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  1. My favorite liner and favorite big nose trainer!! great work my friend!!
  2. Great idea and fantastic work!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Looks nice, but I am hoping for some jet aircraft in same manner of details 🙂
  4. Vauuu!! What a great find! Thanks Danny!!
  5. Eduard re boxed many of Hasegawa kits!
  6. I understand your point in all. I just want to say that they changed everything, and who knows that this revision was better or it can be worse, what american saw in Japan. There is also Adolf Tokachev who gave a lot mor inforamtion about PD and new Zaslon radar for MiG-31... afterall ukraininas gave americans all data about Tu-160 equipment, and after 25 years russians produce new Tu-160... that shows how hard is to change and improve something soo complex.
  7. I agree with you Gabor, but in such short period of time, what can you change to be better, and different, compared to version which Americans inspected?? That is for sure big PR from soviet side. Everyone knows that soviet equpment was inferior to the western equpment.
  8. Great work my friend!! That is real project!! Keep us informed!!
  9. Great photos!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  10. So many times i kicked myself, why i dont assemble ww2 kits..... SMT and bis would be nice in 1/72....we can wait....there is sooo many Flanker kita in my stash. Gabor because of you and your informative threads I ordered two more PFMs 😉 Maybe PFM and MF have good sale results, so why to bother with other versions?!
  11. Great work! Thanks for sharing! Like Berkut said, such a rare and wonderful beast!!
  12. Two seater is not made in such high numbers like MF or bis, so who cares. Eduard probably calculated, and with Trumpeter UM on market they probably said who cares for two seater....lets rather make 99th edition of Bf or FW or Mustang or Spitfire. We must live with that. Strange that they didnt make bis in 1/72scale too...
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