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  1. Actually think same about SMT today when i was going from work, and i talk to myself SMT... damn i am sick 🙂 We need bis too 🙂 (someone said in 2021?)
  2. Thanks Gabor! Need to check on mine that triangle 🙂 Mine has gap when you put lower wing part on body... same as on ChernayaAkula thread.. but all those are MF, glad to see that is better on PFM.
  3. Good point, i am not familiar with plastic injecting... probably is to my mobile phone camera... you take photos with something better.... I am hoping that is some Nikon camera 😛
  4. Thanks for info Gabor... to me looks that panel lines are deeper than mine in MF, and what is your opinion about inside diameter of nose? And very nice details in cockpit too!! Also it looks that they improved assembling ant joints are better than on mine MF!
  5. Great work! Have MF in works, have same problems as you... now I will also grind intake to get thinner edge 🙂 Cockpit color looks very nice? Akan mix?
  6. Great modelling year my friend!! Wish you all best!!!
  7. Very nice work so far! Merry Christmas to You and your family!
  8. I am soo happy to see Tu-134UBL!! Am I only one?
  9. Looks great! For sure we are living in Flanker era!!! Thanks Haneto and GWH! Now we only need Su-27M..... Modelsvit can you hear me??? I am planing to make Hasegawa kit like early version, and this GWH kit like late Su-35 ! Now who is travelling to China??? 👩‍✈️ 🙂
  10. It would be easier to mask 🙂 Are those Su-33s overhauled in Pushkin or in Komsomolsk?
  11. Thanks for photos Nazar! And Thanks to your father for taking you with him to bring us those fantastic photos! Actually saw red 80 after overhaul... camo is OK but bort number font is soo ugly I am from Croatia, which is 2000 km from Severomorsk 😛
  12. Why not to ask Eduard? They are best when parts are needed!
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