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  1. rjwood_uk

    And the Winners are....

    No one :( Im still waiting to hear from Scott on what he wants me to do about it. There will prob be another prize draw. But for now, its sitting on my shelf calling out for a home lol. Richard
  2. rjwood_uk

    Hase 1/48 F-16 2001 TMOTA

    Cheers guys!!! I actually enjoyed doing all those decals!! lol Big to TwoBobs! Richard
  3. rjwood_uk

    And the Winners are....

    To all winner that i have the prizes for, My baby has just been born so please be pacient. I will get your prizes in the mail ASAP!! Tim...Would any of the prizes that wernt drawn suite your stash? Richard
  4. rjwood_uk

    Hase 1/48 F-16 2001 TMOTA

    This is my Hasegawa 1/48 F-16C Block 30 in markings from the 120th FS Colorado ANG from the Tiger Meet of the Americas 2001. Out of box apart from Quickboost Pitot tube, Royal Resin block 30 wheels, tamiya scab plates and the TwoBobs TMOTA 2001 Decals. To be honest, I didnt make the kit too well or finish it off too well as i only had a week to do it for fathers day (a few weeks back now) But im pretty proud of the decal work. It wasnt easy, but i think it came out pretty good. My dad was pretty pleased with it. It sits on his desk at work in a display case but he brought it back today for me to photograph. Let me know what you guys thing. Any comments, good or bad welcome! Oh...and the canopy isnt very clear because i accidently sprayed flat coat on it. Gradualy building up the layers of future with a steady brush. Its comming back slowely! Richard
  5. rjwood_uk

    And the Winners are....

    Erm. lol if your Jonathan Catling, then I have your address (I have about 3 Jons addresses lol) Richard
  6. Ok, I did the prize draw today with the help of my sister and brother. The names were put into one bag, the prizes in another. One picked a name, the other picked a prize. So here are the winners and their prizes in no particular order: Afterburner Decals 48-020 Knights & Dragons - Phantom TwoBobs 48-114 First of the Weasels - Pete Wenman Shawn Hull 4814 WCMDs - Tim Mansfield Twobobs $10 Gift Voucher - Strikeeagle48 Afterburner Decas 48-023 "The Big 22" - f12aaa Promodellers 1st prize - Dmthamade Shawn Hull 4827 Sniper XR - Phantom Promodellers 2nd prize - Lgl007 Shawn Hull 4820 - Tony Hayes Afterburner Decals 48-024 "52nd Fighter Wing Viper History - Tony Hayes Afterburner Decals 48-014 PACAF Wing Kings - Stikeeagle48 TwoBobs ID Lanyard - Phantom Congratulations to all. I would say to all that won. But everyone won lol. Anyone who has won either a TwoBobs or Afterburner Decals prize, please PM me your address. For anyone who has won a Promodeller prize, please PM Phill BY CLICKING HERE If you have won a Shawn Hull prize, please PM Shawn BY CLICKING HERE Obviously there are some prizes from TwoBobs and Afterburner that I have and have not been drawn. I will contact them and see what they would like me to do. Maybe youl get lucky and there will be another Prize draw. Although Im contemplating the Idea of keeping them for the WW GB 2...same time next year...what do you think? Hopefully if we get a bit more of a word out for it, more models will get done!!! Richard
  7. rjwood_uk

    End of GB

    Well guys. It is now 03:03 on the 3rd July 2008. So the GB finished 3hrs 3mins ago. Thank you to all those who took part, weather you managed to complete a model or not. It has been a great experience for me. I would like to thanks Siesta3 for allowing me to moderate the GB, and as my first one. I enjoyed it alot! I dont think i did too bad a job either lol. How bout you guys? Prizes will be drawn by the end of the week! Richard
  8. rjwood_uk

    Finished Builds

    Shockwave, did you manage to finish your viper? Richard
  9. rjwood_uk

    F-105G - Standard Weasel

    Unfortunatly yes it is. Also, you need to let people know what you want to participate in the GB. Either post in a relevent thread of send a pm/e-mail to on of the GB mods. And the WIP threads are to show that you followed the rules...etc Sorry about that mate. Nice Thud though! Richard
  10. rjwood_uk

    Best way to highlight panel lines ?

    It all depends, are the panel lines in question raised or recesed? Richard
  11. rjwood_uk

    4 Guys and 4 Tamiya Vipers

    Looking great!!! Cant wait to do my tamiya viper. Im still on the hasegawa ones at the moment!! lol Richard
  12. rjwood_uk

    Meet the Fokker

    Very nice mate! That looks nearly as complicated as doing digital camo. How did you go about it? Richard
  13. rjwood_uk

    I am doing a little polling...

    Thats a good point Dave. To be honest, with the price of kits now days, i doubt there are 300 people on here that could afford it lol. Im sure It would be a good seller though. Not for me at the moment though. Maybe in a few years time. Richard
  14. rjwood_uk

    Puma without the rotors....

    Nice work!! Great airbush work! Very nice, subtle weathering as well. Richard
  15. rjwood_uk

    Free Fightertown Friday

    Dam i Brian lol. One day too late!!! Really want one of the A-4 sheets. Il put an order in soon. That deal for the both of them is pretty good! Richard