the rear of the original cockpit. The Aires cockpit fits nicely without any further trimming. Then I removed the original front gear bay that comes moulded on the lower fuselage. I excedeed slightly when doing that, so I wil
  24. Hi again. Upon returning from my vacation last week, and having been freed at the end of my four Viggen project, I decided that it was time to start a new kit. This time should be something more straight and that did not involve too much scratch. I had bought this kit a few months ago and was impressed by the excellent quality and fineness of engraving around the kit. As I have not seen many of them being built in the various forums I decided to give it a try... So, here is the box: Although I have no intention to complicate my life too much with it, I will be usin
  25. Hi there! I returned from holidays last week and thought that I should say many thaks everybody for your kind words and your comments. It has been a real privilege to have shared this project with all of you, guys! RGDS Juan
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