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  1. sure no problem, will contact you via PM
  2. Max 4 or 5 euros including bubble-envelope for air mail, not tractable.
  3. I have plenty of spares since I used DACO intakes in many kits, problem is I'm in Italy, if you can cover shipping please PM me,
  4. Also Two Bobs made some sheets for the F-15DJ seek if you can use them on the single seater ...
  5. available from pilot-replicas.com and rebell.com parts are: pilot with map holding the stick, saab 37 seat, Ram Air Turbine (always deployed as soon as front leg hit the ground), RAT vane, RAT door and RAT panel (to fix wrong panel lines in Tarangus/Special Hobby kits.
  6. DACO BOOK has the best drawings but in 48 scale, also some Japanese books have fold out page with drawing but again in 48 and 72 scale.
  7. Paolo Maglio

    Kinetic F-16s.... a call to Raymond.

    anyway that is not a Pitot sensor but a cover for the lamp that illuminate the air-to-air refueling receptacle ­čśë
  8. Hi Craig, I have several spare parts from Hasegawa Typhoons including those pylons, will post them to you if you cna cover postage cost by Paypal, please PM and me and also let me know if you need anything else: tyres, gears, etc...
  9. I need several ADF tail conversions!!!
  10. Paolo Maglio

    1/48 Special Hobby AJ 37 Viggen, Swedish Air Force, 1993

    Michael, most of the mods of the AJS are in the cockpit, all you have to do is to add a bulkhead over the flat black panel of the IP cover. Please also mind your kit is missing the RWR antenna on the very back tip of the tail cone, it is a diamond shaped big antenna. Unfortunately it is missing form all the 48 scale Viggen kits but I made resins master for Maestro
  11. Paolo Maglio

    1/48 Special Hobby AJ 37 Viggen, Swedish Air Force, 1993

    Excellent! Perfect painting and presentation. Just a note on Sidewinders on those external pylons: those pylons were not wired on AJ 37, only JA and later AJS had them working properly.
  12. Paolo Maglio

    Lockheed F-104

    I think it would be nice to have here a complete collection of photos of all F-104 with all colour scheme, but please post only photos made by you or you have the right to publish. So let start with the last version: F-104S-ASAM from 5°Stormo/23°Gruppo in Cervia AB And here we have a F-104S-ASA CB from 5°Stormo/102°Gruppo in Rimini AB here you can see a F-104S CB again from 5°Stormo/102°Gruppo in Rimini AB this one is an F-104S-ASA CI from from 5°Stormo/23°Gruppo in Rimni AB the same as these catch while landing with a dummy Sidewinder: and here the central fin of the S-ASA-ASAM, please mind to modify your Hasegawa kit! Many more photos available on my CD search for it on buy and sell forum. Paolo
  13. Paolo Maglio

    Weathering over Mr. Paint

    No problem at all adding Tamiya Panel Lines Accent directly over MRP.
  14. Paolo Maglio

    Problem with DXM F-2A decals

    I see that they use to answer on facebook, give it a try if you are logged in.
  15. Paolo Maglio

    J-29 Tunnan

    if you mean air to air missiles AIM-9B were in use, lime green for dummies and gloss white for active one. Other than that Tunnan also used big unguided rocketes for air to ground attack missions.
  16. Paolo Maglio

    Macchi 202 in poached egg scheme

    my last kit for 2017 is this Hasegawa 1/48 scale Macchi 202 prima serie (early variant), finished in just 10 days and painted with Mr. Paint (MRP) colors. Happy 2018 to all ARCs!
  17. Paolo Maglio

    Macchi 202 in poached egg scheme

    Thanks both, actually it has been a very fast paint scheme, made it all in one day on Xmas day! :-D
  18. Paolo Maglio

    Meng 1/48 F-35A

    Try Mr. Color Steel instead of Silver, your mix is good but too light in shade,
  19. Paolo Maglio

    Moose Republic Decal

    top of my list, perfectly printed, very fine, good adhesive and excellent istructions
  20. have those from Fujimi kit, PM if interested.
  21. Paolo Maglio

    1/48 Hasegawa A-4K Skyhawk

    absolutely amazing!!! Love it!
  22. Paolo Maglio

    Great Wall Hobby 1/48 T-33A "Late Type"

    Late types (block numbers after 20) were mostly used by USAF and ANG units, the nose had two dielectrical panels instead of one and no more gun covers, Pitots tube were 2 on the side of the fuselage instead of one under the nose. Hope they have added more kind of tires...
  23. very good progress but I have to say that stabilizers on tip tanks has been glued the wrong way! here is as it should be:
  24. Paolo Maglio

    What's your preferred panel line wash of choice?

    Just love Tamiya's panel lines accents. I use them directly over Gunze paints, if these are glossy they would not absorb the wash. If the colours are flat you better to add a coat og glossy varnish or Future before adding the washes.
  25. Paolo Maglio

    1/32 Italeri F-104J in JASDF markings

    excellent build!