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  1. It would be easier to mask 🙂 Are those Su-33s overhauled in Pushkin or in Komsomolsk?
  2. Thanks for photos Nazar! And Thanks to your father for taking you with him to bring us those fantastic photos! Actually saw red 80 after overhaul... camo is OK but bort number font is soo ugly I am from Croatia, which is 2000 km from Severomorsk 😛
  3. Why not to ask Eduard? They are best when parts are needed!
  4. Ken it looks like i am getting old and blind 😀😀😀😀😀 Need to return to read again Flanker books 😀😀😀
  5. Regarding Zvezda projects... must admit that 8 of last 10 kits were Zvezda...27SM, UB, 30SM, Su-33, Il-76, A-50, 9-13, whole range of Hinds.... and now Tu-134UBL!!! I must said that Zvezda is doing great job for me 😁 But they need to make just a litle deeper panel line....please someone from Zvezda read this post 😎
  6. You must also have in mind that during 90ties in Russia are years of devastation of many companies, so it was not too hard to get original drawings. There were no such thing in USA, so probably it was easier to get tomcat parts (like guys that try to sold tomcat parts to Iran) than original drawings. So many defence companies were destroyed so probably it was easier to get original drawing. Like Ukraine get Flanker overhaul documentation from Belorussian company, on not usual ways... and then sold to Vietnam.
  7. I have GWH 9-12, that would be nice 🙂 Who knows, maybe , Yak-141 would be great too 🙂
  8. There were some rumors about MiG-29 9-13 in 1/48 so Su-57 and Mi-24 are great for start 😀
  9. Tu-134UBL??!!! fantastic news!!!!!
  10. Blue prints probably get name from blue, of way they are copied. In my company, before CAD, engineers make assembly, make calculations, and draw with graphite pencil on paper. Then after that technician make part drawings on paper for each and every part, and then after that, there was tehnician who make copy over that, on paus paper ( translucent paper) with Rotring rapidograph pen. All involved signed on paus paper... and this was only ORIGINAL drawing. When company need to produce parts, you get those paus papers, and put in copy machine and make copies.... before modern machines, there was ammonia copy machine, and copied copies have red lines and all paper was red, and have smell on amoniac.... even 30-40 years after it paper have smell. In those days everything is done in that way.... have many drawings like this. Any only original on paus paper was saved. It is very hard that even Tamiya get original paus paper drawings to make plastic kit...
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