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  1. Aluminum foil. Apply sections, like panels to the wing and fuse and bend and tear it to your liking. As to how to stiffen the foil once its in place, try water thin super glue under or inside the airframe structure where it wont be seen. Others may chime in with ideas... Good luck.
  2. Hasagawas kit is more accurate in profile and shape. This is personal opinion, but I vote Hasegawa....but its not saying the Academy kit is bad. Both kits are outstanding. I would use the Hasegawa kit for an American Raptor, and the Academy for Israeli, Japanese, Korean(et all) Raptors
  3. If I were a rich man..... Yes id buy one....and hang it from the ceiling. But since im not rich...ill make due with the Otaki 1/144 kit.
  4. Maybe if enough people complain about the way Trumpeter (or any other company) continues with their errors MAYBE they'll stop letting them slide through the cracks. As I said...I applaud them for taking the steps to correct that Wildcat issue. Ive read the post of a previous patron here that China probably has restricted access to western military hardware,...but for a 40 year old plane? And if they are researching a subject that gonna make them a profit I think they are gonna find ways to get what they need. This whole "shut up and build it" shpiel is not gonna wash with me. Yes I have been spoiled by modern kits, yes I like the near perfection of some of the kits. But I dont want to do extra work if I dont have to.
  5. I understand the point of view of most of the other people here. Im not saying dont buy the kit if you really want it AND can afford it AND can either fix or live with its errors.... Im just tired of being Gyped by a suit.
  6. You know I dont really understand all the Flak... I thought a forum was a place to convey ideas and thoughts...but nevermind that. I will build the Harrier, as I said its a favorite subject of mine. My point on this matter is that if you pay for 4 apples you should get 4 apples and not 3 and a half. If you are paying over 100 dollars for a kit they should have included all parts to the thing including something as major as missile launch rails. Id rather have the necessary parts already in the box than having to go rob another kit or scratchbuild them to have a completed model.
  7. Greetings all... First let me preface this by saying I do not wish to beat a dead horse or become the biggest troublemaker here...but I do want to get this off my chest and maybe take away some new insight. Ok so I'm walking through my local hobby-town usa earlier today and I'm leafing thorough the latest Fine scale modeler magazine. I come across the review on Trumpeters brand new 1/32 AV-8B Harrier. The Harrier is one of my most favorite aircraft and I eagerly read the review, but was somewhat disappointed with what I found in the review. Ok...I'm gonna try to bottom line this right here so I dont ramble. But the whole point of my post here today is not getting value for the money. Yes I know some of you out there are already to criticize me by saying that we should be lucky that Trumpeter makes the 1/32 kits in the first place. Yes while I do agree with that...there are some things that rub me the wrong way. Now isn't it commonly known that almost every 1/32 trumpeter aircraft kit has had some major error embedded in it. I remember the wildcat fiasco of a few years back and to their credit trumpeter recalled the kits and fixed that problem. But what I'm griping at is just that. Every kit has had issues. In this day and age of the internet and references out the wazoo you would think things like this would be diminished. I can understand a few minor errors and realize the model making process cannot be perfect...but you know what im getting at. The thing is this...as I'm reading the Fine scale article it states that the kit does not include launch rails for the planes missiles. And also the drop tanks are totally incorrect for the airplane. Now this may seem minor to some folks but if you are being asked to pay $170.00, almost $200 dollars for these kits, one would expect a little better. I'm sorry but Trumpeter has just lost a couple of points with me, and if this keeps up I will no longer buy their products. At least when Academy does something...if they make a mistake they at least compromise with a decent weapons load and maybe a few nicely done crew figures. Sorry...but that's just how I feel.
  8. What I would love to see... All in 1/32 F-82 Twin Mustang (The Hobby craft 1/48 is as bad as everyone says it is...) P-61 Black Widow (C'Mon...This is such a cool looking prop plane.) OV-10 Bronco (The 1/48 Italeri kit does not cut it with me...as far as Im concerned...it is an underdetailed toy!) There...Ive said my peace.
  9. I would think Saran wrap....or any other plastic wrap could be usefull...But I have yet to put it into practice. My little idea. Good luck.
  10. You can go the resin gun route if you want to... But for a cheaper alternative...go to a toy store or see if a younger relative will lett you have some lego parts. Look for the little cylinders, they are usually yellow...for all intents and purposes they look like little garbage cans to me, or oil drums. They honestly work quite well for starfury guns. Hope this helps.
  11. Have you folks heard that master box wants to develop a 1/32 C-47, Horsa and WACO Glider? All I can say is wow. The 47 is a bit of a fav aircraft with me, and this is a bit of an unexpected surprise. The thing would be huge. And it will probably have troops and mechanics with it. wow...just wow. http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Re...1/msg00172.html
  12. A 1/32 Osprey?! Wow...the thing would be huge...rotors and all, but Id want one. A 1/32 F-22 would be nice...but it will take a while for one to show up....we still need to see how the 1/32 F-35 from Lindberg will be received.
  13. So the US Marked Mosquitoes are Bombers eh? Well...I guess I could go the Hypothetical route and mark a fighter version in American markings. But like many have already said...The aftermarket companies will go crazy with this kit, and depending on how many Mosquitoes i eventually own, Ill at least have one in British markings. But I have to be a little patriotic...Its such a beautiful plane.
  14. Has the kit been released yet? And how many here are anticipating the release of the wooden wonder. Personally...Id love to do the bird in the Blue, invasion stripe, Red tail and US markings...
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