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  1. Huuh that is insane price! GWH Flankers and Fulcrums over 100 euros, Tamiya F-35 around 100 €... tough times for us 😞
  2. Zvezda looks best of these 3. Hope that AMK without rivets, would be cheaper than Zvezda. I am not big fan of complete interior offered by AMK. Now looking at this, strange that Zvezda didnt added rivets on Mi-24... Maybe they prepared that kit in some kind cooperation with Eduard....
  3. First shop which I visit, was in 1992 or early 1993 in Jelenia Gora in Poland, where I was refugee from Bosnia.
  4. Very nice box and decal options!! We need to ask PLA to paint their flanker in more colorful scheme 😛
  5. Ah nothing new. Eduard can change their name into EdWW2ard company....
  6. Kit is available in Croatia too, but i will skip it this time...
  7. I have two Bobs Diana decals, but only 1/72 part.. but also it is very hard to find Hasegawa ADF kit too!
  8. Afterall, looks nice!! For me it is enough! Nice work Zvezda!!
  9. Noo, i understand that Eduard is small company, with limited resources, but if you are open to public in many other aspects, why cannot be open and say: look we producing 90% of income from WW2 kits and repacks, we dont want to make some bizzare 1/72 kits in next 5 years, and thats it! Nothing more.
  10. Yes we already know same info, like Gabor said, but acutal question is when?? Maybe fire in Eduard warehouse changed long term plans, so they are doing "popular" WW2 to bring more income to the company, so 1/72 jet planes are not in focus any more...
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