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  1. Fantastic work!! Wish you all best!! I also have disaster on mine MF...used Eduard masks, but uncovered areas filled with Maskol.... Maskol seems that damaged transparent parts... really dont know why???! looks like i will change mine too... https://imgur.com/AFoduyT
  2. Nice progress and nice pictures! Thanks for posting Gabor!!
  3. Vauuu nice pieces oh heavy steel πŸ˜› I like those photos!!!
  4. Zvezda has shallow panel lines which is big problem. Also chaff launchers are wrong.
  5. Vauuuu!! It would be bestseller for sure!!!
  6. Vauuuu..... looks sooo nice!!! Great work GWH, Yufei and Gabor!!!
  7. I agree, but it is nice to have it on paper.. actually when you design something, it is always easier to find error on paper than in software! Yes those are first sketches, but is nice to see!
  8. I think that is same level of details like is in 1/48 kit! So yes, very nice build and kit!! I am waiting for RBSh version πŸ™‚
  9. Good old school with Rotring or i dont know japanese type of pencils, drawing of instructions! I always think that they done everything with computers!
  10. Morning! What a great work!! Excellent!! Weathering is just spot on!!!
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